Fond of gaming? Need Best Gaming Projectors to buy in 2021? How is it if your home converted into a home theater or gaming hall where you play your favorite games on big projection with outstanding fun and high definition display? Yes, it will be amazing. You get it, I am talking about Best gaming Projectors.

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Gaming ProjectorBrandLamp LifeBrightnessBuy Now
Sony VPL-VW300ES
SonyNot Defined(Long Lasting)1500 lumens Check Price
Acer H5380BD
Editor's Choice
Acer5000 to 10,000 Hours3000 Lumens Check Price
Acer Predator Z650Acer3000 to 6000 Hours2200 lumens Check Price
BenQ HT2150STBenQ5000 Hours 2200 lumens Check Price
BenQ TH670
BenQ10,000 Hours3000 lumens Check Price
Optoma GT1080Optoma5000 Hours 2800 lumens Check Price
Optoma UHD60Optoma40000 to 10,000 Hours 3000 lumens Check Price
Optoma HD142XOptoma5000 Hours3000 lumens Check Price

1) Sony VPL-VW300ES: (Best Gaming Projector of 2021)

Sony Corporations has always put forth excellent electronic and entertainment products to make out lives more exciting and colorful. One of the best latest gaming projects of Sony is Sony VPL-VW300ES. It is a home cinema projector that lets you enjoy any type of videos, TV shows, movies and what not by sitting at home. It brings magnificent details to every video you watch, enhancing the experience of home cinema like never before.


  • Imaging Quality:

Sony VPL-VW300ES provides a real-life quality image viewing experience with its cinematic 4k resolution. It means that it provides 4 times the resolution of a Full HD video. Also with its 8.8 million pixels, it makes the image look real with perfect clearance and details.

  • Brightness:

With its 1500 lumens brightness, you can enjoy the image quality even if you are sitting in bright light.

  • TRILUMIOS display:

Sony VPL-VW300ES is unique in its TRILUMIOS display that excels in providing a broad range of colors, tones, and image texture. All that results in pure image quality like never before.

  • SXRD panels:

The advanced 4K digital device panel in Sony VPL-VW300ES helps to minimize the space between pixels of every frame. Not only this, but it also provides an exceptional 2.5-millisecond response rate that is rare to find in and LCD TV or even projector.

4K HDMI standard:

This one feature is not to be found in any ordinary projector. Sony VPL-VW300ES shows 60 frames per second in its latest 4K display. This leads to a real, better imaging quality that is close to real life.

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Advanced Motionflow:

In Sony VPL-VW300ES, there are certain combination modes that can be used to minimize the blur in fast motion videos. The motion enhancer and film projection modes maintain the true sense of cinema.

Manual HSV color correction:

This correction tool present in Sony VPL-VW300ES helps in the adjustment of colors, brightness, contrast, and saturation of each color.

Other features:
  • Front-facing fan maximizes the throw distance
  • Low latency mode for the gaming experience.
  • Wider zoom and shift lens for easy installation.


Sony VPL-VW300ES has a compact and functional design. Around 20 cm reduction in size than previous models, which has helped in fixing the projector.

  • Display: 0.74 * 3 SXRD projection system
  • Size: 20 * 50 * 46
  • Screen size: 60’’ to 300’’
  • Brightness: 1500 Lumens
  • Resolution: 4096 * 2160
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (Quad HD)
  • Lamp: 1500 lumens (light source is Ultra high-pressure mercury lamp)
  • Display Type: 2 cm XRD (3)
  • Acoustic noise: 26.0 DB
  • Data modes: MAX 4096 * 2160
  • Power consumption: 0.3 W to 1.0 W
  • Max Power: 340 Watt
  • Voltage 100 V to 240 V


With its affordable price and good quality image display, it has got exceptional reviews since it has been launched. 4K model with high resolution at such a reasonable price is no doubt one of the biggest achievements of Sony.


Sony VPL-VW300ES has mastered is delivering a stunning detailed image quality with colors of life in it even if you are sitting in a well-lit room. The affordability and quality it delivers have no match yet. enjoy outstanding entertainment by giving value to money.

2) Acer H5380BD: (Cheap Gaming Projector)

Your Home entertainment Projector Acer H5380BD is another brilliant projector put forth by Acer that is a complete entertaining box you can have in your home. It makes the idea of home cinema theater, a real one.  With its 720p DLP feature, it provides a high-performance entertainment project. It is one of the latest highest-quality projectors beating its competitors by leaps and bounds.


3D capability:

It is one of the unique features of Acer H5380BD enabling it to receive signals from any other 3D device. The DLP synchronization is beneficial in this regard.

DLP display:

Acer H5380BD is unique in its DLP and 3D display that brings a bright experience to the image quality.


This product of Acer provides a 720 p resolution that brings a real-life coloring experience while watching anything on Acer H5380BD. Sharp image quality and bright light with maximum details are thrown by Acer H5380BD owing to its 720 p display.

HDMI Input:

Acer H5380BD has full HDMI 1.4 3D compatibility. This feature helps you to use it with any latest 3D source like Blue-ray players, game consoles, etc.

Built-in speakers:

Acer H5380BD has a built-in two-watt speaker which is not only powerful but also prevents the usage of speakers with large cables and attachment issues with external audio systems.

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It has a USB port and a Bluetooth device with it. This lets you enjoy any video, movie, and game you want. Although there is only one HDMI port, that port is MHL enabled. This allows it to get connected to other devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Specific Mode:

Besides the other specific modes, it has a standard mode that automatically adjusts the light and brightness regardless of the bright or dim light. However, it is specifically designed for the well-lit room where a bright mode is turned on providing the best experience of the home projector.

Similarly, a movie mode is present that gives a smooth and consistent coloring experience.

The game mode is also present enabling gamers to enjoy the video games.


A solid device with a beautiful design and simplicity is all Acer H5380BD is. With its ideal size, it can get fixed anywhere.

  • Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 5000 hours to 10,000 hours
  • Lamp type: OSRAM
  • Lamp Power: 190 W
  • Speakers: 2.0 W Mono
  • Digital zoom: available
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 * 1200
  • Standard mode brightness: 3000 lm
  • Colour Support: 1.07 Billion Colours (30 bit)
  • Contrast: 17000:1
  • Resolution: 1280 * 720
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9
  • Max Power: 235 watts
  • Voltage: 100 to 240 V


This project of Acer, Acer H5380BD has also become a winner in the field of projectors. It is one of its own kinds in providing a complete entertainment of home cinema. Besides providing all the features, it is also an inexpensive 3D cinema with high-quality brightness, a lightweight, easy functioning powerful projector, and much more.


Indeed it is an exceptional home projector you can have. With its 3D imaging quality, it lets you enjoy the movies, videos, gaming and much more in a reasonable price.

3) Acer Predator Z650: (Best Projector for Gaming)

Experience the gaming you want with Acer Predator Z 650


Acer Predator Z650 is a gaming projector designed specifically for gamers to enjoy their video games that is not possible with most of the projectors available in the market. The usual projectors, no doubt, provide the best video playing experience but for gaming to be enjoyed in its true senses, there is much more required.


  • Game settings:

The game setting mode is present to allow the user to enjoy spectacular visuals with its dark and bright FPS modes that enhance visibility. Also, the game auto mode is available that analyzes colors, brightness, and contrast on its own.

  • Custom splash screen:

This feature helps you to boot up your device every time you experience your favorite moment. Using specific buttons you can get a screenshot and save it.

  • Hidden dongles:

Ro eliminates the external clutters, hidden dongle design is present by Acer Predator Z 650 that also protects the internal compartment.

  • Short throw projection:

With the short throw projection provided by Acer Predator Z 650, you can enjoy playing your games anywhere you want. Also, wireless streaming is a contributing factor in this regard.

  • Wireless HD connections

Wireless HD connections are available and if the device is paired with wireless HD, you can enjoy a cable-free environment without any chaos.

  • DTS sound:

It provides the DTS sound system with 10 W built-in speakers, which enhances the quality of audio experience. You don’t need to attach an external sound system with it and can enjoy every type of gaming sound to its full extent.

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  • Bluetooth Audio:

Acer Predator also allows you to connect it with Bluetooth headset or any speaker system you want, to let you enjoy wireless audio of any type you want.

  • Portable audio:

The dual DTS sound speakers help you to get entertained by each and every noise in the game.

  • Colors:

Pure colors are provided by its color purity features to get the best visual experience.


With its edgy rippled accent and dynamic color scheme present on the front, and well-designed port connections at back, it has completely nailed the design of any gaming projector.

  • The overall built is solid and strong with firm buttons.
  • Full HD (1920 × 1080)
  • Brightness: 2200 lumens
  • Contrast: 20000: 1
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Lamp life: 3000 to 6000 hours
  • Color gamut: sRGB 100 % coverage
  • Projector display: 100” from 1.5 m
  • Audio: DTS sound 2 × 10W speakers


With unmatchable performance and features Acer Predator Z 650 is leading the market having many competitive advantages. Acer Predator Z 650 has all the capacities that should be preset to enjoy wider screen entertainment inside your home. It will give perfect experience to use just by spending an easily manageable amount. Buy it and gave value to your money and gaming.

4) BenQ HT2150ST: (Best Projector for Gaming and Movies)


BenQ is the name of a technology that gets fame by its work in this field. We are working for the benefit of the people so that they can get enough advantages from all the products we prepare. HT2150st is a projector that is used for the high-resolution pictures on the screens. This product is considered as the best one for viewing the videos as well as for gaming purposes. We are presenting this product just for the benefit of our peoples. It has all the advanced features required for the best picture as it contains a high resolution with a 3D screen. We will suggest you buy this product if you are going to get a projector and the reasons for this suggestion are given here:-


BenQ HT2150st projector contains 2200 ANSI lumens that show that this projector contains a high resolution of a picture. Its brightness also can be controlled by remote and it already shows a clear picture due to a great resolution. It has all the connectivity functions with mobile, USB, and all other data storage devices.

If you use any other projector it may burst the pixels of the picture. But if you use this product its pixels will never burst that is guaranteed. A projector is used in different places like offices, schools, and in almost all the institutes. So it should be of very good quality. Beware of the things of this type.


  • 1080p native resolution and 2073600 number of pixels
  • 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • 6-segment of the color wheel
  • This projector has a unique quality to scan frequencies 15 to 102 kHz horizontally and 23 to 120 Hz vertically which means it has amazing speakers with high bass and volume quality.
  • 1:2:1 ratio to zoom the picture
  • It can be expanded to 300” on screen size.
  • 5000 hours of lamp life on eco mood
  • Capacity to deal with more than 25 languages
  • Light in weight of 3.5kg
  • Only required 100 to 240 VAC approximately power for its proper working.

Bottom Line:

Considering all the above-unbiased information this BenQ HT2150st made for you if you are looking for the best projector which is small but big in performance and quality. I guaranty this BenQ HT2150st will not disappoint you ever in your daily life and also will not lower its performance. Buy it without thinking for others.

5) BenQ TH670: (High-Performance Gaming Projector)

Your New Home Entertainment Projector


Ben Q TH670 is a brilliant Home Entertainment project with which you can experience 1080 definition, video games, and full HD content in sharp, Blue-ray, and high contrast quality HD broadcasting minimizing the compression and downcasting which is a unique quality to find. You can easily appreciate the full HD 1080 picture provided by Ben Q TH670 with its delicate image resolution.


  • Matchless Imaging Quality:

Now watching HD 1080 at your home is not a problem with Ben Q TH670 that allows you to enjoy videos, TV shows, movies, video games, and hat not, to its full extent. An invitation to friends and family to admire the magnificent quality of its picture would not be a bad idea. You can get it fixed anywhere in your house up to 200’’ diagonal.

  • Power supply:

The 1.5A USB Type-A power supply port is used to supply power to accessories including wireless dongles.

  • Speaker power:

One of the most required features has also been nailed by Ben Q TH670, that is it’s built-in 10 W speaker power. It provides a brilliantly balanced acoustic experience with powerful, ample, and crisp clear sounds to your ears, no matter how much the room size is.

  • Auto Keystone correction:

Ben Q TH670 also provides you a feature of automatic screen angle setting when used with the projector by correcting the vertical trapezoid to provide a square image.

  • Other features include:
  • Auto power off mode up to 20 minutes to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy.
  • Ben Q TH670 provides an intuitive user interface to help the user attain quick and early access and customize as per desire.
  • The standby mode allows the usage of only 0.5 W or even less power, to lower the energy wastage.
  • Closed captioning helps in displaying subtitles without using an external decoder.
  • No Source detection mode is present to avoid running at full lamp power.


  • The magnificent Full HD visual experience provided by Ben Q TH670 is matchless.
  • Smart Eco Technology is unique as it optimizes the performance and saves power without any compromise on the picture quality brightness and lamp life by saving up to 70 percent power.
  • High brightness for ambient light is one of the specific features where you don’t need to adjust room light.


Now with BenQ TH670, you can enjoy the new experience of watching Full HD content with its unique and magnificent features. Offering high resolution and perfect brightness it is much more than being appreciated so far.

6) Optoma GT1080: (Ideal Gaming Projector)

Optoma is presenting amazing and modern products containing all the features required by the customer one after one. GT1080 is another best gaming projector in the race of the best gaming projector in 2021. Its functions are amazing and working ability is very strong that you will forget all the other products when you use this projector. This projector contains many new features introduced for the first time in any projector. We suggest you buy only this product for amazing results in viewing pictures on a large screen. The reasons for this suggestion are given below:-


  • The native resolution of 1080p and have 2800 lumens
  • Very light in weight only of 2.65 kg
  • High Definition full 3D capacity (fully compatible with 3D content)
  • Clear picture from the maximum distance of 3.35 meters approximately
  • Optimistic power consumption
  • 190W lamp type
  • Can stand in 85% maximum humidity
  • Protected with high-security password protection and security bar.

Other accessories this projector brings with this are wireless 3D glasses with a complete wireless 3D system. So you can enjoy your picture without any disturbance and trouble.

Buy it now by clicking next. Optoma GT1080

Things one must notice:

Our projector gives an amazing view of your picture. Pixels burst in other projectors when pictures are shown by them on a big screen, but we guarantee you the best quality of the picture by this projector on the big screen. No matter how much pixels a picture contains itself, it will be HD when shown by GT1080 product. This product is not only used for the pictures but also best for gaming purposes. You can connect your gaming products with this and can enjoy a smooth experience of your game.


You can see a 100” image from just a distance of 1meter. It will show a bright color combination due to 2800 lumens. It is very easy to connect this product as it is supported by HDMI and MHL with 10W speakers.

You can use it on screen as well as on the wall no matter what the material you are using, it won’t affect our picture quality. As we mentioned it shows a picture of 100” that is a super-size of a picture. You can see anything you want at this projector without any trouble. You will really enjoy the picture on this projector.

It can be easily put anywhere as you want. You can adjust the brightness of your picture according to the background of the material. Scenes including dark or bright scenes appear very clearly through this. You can give your opinions on our official websites so we can improve our features more effectively according to you.


Considering whole above fruitful discussion it is highly recommended to use this best gaming and home theater projector as it is amazing in performance and will not be made any burden on your pocket. Do Buy it and Enjoy home entertainment like cinema.

7) Optoma UHD60: (Best affordable Gaming Projector)

Before you go to buy any product for viewing pictures, videos or games you should get proper awareness about this. UHD60 is a product introduced by Optoma, consisted of many latest and advanced features. You can only believe it when you will use it yourself. Its high resolution and 3D qualities make it unique in comparison with other projectors of companies. We will suggest you use this projector in order to use it for many purposes. The reasons behind the suggestion are given below:-


  • 3000 lumens that will show you a clear and amazing picture of your videos.
  • Provides 3D real-life gaming experience
  • Contains 8294400 pixels that show its best quality
  • 100” wider screen
  • Remote control
  • No specific background restriction for HD display
  • High volume and bass speakers to keep bounding your interest
  • Multi-input capacity using HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, Data cable or other


UHD60 is a product that has many new features. Such as it contains more lumens that will show you a clear and amazing picture of your videos. This projector is not only used for pictures or videos but also considered a very good gaming product. You will feel the games as you are playing in real life.

It has strong contrasts of colors and will show you clear pictures of dark or bright scenes. It enables you to deeply observe the story of the viewing picture. It is 3D that is also the main feature of this. You can adjust brightness, zoom it, and others with just moving your fingers.

The pixels of this product will not burst no matter how much you expand the picture under 1 meter approximately. It has almost 100” screen. Image sharpness and clarity also controlled by the remote that is given along this projector. Many other accessories also will be packed with this. So that you can easily use all the functions of the products.


I am sure whenever you think about the only Optoma UHD60 will come to your mind as it is full of desired features and provides the smooth and ultra-high-definition in terms of spending nominal price. Your home going to equipped with Optoma UHD60 that will not disappoint you ever in performance. Highly Recommended

8) Optoma HD142X: (HD Gaming Projector)

Optoma technology considered as best at this time as it is producing very advanced products according to the demands and requirements of the time. This projector is very advanced as well because it contains all the features used to present the video with good quality on the screen. The projector should of very good quality because its usage increasing day by day in offices, educational institutes and almost in all other working places. So beware about the functioning and specifications of the products before purchasing. We will discuss some of the main features of this projector so that you can get proper awareness about this.


Optoma HD142Xe we are here with the list of The 8 Best Gaming Projectors to buy in 202 projectors used for best quality videos on the screen. People are not well aware of these things as it is not related to the fields of most of them. These projectors considered to be very good in their functioning. They have great resolution and complete qualities that a projector required. It gives a high-resolution picture of movies as well as games.

This projector also has a quality of a long time working and overall 8000 hours reduces its cost of use. The new technology that is designed for it, and it is color combination technology that gives an amazing picture with separated and enhanced colors. HD video qualities are now must in these projectors as it is highly demanded by customers.

Buy it now by clicking next. Optoma HD142X


  • Color wheel consisted of 6 segments
  • Available with 80% uniformity
  • The projection distance is about 1 to 10 meters approximately with is noticeable.
  • Provides 305.3” maximum size projection image.
  • Less power consumption projectors of 262W normally

Other Features:

This product is a home theater projector with almost 3000 lumens and high resolution that we mentioned before. This projector is not only used for watching movies or pictures but also may use to play games on a large screen. You can connect your gaming products like Xbox to this for your enjoyment.

Moreover, it also has a large number of viewing hours and less need for maintenance. It is easily affordable and you don’t need to get enough money for this. Your satisfaction is our reward and you can only satisfy when you use this yourself. So if you want to enjoy an amazing view of the picture and want to play games on a large screen so we would suggest you to buy this projector. You will see the difference in the Optoma HD142X projector and products from other companies.



In my personal opinion upon reading all the above information, whenever we need great entertainment inside home Optoma HD142X to help us out with its powerful graphics, amazing performance and reliable functioning. Optoma HD142X is highly recommended if someone wants something big in a short budget.

Buying Guides

Top Rated Gaming projectors are not limited for gaming but they also provide amazing movies experience too. In other words, Projectors are made for you if you want your home entertainment in the big size. It will also allow you to throw media from your mobile to 100 inches or higher screen. Now a day’s projectors are available with wireless technology that makes them compatible with all.

Affordable projectors are available at a cheaper price less than a TV. Gamer’s who wanted to enjoy an incredible gaming experience like a gaming Studio in their home should buy these attractive nice projectors. On this web page, you will have complete information about Gaming Projectors including their price, specifications, brightness level (lumens), and others. We know choosing one best projector among the many available is a difficult task.

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