Can Laptop RAM Be Used In Desktop?

RAM is an important part of an electronic gadget that facilitates the temporary storage of your important files and even your software. It’s called Random Access Memory, system memory, or main memory.

Now, the common question that clouds most individuals is whether they can interchange their desktop Ram with the laptop one?

The answer is No! You cannot. The main reason is that the Desktop is a beefy device and its RAm like the unit is also big and lengthy whereas the laptop Ram accounts for only half of its length. So how can you fit this chibi into the beefy slot!

Difference between Laptop RAM and Desktop RAM:

They both have plenty of differences although their functionality is the same. The main difference lies in the following areas:

  • Size
  • Memory Slot


The desktop unit is big, so is the RAM installed in it. It usually measures ranging from 100 to 184. If you take note of its pin configuration, they are almost 240. Whereas the length is 4.5 inches on average.

On the contrary, the Laptop’s Ram measure ranges from 72 to 104 only. Its pins are only 204 and the length is 3 inches only.

So, the laptops Ram falls behind in both size and pin configuration!

Memory Slot:

The memory slots in the desktop are plenty. They assist in the modification and expansion of RAM. The desktop offers plenty of such slots providing gamers and editors to upgrade the unit up to their taste.

However, the laptop doesn’t offer memory slots of more than 2. So, its memory expansion is limited too.

In short, they both may have a common mission, but they do differ in a variety of aspects so exchanging them with each other is a big no!

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