Can Headphones Be Used As A Microphone?

If you are wondering whether your beefy body headphone can be used as a microphone when you are in a bind then yes! That is if you’ve got no problem with quality!

Headphones are a convenient invention of the century. Their launch has certainly helped us in achieving various milestones. Also, with microphones, the world has been made quite easy.

The Best Microphones and headphones are quite similar in their internal functioning. They both require vibrations for their operation.

If you are in a bind, want to record something, and don’t have a microphone with you, then you can just turn your headphones into a microphone.

The microphone is similar to a speaker. The headphone driver’s diaphragm moves by the air particles which are known for creating soundwaves. The headphones driver is connected to the wire coil which is sandwiched between 2 magnets.

Therefore, when the coil starts rotating between the magnet, an electric current is generated.

So, How To Achieve It?

For transforming your headphones into a microphone, all you have to do is plug your cans into the laptop or any other recording device that you are using. Then just click the record button and start talking on your headphones.

Your messages would be conveyed without hindrance. However, you might observe that the quality is quite poor. Anyhow, it’s far better than having nothing in your hands!

This technique is known for working with Cheap gadgets. Using this technique doesn’t guarantee that this method will always work. There might be a voltage issue.

The voltage might be not enough to rotate the coil. However, it won’t hurt you to try out this method! So, why not explore this feature of headphones!

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