Can Headphones Be Recycled?

Headphones have revolutionized the world with their functions. With the music craze getting chic with the passing days, the headphones have been leveled up to meet up the demands of music fanatics. You will find varying sizes and types of headsets ranging from tiny earphones to needy ones that most DJs and music lovers wear for an immersive music experience.

They provide you with your personal music space and are perfect for listening to old-school radios, podcasts, audiobooks, and throbbing music.

When To Trash Your Headphones?

Headphones boast different material construction with plastic being the most common and recyclable material.

If the Best Headphone has reached its lifespan and has run out of juice, then instead of throwing this non-biodegradable gadget in the garbage, just sign it up for recycling.

There are plenty of companies that accept electronic gadgets and would recycle them.

Before recycling the gadget, if it’s still working and is past its lifespan, then give it to your friends or any family member who needs it, if you don’t.

You can even donate this electronic gadget so that needy people can get benefits from it.

Companies That Welcome Used Headphones:

Many companies accept your used and old headphones.

JLAB is one such enterprise that designs headphones, and other gadgets. They run a recycling program as well where you can submit your headphones. If you use their recycling program, then you will get a 30% off coupon when you purchase products from their original website

Thinksound is yet another commendable enterprise that’s running a recycling program. If you use their programs you get to enjoy a 15% discount on their products if you buy from their website.

There are various other brands. But the point is, don’t just trash it in the trash can. Either donate it if it’s working or submit it for recycling! Don’t pollute the earth. Save it!

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