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Turtle Beach develops its innovative products and headsets with the vision to provide what is best for gamers. It designs the most innovative yet powerful customized headsets with advanced technology with a wireless connection. The multiplatform compatibility is yet another advanced and extended use offers by various sets of Turtle Beach headsets. The Best Turtle Beach Headset PS4 ensures you quality audio with professional microphone installation that leads to the sole goal of user satisfaction and comfortability.

Things To Considering Before Buy!

Quality audio performance adds up to your gaming adventure and other useful purposes which can include listening to music and watching the film. Best quality headsets must include some important factors that cannot be underestimated to choose the best and reliable audio experience.

Weight: The weight of the headsets is the most essential and important factor to consider in the first place as the rest of the features can be enjoyed properly when the headset is worn comfortably. The weight of the headsets must be less and bearable on your head with balanced weight distribution.

Battery life: The battery life determines the uninterrupted use of the headset for a longer period of time. The battery-infused headsets normally provide a battery life of 10 to 12 hours. The best quality headsets may range to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Size and Model: The size of the headsets is related to its weight with the positioned wear of it. There are three types of models for the headsets including in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear positioning. It is preferable to choose the option of your comfort.

My Top Pick:

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium is rated the best seller among the best Turtle Beach Headset PS4. It is designed to ensure long term comfortability upon use along with high sensitivity microphone that provides the best of voice clarity and smoothness.

The headset is equipped with a rechargeable battery which provides 20 hours of battery life for uninterrupted usage. It offers multiplatform compatibility which further extends its usage and performance.

Best Turtle Beach Headset PS4

ProductsColorWeightConnectionsBetter LifePrice
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PremiumBlack/Blue1.6 PoundsWireless20 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Stealth 600White/Blue1.29 PoundsWired15 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Recon 50PBlack / Blue12.8 OuncesWired12 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Recon 200 AmplifiedBlack15.87 OuncesWired 12 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Recon 70White/Blue3.03 Ounces Wired12 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Recon SparkWhite lavender 1.01 PoundsWired11 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2Black2.15 PoundsWired10 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Recon ChatBlack8 OuncesWired16 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmpBlack2.49 PoundsWired12 Hours Check Price
Turtle Beach Stealth 300 AmplifiedBlack1.19 PoundsWired 30 Hours Check Price

 Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium: (Best Seller)

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Wireless Surround...
4,655 Reviews
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Wireless Surround...
  • 100 percent wireless: The included wireless...
  • DTS headphone: X surround sound technology:...
  • Active noise cancellation: Block out unwanted...

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium is undoubtedly the best gaming headset by Turtle Beach as it consists of the best quality features for providing an immersive gaming experience to its users. The wireless connection through Bluetooth frees you from sticking at one spot because of connected machines and helps in stimulating motion with comfort.

It provides you the best battery life of 20 hours for prolonged gaming sessions. The noise cancellation doubles the adventure and precision of the audio quality along with the best and reliable performance with PS4 ranking if for best Turtle Beach Headset PS4. Its multiplatform compatibility extends its connectivity without limiting you to certain setups and devices.


Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium provides a wireless connection due to the presence of a USB adapter. The adapter used smart channel-hopping technology for providing the best wireless connection with an incredible chat audio experience.

The X surround technology creates a pathway for an immersive 7.1 channel stage for the most reliable sound performance with PS4. The noise-canceling feature is enjoyed thoroughly with Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium that blocks out all the unwanted environmental distractions that enable an immersive gaming experience along with clear chat audio.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying gaming sessions. The audio adjustment with a variety of settings done with the Turtle Beach audio hug application. The ear cushions are built and wrapped with premium synthetic leather with Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses design for eliminating any chance of creating pressure on your glasses.

What We Like
  • Incredible sound quality with configurability
  • Stylish design along with metallic accents
  • Heavy-duty construction with reinforced headband
  • Comfortable prolong use
What We Don't Like
  • Some reconfigurability features for PC app are missing
  • Provides humming sound while using on the charging


Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium is designed for best of the class performance along with reliable quality audio through and clear microphone working.

2.) Turtle Beach Stealth 600: (Quality Built)

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Wireless Surround Sound...
10,334 Reviews
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Wireless Surround Sound...
  • 100 percent wireless: The included wireless...
  • Turtle beach virtual surround sound:...
  • High quality audio: A bigger speaker delivers...

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 provides you the best gaming adventure with its quality audio performance along with Surround sound technology and quality speakers. The onboard volume adjustment helps in customizing the volume per requirement. The earmuffs are built to provide comfortable use with prolonging gaming sessions without constraining the neck or your shoulder.

The 15 hours rechargeable battery life provides you consistent gaming sessions and durable performance. This headset is ranked for the best Turtle Beach Headset PS4. The comfortable earmuffs with adjustable headband provide you ultimate comfort for enjoying gaming sessions, listening to music, and watching films.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is an incredible gaming headset that provides wireless connectivity along with a USB adapter that enables smart channel-hopping technology for the best gaming and quality chat audio experience. The headset is equipped with Turtle Beach to surround sound technology for real-life audio experience in between gaming sessions and music on the PS4.

The 50 millimeters speakers are capable of delivering high-quality audio with highs and deep along with thundering lows. The volume adjustment is done within the headsets eliminating the need to shout or lower your voice. The earmuffs are made of breathable mesh Fabric for providing comfortable prolong use and Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses are made glasses friendly for removing the pressure on your glasses.

The Turtle Beach’s Superhuman hearing allows the best precision of each minimal sound effect ranging from quiet footsteps to loading of the enemy’s weapon. The charging battery is installed onboard for backing up 15 hours of gaming session for ready to play.

What We Like
  • Include Featuring Windows Sonic Surround Sound
  • Reliable performance for eyeglass wearers
  • All-day battery life backup
  • Efficient 50-millimeter capability of speakers
What We Don't Like
  • Limited features for sets PS4 and PC


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset is equipped with a Windows Sonic Surround Sound which provides compatible gaming with all the platforms. The audio quality is high, the price comes under an affordable price bracket with a design that perfectly fits its features.

3.) Turtle Beach Recon 50P: (Multiplatform Compatibility)

Turtle Beach Recon 50P is a reliable gaming headset device that promises the finest gaming experience with crystal clear audio. The quality built lightweight speakers are capable of crisp highs and lows along with in-line control and adjustable volume settings.

The removable microphone provides real-life audio volume to be heard without screaming or changing the voice. Its multiplatform compatibility provides its extended use with nearly all the gaming builds. The device comes with an in-built rechargeable battery unit which provides 12 hours of battery life for prolonged gaming sessions for the gaming enthusiasts.


Turtle Beach Recon 50P provides a spectacular high-quality audio experience with adjustable and high sensitivity mic control. The lightweight and comfortable design help in enjoying long gaming sessions without causing any neck or shoulder strain. The 40 millimeters speakers provide quality crisp highs and incredible lows providing precise sound effects that are clearly heard.

The place master volume and mic mute features are equipped upon the headsets for convenient in-line controls. The reliable battery life of 12 hours provides all-day charging for playing the best gaming sessions uninterrupted. The high-sensitivity removable mic extends its use from attending gaming sessions to watching movies and listening to music.

The multi-platform compatibility of the headsets includes PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and other Xbox series, Mac and smart devices and applications. The box of the product consists of a Headset, a removable microphone, and a quick guide based on the usage and installation of the headset.

What We Like
  • Crispy and high-quality sound
  • Lightweight and stable design
  • Extended compatibility with all gaming builds
  • Efficient 40mm-speakers performance
What We Don't Like
  • Includes less amount of padding
  • Standard built with lower durability


Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Gaming Headset comes under an attractive price range with a lightweight design, comfortable use, and multiplatform compatibility.

4.) Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified: (Convenient Usage)

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset for...
9,389 Reviews
Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset for...
  • Powerful amplified audio: Immerse yourself in...
  • Surround sound ready for Xbox: Optimized to...
  • Flip up mic: Turtle Beach's renowned high...

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified is equipped with quality tools and components for promising the best quality of audio and clear voice performance. the removable microphone extends its use for listening to music and enjoy watching films.

The unmatched comfortable design results from soft earmuffs with lightweight built and balanced weight along the sides. The reliable battery life helps in extending its use for prolonged gaming sessions without dropping out efficient performance. The versatile usage of the headset surrounds all sorts of gaming platforms and ranked for the best Turtle Beach headset PS4.


Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming headset is a perfect fit for gaming enthusiasts. Its amplified audio quality provides brilliant sound effects with an immersive gaming experience. The surround sound technology backups the optimized delivery for Xbox and Microsoft. The high sensitivity removable microphone offers a loud and clear voice with a mute option on its flip.

The adjustable volume setting onboard provides convenient control by eliminating the need to shout. The metal-reinforced headband with synthetic leather-wrapped foam cushions results in unmatched comfort and reliability. The rechargeable battery offers long time play for up to 12 hours.

The lightweight design with bearing and balanced weight of 15.87 ounces eliminates the chance of causing neck and shoulder strain. The versatile platform compatibility provides convenient connections with Xbox One and series, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5, Nintendo switch connectivity, and smart appliances.

What We Like
  • Vigorous construction with the interior of the metal
  • Comfortable earmuff design
  • Easy mute on the flip mic
  • The attractive and sleek matte design
  • Great affordability
What We Don't Like
  • Clammy Leatherette earcups
  • Tight headband across the top


Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified is designed to provide clear voice and audio with noise-canceling features for providing you a peaceful environment to have an immersive gaming experience.

5.) Turtle Beach Recon 70: (Quality Audio)

Turtle Beach Recon 70 PlayStation Gaming Headset for...
80,530 Reviews
Turtle Beach Recon 70 PlayStation Gaming Headset for...
  • THE 3D AUDIO ADVANTAGE - Unleash the power of...
  • FLIP-UP MIC - Turtle Beach’s renowned...
  • HIGH-QUALITY 40MM SPEAKERS - Superior 40mm...

Turtle Beach Recon 70 is designed with the best quality features and specs for providing reliable battery life and comfortable use. The lightweight design is specifically distributed along both sides for keeping away any cause of stain on the neck and shoulder. The battery life of 12 hours provides all day long usage and uninterrupted gaming sessions.

The easy control microphone results in a clear quality voice. The powerful speakers along with noise-canceling feature guarantee the best audio experience. The multiplatform compatibility provides wider range usage of the headset with almost all the gaming builds ranking it for the best Turtle Beach Headset PS4.


Turtle Beach Recon 70 is equipped with high-quality speakers to enjoy the crispy highs and thundering lows precisely at a power of 40 millimeters. The high-sensitivity microphone control is an easy option with just a flip to do the work and provides loud and clear voices without the need of shouting.

It allows the transmission of load and clear voice during audio and online chat. The lightweight design provides prolong usage and comfortability upon use. the premium synthetic leather cushions are the best in terms of canceling background noises and providing you the desired comfort. The multiplatform compatibility is made possible with a 3.5mm connection that enables it to connect with Xbox One and series, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5, mobile devices, and Nintendo Switch.

What We Like
  • Elegant audio production with decency
  • Durable design
  • Good recording quality
What We Don't Like
  • Cheap and lower standard built
  • Poor isolation performance
  • Inconsistent audio delivery
  • Sensitive for glass positioning


Turtle Beach Recon 70 is known for its durable design with quality audio and reliable recording quality. It provides long gaming sessions with a rechargeable battery that provides all-day battery life.

6.) Turtle Beach Recon Spark: (Affordable Range)

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset for Xbox Series...
7,514 Reviews
Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset for Xbox Series...
  • FLIP-UP MIC - Turtle Beach’s renowned...
  • IMMERSIVE GAMING AUDIO - Superior 40mm...

Turtle Beach Recon Spark is designed to provide quality audio reliability along with clear and high sensitivity to flip out the microphone. The noise-canceling features are yet another promising point to guarantee the headset’s reliability. It is equipped with high-quality speakers with onboard volume adjustment control for convenient use.

The PC splitter cable allows connecting PC gaming, whereas the headset jack provides connectivity with other gaming builds provides multiplatform connectivity ranking it for best Turtle Beast Headset PS4. The unit is capable to run for 11 hours along with a rechargeable battery and durable all-day use. Its modern white lavender color enhances its creative design and sleek styling.


Turtle Beach Recon Spark provides a reliable gaming experience with incredible audio quality and clear online audio chat. The high sensitivity microphone provides a loud and clear voice eliminating the need to shout or lower your voice. The mic provides easy operation as it got mute on a single flip.

The metal-reinforced headband provides easy adjustability with synthetic leather-wrapped earmuffs to provide ear comfort and prolong sessions without getting neck or shoulder strain. The glass relief system minimizes any pressure on the glasses. The volume adjustment is done with convenient on-ear controls that allow easy installation of the headsets.

The 40-millimeter superior speakers provide smooth audio flow and quality for experiencing crispy highs and thundering lows in a game. The multiplatform compatibility provides its extended use due to PC splitter cable and 3.5mm headset jack for Xbox One and Xbox series, Play Station 5, Play Station 4 Pro, Play Station 4, PC gaming, Nintendo Switch, and mobile sets.

What We Like
  • Affordable price
  • Flip mute microphone
  • Comfortable and extended gaming sessions
  • Stylish and elegant color choices
What We Don't Like
  • A little off for sound microphone
  • Basic quality standard


Turtle Beach Recon Spark comes in an affordable price range that provides efficient working along with reliable battery life and convenient use microphone.

7.) Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2: (Durable Design)

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming Headset for...
2,569 Reviews
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Performance Gaming Headset for...
  • SURROUND SOUND READY - Optimized to support...

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 offers a durable design with promising features. It offers durable metal built for sturdy headband support and comfortable earmuffs that helps in removing the chances that can cause head, neck, or shoulder strains.

The glasses-friendly design suits glass wearers for prolong gaming sessions without feeling the pressure with the headsets. The quality-built speakers provide the best hearing of sounds in the gaming including the silent footsteps to crashing sounds without tearing their bass.

The lightweight design is balanced equally providing comfortable wear for all day long on its 10 hours battery life which provides it suited compatibility with PS4 ranking it the best Turtle Beach Headset PS4.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is an amazing gaming headset with incredible features and specs. The Truespeak technology of pro gaming microphone ensures the loud and crystal-clear voice of professional requirements including background noise cancellation.

The Prospect glass relief system is designed to driven comfort and removes the creation of pressure while wearing glasses. The 50-millimeter Nano clear speakers are designed to provide you the best audio quality. The Aerofit cushions are fabricated with cool infused gel forms that not only allow comfortable prolong wearing but also blocking of surrounding noise while improving the response of bass.

The sleek metal headband adjusted with your head shape and suspended pad with swappable memory cushion results in unmatched comfort and prolonged gaming sessions. The PC splitter cable is attractive for PC gamers that can connect to their preferred device. The balanced distribution of the weight of the headsets allows you to utilize all the charging time efficiently. The headset sets their compatibility with Xbox Series.

What We Like
  • Additional comfort due to swappable ear pads
  • Prospects Glasses Relief System designed for eyeglass wearers
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Multiplatform compatibility
What We Don't Like
  • Fastidious software


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Gaming Headset is a reliable option for offering you the best sound delivery along with a comfortable build. The lightweight manufacturing with comfortable earmuffs provides perfect fitting without causing any strain.

8.) Turtle Beach Recon Chat: (Sleek Design)

Turtle Beach Recon Chat PlayStation Headset – PS5,...
6,918 Reviews
Turtle Beach Recon Chat PlayStation Headset – PS5,...
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR CHAT - An adjustable,...
  • UNIQUE OPEN EAR-CUP - The Recon Chat headset...

Turtle Beach Recon Chat is designed on unique design with a single earmuff and the ability to reverse its position according to individual comfortability. The quality audio results through powerful speakers that allow you to experience all the highs and lows along with the bass of the sound.

Even with one earmuff, the design is made stable not to put single pressure alone but to distribute them equally throughout the headband that removes any chances of straining your neck or shoulder. The unit complies with glasses wearers for allowing long gaming sessions without feeling pressure on the glasses.


Turtle Beach Recon Chat has acquired a unique open ear-cup design for using it to hear from the television and having live chat during games through the headset. The usage comfortability is provided by reversing the design over ears. The in-line control provides adjustable volume settings with the option to mute the mic just on the right at your fingertips.

The glassed friendly design is specified for glass wearers by installing Turtle Beach’s specs fit glasses avoidance zone. The highly sensitive mic ensures the transition of all the commands loudly and clearly. The 40-millimeter speakers provide a powerful bass level for clear audio and precise quality.

The multiplatform compatibility includes all-new PlayStation 5, PS4 Pro and PS4, Xbox Series. All the devices got connected with a 3.5 mm jack while the mobile appliance got their connection through a 3.5 mm connection.

What We Like
  • Incredible and clear chat audio
  • Affordable price range
  • Comfortable built for comfortable use
What We Don't Like
  • A little bit of unstable positioned microphone
  • Mic arm may be uncontrollable sometimes


Turtle Beach Recon Chat provides a reliable built with reversible design to ensure comfortability with controlled adjustment of volume and headband.

9.) Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp: (Reliable Use)

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Performance Gaming...
1,733 Reviews
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Performance Gaming...

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp offers its unmatched Truspeak technology with quality delivery of sound and your clear voice through the microphone. The high sensitivity of the mic and clear bass level and highs and lows of the sound can be thoroughly enjoyed with comfortable stable earmuffs.

The padding ensures to remove any sort of pressure that can cause strain of the neck or shoulder. The background cancellation noises with Glasses relief system is a reliable combination of the features for making an overall reliable headset. It assures a warranty of 2 years with durable usage.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is designed for offering the most immersive gaming experience. It is installed with Pro Gaming Mic which is equipped with Truspeak Technology for ensuring that your delivered voice must always be clearly heard. The noise-canceling feature of mic provides the comfortable and precise hearing and audio sound.

The powerful 50-millimeter Nano speakers provide signature sports tuning of Turtle Beach for experiencing clear audio quality. The Aero fit Ear Cushions are built upon Revolutionary material technologies for canceling background noises and assuring complete comfortability of the ears.

The prospects Glasses Relief System enables glass wearers to put on the headsets without any pressure or removing the glasses in the first place. The sleek metal headband with a suspended pad and memory forms that are swappable combinedly assure optimal comfort level. The unit offers its compatibility with PS4.

What We Like
  • Brilliant sound quality and powerful bass
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Bluetooth audio connect with included SuperAmp
What We Don't Like
  • Microphone ranks for less-than-stellar
  • SuperAmp offers few of controls


Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is built to provides ultimate comfort and brilliant performance to its users. The mic ensures clear delivery of your commands and provides crystal clear sound with improved bass.

10.) Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified: (Comfortable Use)

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified Gaming Headset for...
2,174 Reviews
Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified Gaming Headset for...
  • Powerful amplified audio: Immerse yourself in...
  • Flip up Mic: Turtle Beach's renowned high...
  • Memory foam ear cushions: Breathable fabric...

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified is built for the best battery life as it provides 30 hours of non-stop gaming life and powerful performance. The noise-canceling and ProSpecs Glasses Relief system enable the user’s comfort to reach another level of satisfaction. The soft pads earmuffs are designed to remove any pressure within the pads or to the glasses.

The comfortability of the unit is assured in terms of headbands and ear cushions. The in-line control for volume adjustments modifies the volume for its users allowing smooth performance with a quality audio experience. The headset assures quality work along with a clear voice for online chat commands.


Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified provides quality and amplified audio for ensuring an immersive gaming experience. The microphone is installed for ensuring the delivery of a loud and clear voice including the cancellation of background noises. The flip-up mechanism of the mic mutes the microphone. The memory foam ear cushions are wrapped with breathable fabric for ensuring comfortability.

The unit is built for glasses wearers as they don’t need to take off their glasses to put on the headset. The volume adjustment for the microphone is done through the headset so you never need to shout or lower your voice level. The incredible battery life of super long 30 hours provides uninterrupted gaming sessions with a rechargeable battery for ensuring the consistent use of the headset from time to time.

What We Like
  • Durable and quality sound performance
  • Good quality microphone
  • EQ present provides flexibility in sound
What We Don't Like
  • No passive mode of listening
  • Requires to charge internal battery for the headset to work


Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified ensures reliable sound performance with a quality installation microphone and flexibility in adjusting the sound levels of the headsets.

Buying Guide

The buying guide for the best Turtle Beach headset PS4 includes some essential and required points to consider before making a wise decision:


The comfort level of the headsets is related to its built for its headband and ear cushions. Various materials can be used for making cushions which include synthetic leather, infused gel forms, and other soft materials for assuring optimal comfortability. The headband is made of plastic or metal assuring easy fit without pressuring. It is important to satisfy the adjustment options of the headsets to reduce the chances of staring at your neck or shoulders.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

The multiplatform compatibility or cross-platform compatibility refers to the headset connections with various gaming platforms including Play Station 4, Play Station 4 Pro, Play Station 5. Similarly, Xbox One and Xbox Series, smart appliances, and PC gaming. The more platform connections the headset offers, the better its compatibility will be.

Wired or Wireless:

Nowadays, wireless headsets are booming in demand as it provides limitless connection and doesn’t restrict the user to be fixed at one spot. The wired headsets, however, improved their in-built technology and features to sustain their position in comparison to a wireless headset. It is advisable to look for your preference in wireless features and wired features as well.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is an important factor or element offering and relying the headset reliability on it. The sound quality is determined by the built and power of speakers. Generally, speakers of power 40 millimeters and 50 millimeters are installed in good quality headsets that assure the best sound quality with an adjusted basis.

Microphone Clarity:

The microphone positioning and its detachability along with its clarity are important to have an online audio chat in between games. The microphones can be unidirectional, bidirectional, or unidirectional.

They can be removed, or muted when they aren’t in the use. The quality of the microphone is determined by the clarity of your voice and volume. The good quality microphone will provide auto-adjusted volume so you don’t have to shout or lower your voice. Similarly, it will be operated at high sensitivity for extra clarity and reliable volume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you Use The Turtle Beach Headset On ps4?

Turtle Beach Headset can be effectively used with PS4. It is built with multiplatform compatibility which further covers its connectivity with PS4 Pro and PS5 as well.

What’s Better Turtle Beach or Astro?

Turtle Beach is better in comparison with Astro due to its frequency stabilization, noise-canceling features, and quality audio performance.

What is the Difference Between Turtle Beach 600 and 700?

The difference exists in the manufacturing of ear cushions. The Turtle Beach 600 includes breathable mesh fabric on the ear cushions while The Turtle Beach 700 features synthetic leather that helps in improving bass response and noise isolation.

What Headset Do the Pros Use?

Pros always seek those headsets that provide durability, reliability in their performance, and comfortability which is the most essential feature. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium, Turtle Beach Stealth 600, and Turtle Beach Recon 50P are some of the headsets that professionals commonly used.

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