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Are you one of those hobbyists treasure hunters looking for the best equipment to increase the likelihood of their gold hunt or security personnel who have to detect the hidden weapons in security checkpoints?

Whatever your reason might be the hunt for the top metal detector has presumably brought you here and if that is truly the case then you have hit on the right spot as in this article we are going to assist you to frame your decision regarding the Best Hand Held Metal Detectors.

Handheld metal detectors are the latest trend in metal detecting world and are used from security to hobby by both novice and seasoned experts. Therefore, go through our review of the best handheld metal detector to update your views of metal detection.

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Hurried enough to miss our great review of best handheld metal detectors? Stay here for a while and have a look at our best pick. Pyle PMD38 is the ultimate candidate to earn the spot of our top pick as it is the best handheld metal detector wand that is very much affordable and gives the best of the performance that is desired of any great metal detector obviously at a much lower cost.

Best Hand Held Metal Detectors

Wedigout Handheld Metal DetectorKingdetector15.8 Ounces
17 x 4.5 x 4.1 Inches
Check Price
Wedigout Pinpointer Metal DetectorWedigout
8.8 Ounces
10.8 x 2.5 x 2.4 Inches
Check Price
Pyle PMD38 Metal DetectorPyle14.4 Ounces
16 x 3.3 x 2.01 Inches
Check Price
SAFEBAO Portable Metal Detector WandSAFEBAO10.4 Ounces
15 x 3.15 x 1.81 Inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Wedigout Pinpointer Metal Detector:

Wedigout Pin Pointer Metal Detector Fully Waterproof...
62 Reviews
Wedigout Pin Pointer Metal Detector Fully Waterproof...
  • 360° all aspect detection with high...
  • IP68 waterproof design. The pin pointer part...
  • Simple operation. One button is designed to...

Wedigout Pinpointer Metal detector is that magic wand that will let you know what is hidden beneath the earth or water and increases tenfold the chances you will get your hands on your possible hunt as it is very accurate and that is the must-have the trait of any pinpointing detector.

With its amazing features and all-round performance, it did not fall short of anything less than the best and drive you smoothly to your hidden treasures.


It has an IP68 waterproof design that allows it to be used in underwater hunting and is suitable for both shallow water and saltwater conditions. 360-degree coverage operation let it to cover large detection area in relatively less time period and thus is better suited to find you hidden objects with its wide and fast 360 degrees scan.

The very obvious feature of handheld metal detectors is its portability and this Best Hand Held Metal Detectors pinpointer is extremely lightweight to carry around with you all the time as it weighs only 0.54 pounds which will never be a burden to carry and is designed in the shape of flashlight and are literally rambling with it in outlook and weight.

Another obvious feature of this detector is its pinpointing ability which enables it to accurately locate the point beneath which your potential treasure is located and thus save you from digging over unnecessary spots.

2.) Wedigout Handheld Metal Detector:

wedigout Metal Detector 100Feet Underwater Fully...
789 Reviews
wedigout Metal Detector 100Feet Underwater Fully...

Wedigout underwater metal detector is another fancy handheld metal detector by the wedigout and its sleek and trendy design will compel you to must have it along with your treasure backpack as it gives the soothing and pleasing visual appeal which is worth not missing at any cost and this could be a possible reason for its high price tag compared to other handheld metal detectors, another solid reason for this costlier price tag is obviously the efficiency of the features that are offered in the detector.

It is a fully submersible metal detector that comes as a pulse induction device and you will be delighted to know that pulse induction is the best technology when it comes to security wands and other portable metal detectors.


To make it easy to use and suit the needs of both novice and professionals the wedigout has launched the product with all the preset settings and thus it is ready to go wand that requires a single button simplified operation and easy control.

Those Best Hand Held Metal Detectors pinpointer concerned with the alarm system of the pinpointer can be relaxed with that we dig out pinpointer have a vibration alarm system that will notify you with vibration along with the traditional beef notification when it will hit on the valuable metal underneath it.

Its state of art microprocessor makes it a very precise and accurate metal detector that will not miss any precious metal have in depths of sand or water.

3.) SAFEBAO Portable Hand Held Metal Detector:

SAFEBAO Portable Hand Held Metal Detector Wand Security...
194 Reviews
SAFEBAO Portable Hand Held Metal Detector Wand Security...
  • Highly Sensitive:Our handheld metal detector...
  • Adjustable Sensitivity:Sensitivity can be...
  • Two Indicators:Our metal detector wand have...

SAFEBAO security scanner wand is another great handheld portable metal detector that will hunt for the hidden weapons and other possible metal objects near its vicinity and the accuracy of its detection make it famous for its use by security personnel.

It has adjustable controls which are set by the rotation of screwdriver if you have to customize it according to the metal type you are looking all you have to do is rotate the dial by a screwdriver and you are ready to go. We will like to highlight here that you have to get a screwdriver as an accessory as it is not included in the package.


It is used as a security scanner and has the ability to detect large metal objects such as a gun which is 8 inches away and knife 6 inches away but small objects have to be closer to the wand to get detected as a blade could only be detected when within 4inches.

Another necessary feature for security wands is dual-mode notifying alarm and this safebao wand contains both an audio and a vibrational alarm and this is a good thing to be included at this inexpensive price tag.

4.) Pyle PMD38 Metal Detector Security Wand:

Pyle PMD38 is the best choice for a handheld metal detector as the versatility of use that you will get with this detector is least touched by other Best Hand Held Metal Detectors of the same category and it can be used as either a security wand in search for prohibited objects in security checkpoints or a portable detector in public cafeterias to ensure food safety and also keep a check ok cutlery items.

It is also a great treasure hunting wand that would do its magic and will unearth the hidden treasures before your eyes.


Being a portable detector, it could be used literally anywhere from indoor lawn hunting to outdoor security checks and all the way to deep-water metal detection as it is a fully submersible metal detector review.

Those concerned with the detection depth will get relief with its 2.7-inch depth (large-sized object). It features dual-mode alert which will notify you when the precious metal is in the vicinity of your magical wand or a hazardous object is making its way towards you.

You can choose the alarm type from either a traditional sound alarm or a vibration alarm that no one can perceive other than the person holding it in hand. It operates on a 9-volt battery and thus offer long life.

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