Looking for the Best Monitors Under 200? You’ve come to the right place.

When purchasing a monitor, we are invariably bedazzled by the versatility displayed in the tech shops. From mid-range to high-range monitors boasting their quirks, you usually get confused and end up purchasing one that not only costs you more but fails to fulfill your necessities too!

In the market you will find plenty of monitors, some may be as Cheap as $200 or$300 while others may shake the mountains with their above $1000 price-tag. If a limited budget is your problem and you want to end up with a satisfactory purchase, then read our article on ” best monitors under 200″!

Top Pick:

The HP VH240a is a crisp visual quality monitor which demonstrates great performance and robust connectivity options. It’s among the best monitors under 200 and boasts great value for the buck!

10 Best Monitors Under 200$

MonitorsRefresh Rate
HP VH240a60Hz Check Price
AOC 24G2144Hz
Check Price
Sceptre (C248W-1920RN)75Hz Check Price
Acer R240HY bidx60Hz Check Price
BenQ GW248060Hz Check Price
SAMSUNG C24F39660Hz Check Price
ViewSonic VX2452MH60Hz Check Price
LG 24M47VQ60Hz Check Price
ASUS VL249HE75Hz Check Price
Dell S2421HS75Hz Check Price

Let’s see the product reviews!

1.) HP VH240a: (Good Display)

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with...
25,564 Reviews
HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is...
  • Response Time — 5ms with overdrive for a...
  • Built-In Speakers — Integrated audio...

HP VH240a is the best monitor for home office usage. It’s perfect for your slight multitasking, web development, and for enjoying movies. This monitor comes with various custom features and delivers you a seamless performance in every aspect.


Considering the tough competition, the HP enterprise has designed VH240a to equally fight for its throne. Its specs in every way have been crafted with great perfection so that it won’t lose the contest.

Whether you require this monitor for your gaming sessions or your home office work, its 23.8 inches screen perfectly blends in both scenarios.

The crisp HD pixels resolution is acceptable and delivers you seamless picture quality at versatile angles ( 178 viewing angles). Its awesomeness is not just constrained to its display, but its chassis holds great sturdiness while its stand on the other hand allows you to customize its height, tilt and swivel this monitor.

With various alteration quirks of this stand, your viewing and working experience comes more improved. Providing you the opportunity to select between its portrait mode and landscape mode, you get to work with comfort.

For connections, like its competitors, HP VH240a still has an HDMI port and a VGA port. However, if you need a VGA cable, then you might have to buy it separately. Its response rate of 5ms provides you good gaming. However, after your gaming sessions, you would have to switch to default.

The HP VH240a has 72% sRGB and illustrates you with color reproduction that is quite favorable if not the best.

What We Like
  • Good display
  • Flexible stand
  • Satisfactory response rate
What We Don't Like
  • Out of the box VGA cable


HP VH240a is among the best monitors under 200. Its picture quality and its stand ergonomics are all satisfactory. It’s best for your casual computing and gaming.

2.) AOC 24G2: (144Hz Refresh Rate)

AOC 24G2 24' Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor, FHD 1080P,...
8,205 Reviews
AOC 24G2 24" Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor, FHD 1080P,...
  • 24" Class (23.8" viewable) AOC Gaming G2...
  • Rapid 1ms response (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh...
  • 3-Sided frameless design with IPS panel for...

For playing your favorite games, the AOC 24G2 gaming monitor is the perfect choice for you. This gadget has mastered the skill of displaying scenes with great clarity and provides you with great image transitions. It is among the best monitors under 200.


AOC enterprise has elegantly built this piece of tech with all the features installed to smooth out your experience using it. This unit exhibits sturdiness and has good stability too. The back is decorated with braggadocious red accents which make this unit quite luxurious.

This monitor allows you to play popular games on its 24 inches screen and with minimized 3-side bezels, you get to effectively use this monitor in a multi-monitor set-up where these bezels won’t intrude on your viewing.

The games are illustrated in full Hd and with its impressive refresh rate of 144Hz renders smooth image transition and cancels out the blur motion. On the other hand, its 1ms response rate takes the lead in dealing with ghosting and provides action scenes in great fluidity.

In addition to AOC 24G2 decent refresh rate and response rate, it captions an AMD-free sync technology which is a must in every gaming monitor. This technology keeps the screen tearing on the tab. Whether you are running through an explosive minefield or firing at your opponents, your screen won’t tear up.

This monitor expertly displays the 126%sRGB color gamut. Moving onto its connection ports, the AOC 24G2 demonstrates a 2xHDMI 1.4 and a 1.2 DisplayPort. It even has a VGA. The enterprise promotes a maximum 3 years warranty on this monitor.

What We Like
  • Awesome 144Hz refresh rate
  • Fast response rate
  • Bold visuals
What We Don't Like
  • Should have a USB type C port
  • There should be a brightness adjustment feature


AOC 24G2 is a good fine display size device whose vibrant visuals are stunning. Its most spectacular aspect is its refresh rate and response rate which as a result makes your gaming experience fluid and seamless.

3.) Sceptre (C248W-1920RN): (Curved Screen)

When seeking out a budget-friendly monitor, the Sceptre (C248W-1920RN) is a good choice. This monitor depicts low input lag and has illustrated admirable performance. It is among the best monitors under 200.


Sceptre corporation is a reputable company with over 3 decades of experience. This corporation has skillfully crafted this tech device which depicts not only good performance but parades with its curved screen which portrays great depth perception.

The 1800R curvature of this 24-inch display accelerates your immersive and amusing experiences. The glossy device promotes tiny bezels which almost seems as if they are not present. The thin bezels and on top of that curved screen, make this monitor perfect for your gaming marathons.

Delivering your gaming scenes in crisp HD content, this monitor illustrates a VA panel with a sharp contrast of 3000:1 while its 250 nits brightness is acceptable.

The Sceptre (C248W-1920RN) has a 60HZ refresh rate which assists in fluid image transitions while its response rate is 8ms. It doesn’t fully eliminate the ghosting but minimizes its frequency to a moderate level.

Moving on to its stand, it appears to provide your monitor with good backing. The downside of the stand is that it only provides – 15 and 5 degrees tilt function while it’s lacking in swivel and height adjustments which play a crucial role in your comfort level.

Although it lacks these 2 functions, the brand has tried to compensate for their absence with the Vision care technology which comprises a blue light switch mode and a flicker-free screen.

It features a basic HDMI and VGA port.

What We Like
  • Stunning contrasts
  • Good aesthetic design
What We Don't Like
  • The stand should provide swivel and height function
  • Mild ghosting


Sceptre (C248W-1920RN) is a great aesthetic device that portrays stunningly bold pictures on its curved display screen. Its performance is good too.

4.) Acer R240HY bidx: (Circular Shaped Base)

This is yet another accessible and commendable monitor that demonstrates smooth performance with its LCD, good color profile, and great eco-friendly design. It’s among the best monitors under 200.


Acer R240HY bidx gives off a unique aura whenever you gaze upon this tech. The monitor provides you with superior chassis with a   premium quality finish. The chassis has been crafted to be strong while the most unique quirk is its circular-shaped base, which most monitors don’t provide.

The stand of the monitor fulfills its duty of providing the unit with vitality and features a tilt function only.

The Acer R240HY bidx portrays a 23.8 inches display screen depicting an IPS panel. You get to entertain yourself with Full HD resolution picture quality. The color profile is satisfactory with its 72% color gamut.

This monitor features a special movie mode that elucidates the picture and perfectly modifies the brightness of the visuals to provide you with immersive viewing.

Another feature that adds to your good endless viewing is its zero frame design. The Acer R240HY bidx has good ports which include an HDMI, VGA, and DVI. The Acer monitor takes care of your eyes’ fitness with its anti-flickering display and blue light filter function.

The Acer R240HY bidx features an eco-friendly design. It’s a highly energy-efficient device that provides you with a decent power conservation feature.

What We Like
  • Sharp picture quality
  • Good LCD panel
  • Satisfactory performance
What We Don't Like
  • Stand lacks major height and swivel function
  • There should be a USB type C port


Acer R240HY bidx is a reputable monitor which depicts crisp HD content with a good color production function. This monitor features an eco-friendly design and would be a lucrative purchase for you!

5.) BenQ GW2480: (Admirable Brightness Intelligence Technology)

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P | Proprietary Eye-Care...
14,133 Reviews
BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P | Proprietary Eye-Care...
  • 24 inch full HD 1080P IPS panel: 23. 8”...
  • Wide viewing angle: 178° wide viewing angle...
  • Edge to edge slim bezel design: Ultra-slim...

This amazing monitor portrays plenty of exceptional quirks and illustrates bedazzling picture quality. It demonstrates decent ports, a good steady stand and substantial screen which makes it one of the best monitors under 200.


The BenQ enterprises have installed plenty of applauded features in this glossy surface monitor. With good steady construction, this gadget provides you with a premium quality edge-to-edge screen of 23.8 inches. This widescreen promotes FHD resolution and illustrates startling images.

This decent monitor is best suited for office work and features spacious cable management installed in its stand which neatly organizes the cable and won’t cause any cable mess. The most distinctive aspect is the brightness intelligence technology.

This quirk actually sensors the surrounding light environment and then modifies the brightness level of the monitor according to the ambient light.

Not only that, it promotes good vision care aspects which include a blue light filter and an anti-flicker 23.8 inches screen. These features keep the pictures gentle on your eyes and you won’t suffer from extreme headaches or gruesome eye strains.

The BenQ GW2480 goodness is not just confined to its superior image quality but it also empowers you with a good pair of integrated speakers to produce immersive audio.

The monitor facilities low input lag performance and moderate ghosting. Its refresh rate is 60Hz and the response rate is 5ms. The 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 1xHDMI 1.4, and 1x VGA are featured by this monitor.

What We Like
  • Reduced input lagging
  • Good price
  • Ingenious brightness Intelligence technology
  • Admirable port connections
What We Don't Like
  • Moderate ghosting
  • Should have an AMD free sync
  • The stand promotes tilt function only


BenQ GW2480 is a good office work monitor which captions a brightness intelligence aspect along with other vision care technology. Its good price and steady performance make it a good purchase.

6.) SAMSUNG C24F396: (Superior Contrasts)

The Korean beast has launched the exclusive curved screen SAMSUNG C24F396 which promotes a stunning contrast ratio and great visual lucidity. It’s a good price monitor with a variety of admirable quirks.


The SAMSUNG C24F396 gives off a sophisticated aura with its superior glossy finish and great sturdiness. The unit has been designed to be eye-catching with its 1800R curvature.

The 23.5 inches screen size is adequate with the satisfactory  93PPi pixel density and HD resolution. Another interesting factor is its vertical alignment panel which provides rich contrasts of 3000:1. The colors are more modified, sharp, and distinguished. This monitor facilitates 16.7 billion colors but its color production is not so admirable, unlike the IPS panel.

The monitor facilitates a Magic Upscale function which modifies poor resolution visuals. Similarly, the eye care function exposes you to blue light filtered visuals.

Moving onto its input lag, it’s approximately 11ms while its response rate is 4ms. For playing games with good fluidity and without any jittering, the monitor has an AMD-free sync technology. It’s among the best monitors under 200!

The SAMSUNG C24F396 features an eco-friendly design and Provides you with a good power conservation function. The stand spouts sturdiness and promotes tilt function where it can be tilted 4 degrees backward and about 20 degrees forward.

Moving onto its bezels, they are slim but it would have been better if this monitor had a frameless design. Anyhow, its thin bezels still won’t get in your way of a multi-monitor setup.

On this monitor, you will find a headphone jack, an HDMI 1.4 port, and a VGA.

What We Like
  • Remarkable contrasts
  • Sleek design
What We Don't Like
  • Poor stand ergonomics
  • Should have a DisplayPort


SAMSUNG C24F396 is a favorable monitor which features a good VA panel with a sharp contrast ratio. Its performance is substantial as well. However, its stand ergonomics are a bit disappointing!

7.) ViewSonic VX2452MH: (Good Gaming Monitor)

ViewSonic VX2452MH has been exclusively designed for gamers considering its good gaming mode and dynamic contrast ratio. This monitor excels in its stellar visuals and provides you with epic lucidity at an affordable price. It’s among the best monitors under 200.


Looking at this unit, you won’t find anything special since its design is almost similar to previous models. However, its thorough evaluation will help you distinguish this model from its ancestors.

The ViewSonic VX2452MH comes with a glossy exterior and strong chassis. Its stand successes in delivering stability to the display screen and allows you to tilt the display up to 20 degrees.

This gaming monitor supports a braggadocious layout with its slim bezels and 24 inches display which portrays HD resolution visual quality. Its resolution is satisfactory and provides you with acceptable clarity.

For enhanced clarity, ViewSonic VX2452MH promotes 50M: 1 dynamic contrasts which demonstrate stellar results.

While playing games, you won’t experience much of an input lag neither you would be devastated by its ghosting since it features a 60Hz refresh rate along with a quick 2ms response rate.

For gaming aficionados, this gaming gadget promotes gaming mode whose major function is to elucidate the gaming scenarios for your comfortable viewing and good gaming.

At its rear, you will find a VGA port, an HDMI port, and even a DVI-D port. The monitor offers DVI-D cable and VGA cable too. You will find a CD in its box too which is a guide regarding the functions of this monitor.

What We Like
  • Stellar visuals
  • Epic contrasts
  • Good ports
  • Glossy design
What We Don't Like
  • The stand could be more ergonomic


ViewSonic VX2452MH is a polished exterior decent monitor which delivers minimum lag and ghosting operation. Its substantial performance and good ports make a good gadget for your buck!

8.) LG 24M47VQ: (Honorable Split Screen)

LG 24M47VQ 24-Inch LED-lit Monitor, Black
5,609 Reviews
LG 24M47VQ 24-Inch LED-lit Monitor, Black
  • 2 MS response time. If using a wired...
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution. OS...
  • HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D

This monitor model is best for individuals who want to experience premium image quality without any eye-strain or headaches. The LG enterprise has configured this unit to promote excellent performance at a cheap price. It’s among the best monitors under 200.


The LG 24M47VQ has been crafted while keeping in mind the comfort of its viewers. This monitor provides you with uncompromising performance and for multitaskers, it promotes a stellar feature that helps them finish their work on time.

The LG 24M47VQ looks familiar to other LG models. Its structure and chassis are good but its plastic base is a bit disappointing and needs to be stronger to prevent the unit from wobbling around while working.

The 24 inches screen is satisfactory and the bezels that contain this screen are also decent. The visuals are crisp and sharp with substantial HD resolution and adequate color production function.

However, its most alluring aspect is its reader mode function. This versatile gadget has been crafted especially for office work and provides plenty of eye care functions that assist in reducing pressure and strain on your eyes.

In its vision care function, you will find various modes. Like, while skimming through novels, you can unlock its novel mode or while reading other stuff, you may use its reader mode. LG 24M47VQ even facilitates a newspaper mode.

Apart from its good model, it’s the most prominent quirk that makes it a substantial choice for multitaskers is its split-screen function. This function allows you to divide your display up to 4 screens and helps you to effortlessly finish your work. Its ports include an HDMI, DVI-D, and D-Sub.

What We Like
  • Good price
  • Favorable visuals
What We Don't Like
  • The plastic base is not sturdy


LG 24M47VQ is a good multitasking monitor with substantial eye care modes and a great split-screen function.

9.) ASUS VL249HE: (Ingenious Game plus Technology)

ASUS VL249HE 23.8” Eye Care Monitor, 1080P Full HD,...
1,446 Reviews
ASUS VL249HE 23.8” Eye Care Monitor, 1080P Full HD,...
  • 23.8-inch Full HD monitor with IPS technology...
  • Up to 75Hz refresh rate with...
  • ASUS-exclusive GamePlus with crosshair,...

The ASUS enterprise has co-developed this monitor with gaming aficionados to provide gaming freaks with a good gaming experience. The gadget has even been incorporated with eye security functions and has plenty to offer at a reasonable price.


The ASUS VL249HE is a good-looking visual gadget that demonstrates a tough frame and sturdy looks. The sleek design and thin bezels that surround this 24 inches display are good and demonstrate a snappy HD resolution. The frameless monitor of this gadget is good for a multi-monitor setup.

The graphics and image quality of this monitor are snappy and very vivid. It displays great lucidity and features smooth image rendering with its 75HZ refresh rate and a quick response rate.

For gamers, this monitor hosts a good AMD-free sync feature which keeps the screen visuals tear-free and provides you with good immersive gaming.

Bragging with its eco-friendly design, the ASUS VL249HE promotes a good eye care function. This function keeps the screen away from flickering and promotes great display quality compared to conventional monitors. Similarly, it has a good blue light filter function which delivers good operation.

Another distinctive quirk is its game plus function. This technology has been exclusively crafted for gaming aficionados to provoke them with a stellar gaming experience.

The rear is home to HDMI, VGA, and headphone jack. The stand has 20 degrees forward tilt function and 10 degrees backward tilt feature. In its box, you will find an elaborative manual, a power cord along with HDMI and Vga cable.

What We Like
  • Favorable visuals
  • Good visuals
  • Great frameless design
  • Satisfactory game plus technology
  • Good eye care technology
  • Remarkable performance
What We Don't Like
  • Stand lacks height adjustment feature and swivel function
  • Unsatisfactory power cord


The ASUS VL249HE is an IPS panel monitor which illustrates snappy image quality and good construction. Its game plus technology and eye-care technology are very impressive. It’s among the best monitors under 200.

10.) Dell S2421HS: (Fully Ergonomic Stand)

Dell S2421HS  is an elegant-looking white beauty that illustrates snappy pictures on its adequate screen. The frame is strong and its base is sturdy. It’s one of the best monitors under 200.


The Dell Corporation has designed this piece of tech with great precision and has made sure to install in it every possible feature that we all entertainment lovers crave our monitor to have.

The looks of this monitor are quite captivating, not to mention the white pearl color splash on its exterior which adds decency to this unit. The color charms your room and raises its aesthetics.

The Dell S2421HS features a wide viewing 24 inches IPS display screen which portrays an HD resolution and brags with its good color production feature. The picture quality of this monitor is very vivid and bold.

Except for its bottom bezels, all the 3 side bezels are very slim and provide you with a more viewable display screen. The rear of this monitor promotes a 1.4 HDMI, and 1.2 DP.

The most interesting quirk is its ergonomic and comfortable stand which facilitates tilt function, pivot function, and tilt function. It’s a good monitor and is perfect for your entertainment.

What We Like
  • Crisp picture
  • Good sleek bezels
  • Great ergonomic stand
What We Don't Like
  • The power cord is short
  • A bit ghosting


The Dell S2421HS is a stellar monitor which features stunning looks and comes with wide viewing angles. Its fluid performance and good image quality make it a good gadget for you.

What Features To Consider Before Investing!


The monitors usually come with a stand whose only function is to stabilize the unit.  Having just a solid stand is not the only important thing but what matters is its ability to provide you various adjustments like height alteration, slight tilt quirk, and swivel aspect.

Screen Size:

For unforgetful fun and experience, it would be good if your monitor promotes an ultrawide screen. But, it’s not compulsory. You can select the screen size according to your room’s space and your work requirement.

Buyer Guide: Best Monitors Under 200$

Taking note of the various options, we have highlighted the top 3 specifications that you need to look at while purchasing the best monitors under 200.

Screen Size:

When looking for a good monitor, you will find that it may come with various screen sizes with the most dominant ones being 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches.

For home office workers, the 24 inches monitor is good as its screen size is small and is space-efficient.

With a 27 inches screen, there won’t be any difference in the monitor’s performance but the only thing that will vary is the immersive experience. The display will be bigger and more impressive.

The last is the 32 inches monitors which are mostly acquired as TV alternatives and usually gamers purchase them for their immersive gaming. So, they cost a fortune!

LCD Panel Type:

LCD is what displays the visuals that we crave for. An LCD panel is sandwiched between surfaces that are either glass or plastic. The rear of this panel is equipped with LED backlights. Anyhow, the tech market currently supports 3-panel types which are

  • IPS
  • TN
  • VA

IPS means in-plane – switching and it’s the most commonly used LCD panel. This panel delivers brighter displays and good dollars but fails to provide you with good contrasts. Its black scene display is poor but overall this panel is the frequently used one.

TN means Twisted Nematics. To be honest, the only good thing about this panel is its super-fast response rate. Apart from that, this panel extremely falls behind in colorful visuals, contrast ratio, and also viewing angles.

The VA means vertical alignment and is a master of displaying crisp contrasts and lively colors. But its viewing angles are inferior to IPS. However, this doesn’t matter as it can be compensated easily.


A tiresome debate is usually going on in our minds regarding the resolution of our monitor. We sometimes think that HD resolution is good for all screens but that’s wrong. Usually, HD resolution is considered satisfactory on 24 inches screens and even on 27 inches screens.

However, in regards to its 27 inches screen, if your work requires more detail like video editing, etc, then this resolution won’t be enough and you need to opt for a higher one.

Similarly, you can’t expect your 32 inches monitor to provide you stellar graphics with its HD resolution. Since the screen is wide, the resolution has to be up to its level like 4k. Only then, you would be able to carry out your detailed tasks and enough stellar graphics.

Wrap Up!

Monitors are leading the world and without them, we can’t progress. However, you have to decide on the right monitor for your work. Its specifications have to be ideal regarding your demands. It’s pointless to purchase a 32 inches screen if you are just going to do office work. Therefore, purchase only that which provides you with features that you can best make use of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Best Monitor Under 200?

Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx is the Best Monitor Under 200$. This monitor boasts great motion handling and displays superior HD content on its wide IPS screen. The smooth ergonomics, seamless performance, and fine connection ports make it an ideal monitor under $200.

Which AIs The Least Expensive Monitor?

Acer KG251Q Fbmidpx is the best inexpensive monitor which comes in a braggadocious zero frame design and features great pixel resolution, satisfactory Vision Care technology along with its AMD-free sync technology which makes this monitor a good choice for you.

How Do I Choose A Monitor?

Choosing a good monitor requires you to look at its screen size, its resolution, ports for seamless connections, and color reproduction aspect. These quirks will help you find the best monitor.

Which Brand Of The Monitor Is The Best?

When skimming through the best reputable and reliable brands for monitors, the Dell, HP, Viewsonic, ASUS, and LG brands are the top dogs in the monitor industry

Are Expensive Monitors Worth It?

First of all, spend only if you require a high-end monitor since they don’t come cheap. Purchasing an expensive monitor will not only provide you great motion handling, but its display quality will be far better than those mid-range monitors.

Similarly, the response rate, refresh rate, and color reproduction feature would be advanced too. So, it’s worth purchasing an expensive monitor.

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