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Painting can be a tiring and rewarding hobby or a professional need and in both, cases having a good quality paint spray gun is a necessary evil that can turn out to be the jinnee following all your commands and earning for your bucks. There are many types of spray guns and gravity feed guns are the newest and best type these days.

But to increase the performance and heighten the competition many new spray products are being launched every day and this Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun complicates the task of finding the top gravity feed spray gun as the increasing number of products to choose from overwhelms the selection of one best product. But don’t worry we are here to tackle that worry of yours by guiding you towards the top gravity feed gun. Go through our review to find the best gravity feed gun.

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Don’t have enough time to go through the entire article? Don’t worry we have got you our top pick of the best gravity feed guns. SPRAYIT SP32 is the best candidate for the top choice with its lightweight aluminum body, controlled spray pattern, and adjustable flow rate in addition to the regulated fan pattern for accurate performance.

Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun

SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray GunCalifornia Air Tools- Home Improvement
1 pounds
6 x 4.5 x 11 inches
Check Price
Central Pneumatic 47016 Spray GunCentral Pneumatic
1.35 pounds
10 x 8 x 6 inches
Check Price
Valu-Air H827-B 20Oz Spray GunValue-Air
1.47 pounds
7.8 x 5.7 x 4.8 inches
Check Price
Neiko 31215A HVLP Spray GunRidgerock Tools Inc.
3.03 pounds
6 x 5 x 9 inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun:

SPRAYIT SP 32 is an ideal gravity feed gun and is very much affordable choice for the best budget gravity feed spray gun. The very first look at its appearance speaks tons of its professionalism and high performance and these two are the top priorities that must be met for any product to outshine others of the same kind and if that comes with a much lesser price tag that is something worth investing for and ideal to give it a try.

All these qualities are found in the SPRAYIT SP whether its performance or price or customer satisfaction and all these things add on to make it the best tool and if that comes with a gravity feed operation it adds fuel to the performance and efficiency.


It is a lightweight product with an aluminum body built on ergonomic design and features a 13.5 oz. the capacity cup that too is made of aluminum. Being made of aluminum is something guaranteed to be rust and corrosion resistive and that increases the durability of the product and makes it reliable.

Its maximum working pressure is 44/58psi and this is in range of standard operational pressure for any professional spray gun.
SPRAYIT being a professional product is very much adjustable and therefore allows you to control its fan pattern and pressure of the fluid flow.

2.) Central Pneumatic 47016 Spray Gun:

Central Pneumatic spray gun has combined HVLP technology with gravity feed and thus have obtained the best of both the worlds into a single product their 47016 spray Gun. This HVLP gravity feed spray gun is best suited to spray thick paint types such as lacquer and metallic types other than enamels and urethanes paint.

It is an ideal product for automotive paintings and is also great for DIY projects.
Apart from its thick paint usage, it is also used for base coats and clear coats that demand very smooth and glossy finish which is possible only with the sleek nozzle of this gravity feed gun.


The foremost consideration for any gravity feed spray gun UK is its container size and material and both of these considerations are satisfactorily met by the said product as it has an aluminum body with a 20oz. Capacity container.

This Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun large enough capacity cup saves its potential buyers from the need of refilling the fluid over and over again into the container.
As we said earlier that having adjustable settings is a necessary feature for any professional product and the same thing implies here, central Pneumatic has launched the product as mostly manually controlled and you can easily select from the adjustable spray pattern and fluid flow rate.

3.) Valu-Air H827-B 20Oz:

Valu air H827 is another value spray gun that features both HVLP technology and gravity feed mode operation as a central Pneumatic spray gun.

Combing the two technologies allows us to venture for additional benefits and save considerably much of the Working time. This Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun is not made for base coats and is therefore utilized best for middle coats which requires a thick coating of paint which is mostly adhesives ranging between medium to high viscosity.


It is an ergonomic built stainless steel made spray gun that has its air cup made up of brass and therefore is an alloy made spray gun that is very long-lasting and backed by the company’s guarantee it becomes very reliable.

It has three adjustable knobs to choose from the customizable spray pattern and fluid rate. One knob controls the fluid flow the second one being regulating the spray pattern and this one is designed for monitoring the air pressure.

Apart from its adjustable settings it also features customizable spray tips and the customer can choose from four distinct sizes of 1.4, 1.7, 2.0, 2.2, and 2.5 mm and the standard size of the nozzle is 1.4 mm which could be easily replaced by other three when the need arises.

4.) Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun:

Neiko is a name of quality and trust in HVLP spray gun and is our runner up product for best gravity feed spray guns. It is a great quality tool suitable for professional use and is available at a very reasonable price tag.

Offering the flexibility of its controls and high performance with the somewhat best traits Neiko has made its paint spray guns secure a very respectable spot in the industry and much of this is backed by the customer satisfaction which drives Seiko to launch quality products and maintain its high performance.


It comes up with a lightweight ergonomic stainless steel body that is mostly corrosion resistive and its capacity cup is made of brass which too offers anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability.

The working pressure of Neiko HVLP gravity feed gun is 10psi and the maximum pressure could shot up to 40psi so you can choose between the pressure range starting with ten and ending at 40psi.
Other than that it features a 4.5 CFM air consumption by the air compressor and regulators

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