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Fisher F22 Vs Fisher F44, Which one is best? If you are planning on a treasure hunt then obviously you would need a gadget that would help you in detecting valuables buried deep in the earth. In this 2021 era, where technology has progressed so much, metal detecting gadgets have been introduced by various well-known companies around the globe to help the bounty hunters have a wonderful hunting experience.

Among many popular companies, Fisher Company takes the lead with its highly advanced and functional metal detectors. Fisher Company has introduced a lot of F series metal detectors, each one of them exceptional in their own way.

Fisher f22 and fisher f44 are among the top metal detectors so far launched by this company. Now, if you are planning on purchasing a metal detector, then certainly the vast variety available in the market is going to overwhelm you and you won’t be able to make the right choice. Similarly, if the task is to decide between two metal detectors offered by the same company, it then certainly is a tough row to hoe.

Well, here we have given a comparison guide between fisher f22 and fisher f44. But before starting the comparison, let’s have a quick overview of both of these gadgets:

Quick Overview of Fisher F22

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Fisher f22 is the latest version of fisher f2. It was launched by the Fisher Company in 2015. Fisher F22 is an ultra-lightweight and easy to use gadget that comes in an exclusive black color. This all-purpose gadget is beginner-friendly.

It has target ID technology installed that is helpful in identifying the target type before digging it up. It is a weatherproof gadget that’s able to withstand all types of weather conditions. It’s not waterproof so it is not submersible in water. It has a 9 inch triangulated, elliptical concentric coil installed in it.

This best metal detector for money has 4 search modes as well (jewelry, coin, artifact, and custom). It has 4 audio tones which are bass, low, medium, and high. It even has Fe tone tech installed in it. Other aspects are:

  • Iron indicator
  • Battery life indicator
  • Target depth indicator
  • Factory set ground balance
  • 1/4 inch headphone input
  • Menu category icon

Quick Overview of Fisher F44

Fisher f44 is the advanced version of F4. It was launched in 2015 just like Fisher F22. Handling of this lighter weight metal deter is pretty much easy with its only 2.3 pounds weight. It is a versatile and very powerful gadget that is made weatherproof along with its control box.

Its coil is made waterproof so its submersible in water but the control box is not water-resistant. It is extremely durable as well. It has 5 search modes which are jewelry, custom, coin, all-metal, and artifact. Its screen has a backlight to make hunt possible in low light conditions. It has a 9 segment discrimination scale as well.

This gadget like Fisher F22 is equipped with target ID tech. it even has 4 audio tones which are bass, low, medium, and high. It has Fe tone tech and auto or manual ground balancing feature as well. Other aspects include

  • Battery power indicator
  • Target depth indicator
  • Menu category icons
  • 11-inch triangulated coil
  • Iron identifier icon

Similarities Between F22 and F44

Before pointing out the differences, let’s see the similarities between the two.

  • They both are lightweight gadgets weighing only 2.3 lbs.
  • They both are powdered by 2AA batteries
  • Both are CE certified
  • They both have a battery life indicator
  • Both have big LCD screens and the readout is crystal clear
  • Both are VLF (very low frequency) detectors.
  • they both have the same operating frequency that is 7.69 kHz
  • they both have a target depth indicator and are weatherproof as well
  • Iron identifier icon is available in both units
  • nonvolatile memory save settings are installed in both of them
  • they both have 4 tone audio ID
  • both have target ID technology
  • They assign numeric values to from 1 to 99 according to their conductance.
  • They both have concentric search coils
  • Fisher F22 Vs Fisher F44, both come with headphones and warranty of 5 years

Differences Between F22 And F44

No doubt, both the fisher F series gadgets i.e. F22 and F44 have a lot in common but there are a few differences between them due to which one excels the other. Now, let’s see which one rocks!

Fisher F22 Vs Fisher F44: Price

Well, price is something that we all can’t just ignore. It’s a fact that low price items attract more eyes as compared to the expensive one. Well, in terms of the price, fisher F22 takes the lead as it is much cheaper and budget-friendly as compared to the Fisher F44.

Fisher F22 is available in the market at a low price. Whereas as Fisher F44 costs 100 Dollars more. Therefore, being the best value at a cheaper price the fisher F22 is the victor.

Ground Balance: F44 Takes The Win

Well, ground balancing is a very important feature for the optimized functioning of the metal detector. Sometimes, the area that you hunt is full of minerals i.e. there is a lot of iron and salt buried underneath.

Due to abundant minerals present in the ground, the detector creates a lot of alarms and chatter and in the end, you have to go with the motto ‘DIG EVERY BEEP’! Ground balance features help to ignore such signals and save you from such terrible fate.

It is better if the feature is manual or automatic rather than a factory set. Well, in this case, fisher F44 takes the win as its ground balancing feature is manual/automatic as compared to the fisher F22 whose feature is preset.

Search Coil Size: F44 Takes The Win

Its common sense that greater the size of the coil, the larger area will cover for detection. Well, F44 again takes the lead with its 11-inch large coil as compared to F22 9 inch coil.

Detection Modes, Depth, And Sensitivity Level: F44 Takes The Win

F44 has 5 detection modes whereas F22 has 4. F44 coin depth is 10 whereas F22 has 9-inch coin depth. These both have the 24-inch depth for bigger objects. F44 has 20 adjustment levels whereas F22 has only 10.

Backlight Display: F44 Takes The Win

Well, f44 has a backlight display feature that’s helpful in dim light conditions but f22 lacks it.

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After, seeing the comparison, you all might have gotten the idea. Well, Fisher f44 is the champion of this match. So, if you are struggling with which one to buy then do buy f44 as it has many excellent features. If you are budget tight, then buy f22 otherwise f44 is the best.

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