Does Headphones Cause Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical condition in which you hear phantom buzzing and ringing in your ears with no source present to produce it.

This condition results from listening to loud noises which are commonly provided to us by headphones.

However, the Best Headphones don’t cause tinnitus. It’s the volume at which you hear that results in this condition and ultimately leads to hearing loss.

Younger Generation Is More Vulnerable To Tinnitus Than The Older One?

According to the health organization, tinnitus is spreading more rapidly in the younger generation. About 1 out of every 5 teenagers are a victim of this condition. Mainly because most of the teenage activities are loud ones. Like listening to music while working out, commuting, or even going to concerts and sports events.

Although individuals older than 55, start getting this medical condition, it is found that youngsters are now more rapidly becoming prey to this condition.

What Sound Levels Are Considered Safe?

You might be asking that If it’s the volume of sounds, then what volume is considered safe?

For now, any sound that exceeds 85db is considered dangerous. And listening to it for up to 8 hrs can result in hearing loss. The mere traffic noise is 85db and if you listen to 100db of this sound, then the ear damage can occur within 15 minutes. At concerts, the sound levels are probably 100db and are very dangerous.

Which Headphones Should I Use?

According to experts, you should opt for over-ear headphones and not in-ear ones. The over-ear headphones have been labeled as safe by many audiologists whereas the in-ear headphones have been tagged hazardous as they snug into your ear canal to deliver you sounds.

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