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 Our Top Picks For You… 

Pilot MR Retro (Best Selling)

Parker IM Fountain Pen (Runner Up)

Jinhao 51A (Best Design)

Cross Fountain Pen (High Quality)

Well, the pen is the ultimate weapon for a journalist and for a student. It can be a weapon for others but for students, it’s the absolute weapon in their arsenal. The fountain pen, the greater the quality and smoother the nib is, the more perfect and smooth the handwriting would be. A good quality fountain pen will not only feel good in the hand but will also bring out your hidden writing talents.

Hence, it’s compulsory to have the best fountain pen with you at all times. Buying a fountain pen under$500 is a lot of money. You can definitely end up getting the best one. Well, if the variety present at the stationary shop is making it difficult for you to decide, then read our article to know which fountain pens are worthy of purchase.

 My Top Pick… 

Busy? Then read our top pick. We have chosen Pilot MR Retro as our quick pick. This elegantly designed fountain pen is versatile, luxurious, and durable. A perfect back up buddy that won’t ever let you down!

Best Fountain Pen Under $500

Pilot MR RetroPILOT Check Price
Parker IM Fountain Pen Parker Check Price
Jinhao 51A Erofa Check Price
Cross Fountain PenDayspring Pens
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Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Pilot MR Retro: (Best Selling)

Think that you have an exam to give, you have crammed all there is to learn. When the paper sheet comes you start writing and then suddenly your pen starts acting out. It starts to get stuck and provides you with rough handwriting that is hardly eligible. The better the handwriting, the better the impression on the checker.

Thus, you end up scoring low because of your handwriting. Hence, your fountain pen ruined everything. If you don’t want to end up like that then it would be best for you to purchase Pilot MR Retro. This is the best-selling fountain pen offered by the PILOT brand. This is a lightweight pen that is guaranteed to provide you with smooth handwriting. It has many awesome features to offer!


Pilot MR Retro is an elegantly designed pen that comes with a premium brass barrel with stainless steel accents. This pen is not just comfortable to hold but provides you with smooth handwriting with its smooth medium sized nib. It is engineered in such a way that allows smooth and effortless handwriting.

It comes in an elegant gift box. This refillable pen with its stainless steel nib provides you with the best writing experience ever. This lightweight gadget is the best backup buddy you can ever have!

2.) Parker IM Fountain Pen: (Runner Up)

Imagine that you need to give an entrance exam to enroll yourself in a prestigious university. The bell rings and you start solving up those questions. You are doing just fine but then suddenly something goes wrong with your fountain pen. It stops working. You refill the ink but it still doesn’t work. You didn’t even bring a spare pen with you and you are stuck using only that pen which is not working.

Think about how terrible that is going to be. Your future is on the line and your pen is in the way to ruin your dream. Well, fellas, this won’t happen with Parker IM fountain pen. This elegant and beautifully designed pen will definitely help you achieve your dream by providing you with an excellent working performance like no other. This parker brand product is considered second-best in the stationary shop mainly because of its awesome features.


Parker IM fountain pen is a top-quality writing gadget that comes in a glossy black lacquer, with hints of gold finish, providing the entire gadget a pretty modern and stylish look. It comes with a signature Parker arrow clip that adds to its beauty.

This marvelous gadget is not only comfortable to use but with its stainless steel nib, it provides you with a smooth and awesome writing experience. It even comes in a Parker gift box along with an ink cartridge.

3.) Jinhao 51A: (Best Design)

Ever thought of buying a fountain pen that not only works remarkably but looks quite modern as well. A pen that shines brightly underneath the sun and blinds everyone with its beauty. If you desire to be the owner of such a pen and to boost it around then buy Jinhao 51A. A pen that is the perfect definition of aesthetic beauty.

This is a top-quality pen that is being offered by the ingenious Erofa brand. This brand has always excelled in developing gadgets that bring out the hidden talents of the individuals and Jinhao 51A is one of them. This pen is remarkably engineered by the brand and offers many interesting features that make this gadget purchase worthwhile!


Jinhao 51A fountain pen is an affordable writing gadget that is made up of natural acyclic material. It is a top-class product that is being offered to the customers at a reasonable price.

The pen cap is of stainless steel while the pen clip is designed as a delicate steel ball. When the pen cap covers the entire pan, it creates a unique elliptical design that is worth praising. This fountain pen comes with an extra 0.38 mm nib that provides smooth ink flow and handwriting. This fountain pen can be used with both bottled ink and with standard cartridges. It is a must-buy product indeed!

4.) Cross Fountain Pen: (High Quality)

Let’s put our imagination to work again. Well, think that you are in a writing contest. The contest starts and you start writing those paragraphs in as beautiful and elegant way as you can. But then suddenly something goes wrong with your precious fountain pen. It starts leaking ink and your whole handwriting is ruined along with your hands. There are ink spots everywhere on your paper.

Because of this, you lose the competition. Well, fellas, having a perfectly working fountain pen with you is very important. If you don’t want to face the same situation as above then it would be better for you to purchase a cross fountain pen. This elegant and graceful pen is engineered by innovative day spring pens. This brand had a humble start but with the passage of time, it grew and now is known as the world leader in developing writing gadgets. Cross fountain pen offers many features.


Cross fountain pen has an engraving look and comes in an exclusive gold or silver color. This pen has a glossy chrome finish. This 23kt gold trim pen comes with an ergonomic black lacquer grip.

It has a stainless steel nib of medium size that provides a wonderful writing experience. It comes with 2 ink cartridges in a cross gift box. The brand has provided a lifetime guarantee on this gadget which shows how much confidence they have in this product!

Buying Guide

Searching for the best fountain pen under 500? For an individual, a pen is mightier than a sword. It is the strongest weapon that has proved its worth over time. In the past, people used quill pens to write however, over time these devices have evolved into the fountain pens we see today.

Fountain pens are classy writing tools that still stand strong with their awesome features. Whether you are a student, journalist, or teacher, you need to have a fountain pen 24/7. They are known for their smooth writing and exclusive designs.

The stationary shop is packed with tons of fountain pens ranging from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones. If you are planning on buying one under $500, then read our article.

Origin Of Fountain Pens:

The first fountain pen was developed in 1827 by a Romanian inventor named Petrache Poenaru. His pen was unique. It had a barrel made of a large swan quill. Then, in 1848 Azel Storrs Lyman made a fountain pen that had a reservoir in the handle to provide ink to the pens.

The present fountain pens are a result of rigorous testing and experimentation. These present fountain pens are different from their predecessors as they come with metal nibs and offer an internal ink reservoir. This reservoir eliminates the need to constantly dip the pen into the inkwell.

What Are The Features To Look For While Buying The Best Fountain Pen Under 500?

The experimentation has led to the development of various design fountain pens and this variety will definitely perplex you. If you want to be the owner of the best fountain pen under 500 then you need to have basic knowledge regarding various features that you need to keep an eye on while purchasing. Buying your first fountain pen can be quite tricky. So, let’s dive into the world of fountain pens before you sail for fountain pen calligraphy.

Take A Keen Look At The Barrel Material Of The Fountain Pen

The first step towards finding the best fountain pen under 500 is to consider the barrel material of your pen. Different brands use various materials to construct the pen barrels.

The material of the barrel will determine the durability level and weight of the pen. The stainless-steel barrels have high durability however, they make the pen heavy. On the contrary, brass or aluminum barrels don’t have good durability but they do make the pen feel lighter and easy to use.

Consider The Nib Material Of The Fountain Pen:

The next step is to think about the material of your nib. The nib is actually the part of the pen that touches the paper. Like a barrel, the nib is also made of different materials. Stainless steel nibs are the most common ones.

They are economical and highly work-efficient. You can opt for titanium nibs as well which are sturdy and excellent to deal with novice clumsiness.

Take A Look At The Nib Tip Width That You Want:

After selecting the barrel and nib material, the next aspect that needs your attention is the nibs tip width. The tip of the nib is usually of 3 types:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad

For beginners, the fine nib is the ideal option. It is closer to the standard ballpoint nib. It is not good for a novice to opt for broad nibs as they are quite complex and tricky to use. It is best that in your initial stages, you practice your technique rather than to opt for optimization.

Think Whether You Want A Retractable Pen Or A Capped Pen:

Pens either come with screw-on caps or Snap-on ones. They are important for the pen as they prevent the ink nib from drying out. Therefore, decide which one you want. It depends totally on your personal preference.

Always Go For Fountain Pen Full Sets:

Just buying a fountain pen is not enough. You need to have ink cartridges and ink converters with you as well. The ink converter allows your fountain pen to use a variety of inks. There are only a few pens that come with these accessories.

Most of the time, you need to separately purchase them. In order to save yourself from such a hassle, you should purchase full fountain pen sets. It will certainly save a lot of your time.

Carefully Think About The Pens Size And Design:

Consider which design you plan on purchasing. You can’t always expect a pretty pen to provide you with good writing quality however, the design does have the final say. If your pen comes with a difficult to hold design then your writing quality will surely be affected.

However, if the design is compatible with your hands, then your final writing quality would be marvelous. For individuals who have small hands, a slimmer design pen would be best for them.

Wrap Up!

The amazing and lustrous pens available at the market can blind every individual. However, with the basic knowledge, you can prevent tempting surroundings from affecting your decision.

Just make sure that the pen’s components are of premium quality, light and comfortable to use, and provides you with smooth textured writings. We hope that after reading our article you are able to find your perfect writing pal! BEST FOR LUCK!


Which is the best fountain pen?

Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, and Parker Jotter are the best fountain pens because of their unique grip and design.

What is the best budget fountain pen?

Pilot Varsity, Lamy Safari, and Jinhao X750 are the best budget fountain pens because of their unique features and low-price tag.

What is the smoothest fountain pen?

Pelikan M200 is the smoothest fountain pen. It has a very fine nib and it also has a very economical price tag.

How do I choose a fountain pen?

When looking for a fountain pen, you should look for the following features in it:

  • Barrel and nib quality
  • Nib width
  • design
  • Smoothness
  • Grip
  • Economical price tag

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