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There are many different touches up spray paints available in the market that are manufactured by different companies and seeing this vast variety of paint sprayers certainly confuse you. So, in order to help you guys, we have gathered a total of four top touches up paint sprayers to help you make the right choice.

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In this time-starved world, who has the time to sit and comfortably go through the entire article! Well, don’t worry. To save your time and to help you make a quick decision, we have given you guys our top pick. Dynasty touches up spray gun is the ultimate option for a quick pick. It’s flexible, versatile, portable and not to mention extremely cheap. It’s definitely worth your money.

Best Touch Up Spray Gun

Dynasty Touch Up HVLP Spray GunDynasty Tools1.25 Pounds7.87 x 4.25 x 4.72 Inches Check Price
Astro EUROHVT1 HVLP sprayer Astro Pneumatic Tool15.2 Ounces
6.3 x 4.7 x 4.1 Inches
Check Price
DeVilbiss Starting Line Gravity Spray GunCarlisle Fluid Technologies1.37 Pounds8.54 x 6.1 x 4.76 Inches Check Price
TCP Global HVLP Mini- Spray GunTCP Global1.75 Pounds7 x 3.7 x 3.6 Inches Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Dynasty Touch Up HVLP Spray Gun:

Dynastus Touch Up 5 oz HVLP Air Spray Gun Auto Car...
326 Reviews
Dynastus Touch Up 5 oz HVLP Air Spray Gun Auto Car...
  • This spray gun features a 125cc capacity cup...
  • The stainless steel needles and precision air...
  • Requires minimum 3/4 hp compressor, the...

Dynasty touches up paint sprayer is a top-notch sprayer that is manufactured by Dynasty tools. This best-selling painting tool weighs about 1.3 pounds. Hence it’s a very lightweight paint sprayer making you work on bigger projects for several hours without getting exhausted. Its dimensions are 7.87 x 4.25 x 4.72 inches. It is a perfect combo of cool features and functions.


Dynasty touch up paint sprayer is equipped with HVLP technology that allows it to spray at low volume and high pressure. This good touch up spray gun is constructed in such a way that it can spray a lot of paints of different viscosities. This Best Touch Up Spray Gun is equipped with a gravity feed cup that has a print capacity of about 100ml.

It actually uses the force of gravity to push the paint from the cup to the spray gun. It has a nozzle of 0.8mm size installed in it. This best touch up paint gun can spray hard to reach areas and has a working pressure of about 10-43 PSI. It can control the flow of paint, the paint pattern, and the amount of air it takes in. It comes with 10-120 mesh paper filter funnel, a handle toothbrush, and with an extra spanner.

2.) Astro EUROHVT1 HVLP sprayer:

Astro EUROHVT1 spray gun is manufactured by Astro Pneumatic Tool Company that is best known around the globe for developing top-quality spray guns. This best mini touch up spray gun weighs about 15.2 ounces. These product dimensions are 6.3×4.7×4.1 inches. It is a perfect combo of many functions and features.


This Best Touch Up Spray Gun is an innovative and highly advanced paint sprayer that is equipped with HVLP technology. It means that at high volume and low pressure, Astro EUROHVT1 is able to spray all types of paints. It is a flexible and durable sprayer that offers fluid tips and needles made up of stainless steel. This material makes them corrosion resistant and allows them to last for a longer period of time.

A nozzle of 1mm size is installed in it. It has a paint cup of 250ml. it means that you don’t always have to waste your time refiling while working on bigger projects. It offers a quick thread technology. It is easy to use. It works pretty smoothly allowing you to work with it comfortably. It has an anodized body which enhances its durability. This automotive touch-up spray gun is less vulnerable to overheating and over-spraying. Astro EUROHVT1 internal passages are coated. This feature makes its clean up extremely easy.

3.) DeVilbiss Starting Line Gravity Spray Gun:

DeVilbiss Touch Up StartingLine Gravity Spray Gun
7 Reviews
DeVilbiss Touch Up StartingLine Gravity Spray Gun
  • Touch Up or Detail Gravity Gun
  • 1.0mm Needle and Tip
  • HVLP DeVilbiss Air Cap

DEVILBISS touch up spray gun is a highly innovative and high tech paint sprayer that is of Devilbiss brand and is manufactured by Carlisle Fluid Technologies. This top-quality paint sprayer weighs about 1.37 pounds. Therefore, with the help of this lightweight painting machine, you can easily work on larger projects. Its dimensions are 8.54×6.1×4.76 inches. It is a perfect combo of many cool features and functions.


Devilbiss starting line spray gun is equipped with HVLP technology that allows it to spray a wide variety of paints ranging from thin paints like sealers, varnishes to thick paints like chalk paints, latex paints, etc. This Best Touch Up Spray Gun has a paint cup made up of aluminum having a paint capacity of about 8.5oz.

It is a gravity feed cup, meaning that with the help of the force of gravity, it pushes the paint from the aluminum paint cup to the spray gun, resulting in a smooth, flawless, glass-like finish. It has a fluid tip of about 1mm installed in it. This fluid tip is ideal for spot repairs. This spray gun has an air inlet of about ¼ inches NPS. It is backed by a warranty of 1 year. It is easy to use and easy to clean the spray guns.

4.) TCP Global HVLP Mini- Spray Gun:

TCP Global HVLP Mini-Touch UP Spray Gun Set -1.0 mm...
54 Reviews
TCP Global HVLP Mini-Touch UP Spray Gun Set -1.0 mm...
  • TCP Global Brand High Performance Mini Detail...
  • Ideal to Use for Touching-Up Spots, Panel...
  • Spray Gun has Control Knobs for Full...

TCP Global brand mini spray gun is one of the cheapest touches up paint sprayer that is manufactured by TCP Global Company. It weighs about 1.75 pounds. It has an extremely lightweight and ergonomic design allowing you to work comfortably with it. Its dimensions are 7×3.7×3.6 inches.


TCP Global brand mini spray gun is equipped with HVLP technology. It is versatile equipment that can be used to touch up door jams and other difficult to reach areas. Its needle and nozzles are made up of high-quality stainless steel material. Due to this material, they are durable and corrosion-resistant. It offers a fluid needle of 2 different sizes i.e. 1mm and 2mm.

This cheap spray gun is equipped with a paint cup that is made up of aluminum and has a print capacity of about 150cc. This spray gun has a working pressure of about 43 to 63 PSI. Its average air consumption is about 3.5 to 6 CFM.

Its average air inlet is about ¼ inches. TCP mini Best Touch Up Spray Gun offers a pattern control knob to control the fan-shaped pattern of the paint. It also has an air regulator to have full command over air pressure. It also has the ability to control the flow of paint. It is backed by a warranty of 1 year.

Touch Up Spray Gun

With the extensive variety of spray guns, selecting your ideal version becomes quite difficult. But for a hassle-free selection of a touch-up spray gun, we have pointed out some distinctive quirks that you should consider while purchasing the best touch-up spray gun!

But before we dive into the various must-to-consider aspects, let’s have a brief look at what is a touch-up gun!

What Is A Touch Up Spray Gun?

The touch-up spray guns are usually small in size and their chief function is to provide retouching to various surfaces.

For example: If the paint from your car’s panel has been chipped off, then you can retain the original looks by spray painting it with the touch-up spray gun.

These guns are mostly used by artists to create their artistic masterpieces as they provide you with great precision and fewer spray spills. Furthermore, for painting small areas, this gun is professional.

Tips For Buying The Best One!

Fluid Tips:

The first set is to decide the type of fluid tip that your gun should have. The touch-up spray guns come in varying numbers of fluid tip sizes. Most touch-up spray guns will feature fluid tips of 0.5mm to 1.2mm. If you want to fully spray on the car panel for example, then you may need to opt for a bigger tip size i.e. 1.3mm to 1.6mm.

The size of the fluid tip is usually determined by the type of paint you intend to use and the surface area you plan on covering. If the viscosity of the paint is thick and you want to spray that paint on a larger surface, then you will have to acquire a big-size fluid tip.

Feed System:

Next, you have to decide the type of feed system that your touch-up spray gun should have. At the present, there are 3 feed systems. These are:

  • Gravity feed system
  • Suction feed system
  • Pressure feed system

Gravity Feed System:

This feed system is usually better than the suction and pressured ones as it utilizes low air pressure and won’t let any single drop of paint waste. It completely uses all the paint in the cup. Moreover, the paint cups are semi-transparent and you get to see how much paint is left and when it requires a refill. Moreover, for small jobs, this feed system is excellent.

Suction Feed System:

The spray guns operating on this system usually require large fluid tips and can carry more fluid. These paint cups unlike the gravity guns are made of metal.

Pressure Feed System:

This feed system is for industrial spraying. The pressure feed spray guns are usually used for large-scale paint spraying.

Air Caps:

The Air caps help get access to various spray patterns. Different air caps would lead to variable numbers of patterns and hence help you get the job done more quickly. The air enters these air caps and atomizes the paint. When you spray the paint, you get a unique fan shape. After certain tweaks, you can modify the fan size up to your requirement.


The best touch-up spray gun has to be very reliable. The paint cup should be paint leakproof and not a single drop of paint should go down the drain.


Spray guns are offered at various prices. They are some which would even break the bank. But, it would be good if you go for affordable ones. You can easily find a good touch up spray gun under $100! Look for one that boasts you with features that are synonymous with its price.


Your best touch-up spray gun should be tough. The paint should not clog in the nozzle and it should provide you with smooth paint outflow. The chassis should be sturdy and it should not break after a single fall.

Wrap Up!

From retouching your car’s panels to your house fence, touch-up spray guns are necessary. Just make sure that whatever size and type of touch up spray gun you consider purchasing, its performance should be good, it should not jam, and should provide you with a leak-proof cup. We hope you can find your best touch up spray gun soon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which Spray Gun Is Best?

Graco Magnum Project painter is the best touch-up spray gun that is synonymous with both water-mixed and pure thick paints. For big projects, this spray gun does an awesome job!

How To Use A Touch-Up Spray Gun?

Before touching up any vehicle, use masking tape to cover the portions you don’t need to paint and isolate the surface that needs retouching. After that, use sandpaper to scrub off the chip of paint in the area of interest. Use wax to remove dust and debris. Then spray the paint with the touch-up gun. But, before that, you must test the paint to see whether it matches the original vehicle paint or not.

How To Set Up A Touch-Up Spray Gun?

Setting up a touch-up spray easy breezy. On the spray gun, you will find 3 knobs, an air control knob, a fluid control knob, and a fan knob. You will also find an air gauge. Fully twist the air knob, give the fluid knob a single or a double turn and quarter turn the fan knob. Then just hit the handle to spray paint. Tweak the three knobs to enjoy different spray patterns.

What Pressure Should I Run  My Spray Gun?

28 to 29 PSI air pressure is ideal for running your spray gun.

How Do I Choose A Spray Gun?

For choosing a spray gun, you have to first decide whether you need one with a compressor or a turbine. After that, choose whether you require gravity-feed, siphon feed, or pressure-feed configuration.

Are Electric Spray Guns Any Good?

Yes! They are good as they don’t require you to thin the paint. Although they are a bit messy and noisy, if you don’t mind these issues, they would be perfect for you to paint large surfaces.

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