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It doesn’t matter what type of material you are working with if you are using the best paint sprayer for the projects. You will be in a much better position to complete your project quicker and with much more efficient as compared to the conventional paintbrush. But, whatever type of paint spray gun you might use with these spray machines might push you in trouble. Don’t worry, this article will help you to choose the best cheap spray gun 2021 for professional painting projects which demand swift yet efficient action.

To meet the need of these projects market is flooded with quality products and this has heightened the competition and customers are usually splashing their money over these products. But if you are looking for best paint spray guns at a cheap price then must go through our article. You will have a detailed review of these amazing yet inexpensive sprayers.

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If you are lacking enough time to read the entire article go through our top pick of best cheap paint spray guns. Critter spray product’s siphon spray gun is our best pick for the cheap paint guns. This spray gun has earned this spot owing to its great features such as strong air compressor and a mason jar container which is large enough to hold great volumes of paint.

Best Cheap Spray Gun Reviews

Critter 22032 118SG Siphon GunCritter Spray Products
1.63 pounds
7 x 4 x 8 inches
Check Price
JWGJW Airless Paint Spray GunCritter Spray Products
1.52 pounds
10 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches
Check Price
Hilux 31229 Spray GunRidgerock Tools Inc.
2.99 pounds
9.25 x 9.06 x 11.42 inches
Check Price
Valley Industries Spray Gun Valley Industries
1.9 pounds
7 x 6 x 1 inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun:

Critter Spray Products 22032 is a siphon-style gun which is the best choice if you want to have the best experience of spray paint but is not ready to spend your hard-earned money over spray products UK.

Critter spray products are great when perfect finishing spray work is needed. When it comes to spray tools, the brand has maintained its position in the market. As compared to some high-end spray tools, the Critter Spray Gun stands at the top with its high quality available at a reasonable price. Therefore, it is wise to have your spray tool from a brand that is known for professional usage at an affordable price tag.


Best Cheap Spray Gun critter spray gun is a compressor utilizing a spray gun and run on a powerful compressor that is mounted on the spray kit. The working CFM of the compressor is 3cfm. Its maximum operating pressure is 90 psi which is the highest in the compressor category and is therefore great to work with.

Speaking of its container we could happily say that it has a large capacity cup coming as the mason jar and has enough volume to literally complete the project (small) with the single fill. It is 16oz. Mason jar and is great to work with as it will allow you to work without any interruption. It requires 3/4horsepower which is the minimum power requirement.

2.) JWGJW Airless Paint Spray Gun:

JWGJW 3600PSI Airless Paint Spray Gun with 517 Tip for...
883 Reviews
JWGJW 3600PSI Airless Paint Spray Gun with 517 Tip for...
  • ◆ Professional-grade spray gun For All...
  • ◆ Maximum operating pressure of 3,600 PSI...
  • ◆ Easy to handle,Ideal for avid DIY...

JWGJW airless paint spray gun is compatible with Graco, Wagner, and Titan spray products. All of these painting tycoons are manufacturing some of the dream products of every professional painter. The need for compatible accessories is overwhelming the market. Therefore, JWGJW has come up with a solution. This best affordable spray gun is very effective as a single product and if you have to replace the spray tip of Graco and Wagner products you can easily replace this spray nozzle with theirs.

But being compatible with other products doesn’t diminish its performance as a complete spray gun as it has all the necessary features of a good spray gun.


It acts as the airless spray gun having the pros of Graco Wagner and Titan in a single product as it is made as to their complacent device. Best Cheap Spray Gun has an operating pressure of 3600 psi and therefore is not an HVLP gun as it requires high pressure and low volume for work.

Taking of its most notable feature that is obviously its spray tip, it has a 517 spray nozzle which is great to work with thin material coatings for having a smooth and perfect finish.
This spray gun could be best utilized for spraying external coatings of exterior or interior walls and wooden projects.

3.) Hilux 31229 Pneumatic Air Texture Spray Gun:

HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Gun with 1.32 Gallon Hopper, 3...
2,269 Reviews
HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Gun with 1.32 Gallon Hopper, 3...
  • DRYWALL TEXTURE SPRAYER: Use this texture...
  • HEAVY DUTY WITH EASY GRIP: The easy grip...

Hilux Pneumatic Air texture spray gun is the most innovative of its design as it has a gallon hopper mounted over its nozzle which provides it with the carrying capacity of gallons to contain enough fluid which is unrivaled in the market.

Despite being a hopper mounted gun it doesn’t t have cut short of any necessary trait to make it not worthy enough of being the best budget spray gun. It is very easy and comfy to work with it as it has a solid grip which gives a great feeling in hands in spite of being sticky or unpleasant.

It has customizable settings to make it work according to the needs of the users and let them choose the best set of controls for varying spraying materials as you have to select different settings for thin paints and have to choose a distinct set of controls for thick paints as latex and lacquer.


The Hilux texture spray gun contains a heavy-duty gravity-fed hopper cup which is inverted on its tip and has the capacity to hold five liters of fluid inside it which prevents the user from recurring refills.

It has three interchangeable spray tips which are of the size of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm which works with different paint types of varying viscosity and thickness. It has a 1/4NPT air inlet and 7cfm air consuming gravity-fed system.

4.) Valley Industries SG-PC-025 High-Pressure Jet Spray Gun:

Valley Industries SG-PC-025 High Pressure Jet Spray...
78 Reviews
Valley Industries SG-PC-025 High Pressure Jet Spray...
  • High pressure spray gun can handle up to 800...
  • Easily adjust spray from a fine mist to long...
  • Easy to use trigger lock for continuous...

Valley industries SG jet spray gun is a high pressure and low volume spray gun which is very much adjustable. It also has good atomization which is a necessary evil for perfectly finished paint coatings. Being a jet spray gun it is ideal to throw the paint of a far distance with the same precision and accuracy as working from very close to the material over which paint is sprayed.


It is a high-pressure gun and works very well at high pressure. This Best Cheap Spray Gun has set its pressure range at a mid-tier between very high pressure and low pressure retaining the average 800psi operating pressure. Being an all-metal made spray gun, it is very durable with Teflon made seals. So based on its features, this cheap spray gun can be called the most reliable paint spray gun.

It is a professional quality spray gun and coming at this inexpensive level speaks tons of joy and esteem. As an amazing feature, it has a trigger lock which lets the user spray continuously without any interruptions. The reason is the drip-free jet. Therefore continuous spray jet will be splashed at a specific angle which is great for long hours of work.

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