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Well, if you have a passion for traveling and you always struggle with space issues as your suitcase becomes full before you have packed up all your stuff then how about trying a vacuum bag. Vacuum bags are ones that are able to store your stuff and provide you with extra space.

You compress them to let all the extra air out. Well, these bags are pretty convenient and are travel friendly as well. So, if you’re planning on purchasing a vacuum bag then read our article to get an idea of the best vacuum bags for travel!

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Well, if you are so engrossed in your hectic life that you don’t have sufficient time to go through this entire article then read our top pick. We choose Space Saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags as our quick pick. These bags are travel friendly, provide 80% free space like no other storage bags, are versatile and not to mention extremely affordable. A perfect traveling buddy for you guys!

Best Vacuum Bags For Travel

Space Saver Vacuum Storage BagsSpacesaver3.11 Pounds
11.57 x 8.74 x 7.32 Inches
Check Price
Travel Storage Bags for ClothesThe Chestnut
1.25 Pounds
10.59 x 7.01 x 2.09 Inches
Check Price
Storage Master Space Saver BagsStorage Master
3.03 Pounds
10.79 x 8.27 x 5.71 Inches
Check Price
Tero House 10 Travel Storage BagsThe Chestnut
12 Ounces
13 x 11.3 x 1.6 Inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Space Saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags:

Well, if you are the sort of person who needs to travel a lot and always struggle with space in your suitcase, then what you guys need is a vacuum bag that provides you with a lot of space for your goods and souvenirs. Space saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags is the best travel bag for you guys.

This storage bag is a top-notch product of the Space saver brand and has secured the top position in the market. This convenient product is being offered by the company at an economical price hence you don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money for this!


Space saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bag is an awesome storage gadget that has a double seal zipper as well as a triple-seal turbo valve. It also Best Vacuum Bags For Travel comes with a free portable, travel master hand pump that allows you to squeeze all the air out of your storage bag.

This product guarantees an 80% space increase and it’s very much as compared to the other vacuum storage bags. The material with which this bag is made is of anti-bacterial feature therefore you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting any mold or bacteria. It keeps the moisture out. Hence, a perfect travel partner for travel lovers!

2.) Travel Storage Bags For Clothes:

Suppose, you plan on traveling. You have a lot of clothes to pack up. You try to push all your clothes into the suitcase but unfortunately, you are unable to do so as there is no space left! Now, what are you going to do? Leave them and take only important ones? If you are thinking that some of your goods need to be sacrificed for your travel then think again.

Even if you are not traveling and you need to do seasonal packing, you would be needing a lot of space. Well, all of this is made possible with the help of a travel storage bag for clothes! This storage bag comes in 12 pieces and is extremely convenient as it provides you with the space that you need.


Developed by the Chestnut Company, this Best Vacuum Bags For Travel weighs about only 1.2 pounds. It has a green double sip seal as well and keeps all insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria away from your clothes and protects them from damage.

It doesn’t require any vacuum or pump. Just put your clothes in the storage bag, zip it, and then roll up the bag so that all the extra air is squeezed out through small valves present at its bottom.

3.) Storage Master Space Saver Bags: 

Do you not have enough space in your wardrobe? For almost every person there is an issue with space. They have too many clothes and don’t have enough space for storage. Many travelers are also a victim of this issue.

Well, if you are one of them and are concerned by the storage space then don’t worry, 21 century brings you Storage Master Space Saver Bags which will store all types of big and small stuff and will also provide you with 80% extra space. Hence, it’s a blessing for space-starved people like us.


The Storage Master Space Saver Bags package contains 8 jumbo-sized storage bags. These Best Vacuum Bags For Travel bags are completely secured as they have dual colored double zip design. This design helps to completely seal the clothes in the bag without providing any route for insects and other cloth harm things to enter.

It has stayed on clips that prevent the clips from falling from the zipper. These vacuum bags are made up of premium BPA-free PA plus PE. These bags have an embossed film and are made waterproof. Their thickness is 0.09mm. Their vacuum valve is compatible with any vacuum cleaner hose. These 30% thick and highly resilient storage bags are indeed very handy!

4.) Tero House 10 Travel Storage Bags:

If you have a lot of stuff to store and you have very little space then how about using Tero House 10 Travel Storage Bags to store your stuff! Whether you have a wardrobe that has no room for your clothes or your traveling suitcase or backpack, this storage bag will definitely be of help to you as it neatly stores all of your stuff and provides you with an extra 75% space.

How convenient is that! Its package contains at least 10 storage bags out of which 5 are of medium size and the rest are of small size. Hence, you can easily store your stuff using these bags.


Well, these compressed bags don’t require any vacuum pump to squeeze the air out. You can just pack your stuff neatly in it. Zip it up and just roll the bag to let all the air push out from its small valves present at its one side.

Try to pack your clothes neatly so that there are fewer creases in them. Tero House 10 Travel Storage Bags have dual zippers and clips that ensure optimized sealing and will not let any harm come to your clothes. These bags are made waterproof and completely travel friendly!

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