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Treasure hunting is such a healthy activity that the right gadget and a little success can make it your life long hobby. If you don’t have a good hunting gadget, then digging up trash all the time is certainly going to ruin your mood and you may end up hating treasure hunting throughout your life.

Well, to develop an interest in this activity, Garrett Company has introduced many metal detectors that have unique features installed in them to make this activity fun and adventurous for all of us.

It has launched many ACE series metal detectors with ACE 150 being it’s first followed by ACE 250 and so on. Each one of them excels the other in one way or another. So, if you are planning on buying an ACE metal detector and can’t decide whether to buy ACE 250 or ACE 300, then look up at our article as we have elaborately compared the two, to aid you in purchasing the right one. But first, let’s have a rundown on their features.

Overview Of Ace 250

Garrett ACE 250 with Water-Proof Searchcoil and...
  • Graphic Target ID cursor
  • Accept/Reject notch for specific target...
  • Electronic pinpoint for easy target recovery

Garrett ACE 250 is a highly functional gadget offered by the Garrett brand at a cheap price. This newbie and intermediate friendly gadget weigh about 2.7 pounds having a working frequency of about 6.5 kHz.

Its charge up requires 4 AA batteries and its run time is approximately 20 to 25 hrs. It lacks a digital numeric ID system but does offer a Graphic target ID system with 12 segments. This VLF detector has a waterproof coil of the concentric type having a size of 6.5” x 9” inches. It is a larger coil that’s able to cover bigger ground. Its coil can be interchanged with other ACE detectors.

It’s to be kept in mind that only the coil and shaft are submersible in water, not the brain (control panel). Just like other ACE series metal detectors, it offers a target depth indicator along with a battery power indicator guiding you about the depth at which the buried metal is and the remaining power of the battery. It also has a ¼ inch headphone jack. It even has a 3 audio tone ID feature. It has a warranty for 2 years and is CE certified as well.

Its other aspects are

  • Factory set ground balance
  • Pinpointing feature
  • 10 inch smaller target depth and 24 inches bigger object depth
  • 5 programmed search modes (all metal, jewelry, coins, relics, and customs)
  • 8 sensitivity level adjustments
  • LCD screen with no backlit
  • Accept/ reject discrimination control feature
  • The retractable stem of 40 to 51 inch

Overview Of Ace300

Garrett ACE 300 is a total upgraded version of ace 250, providing many features and functions that ACE 250 lacks. Having a weight of 2.8lbs. and is powered up by 4AA batteries, this launched version has captivated many buyers.

Instead of graphic ID tech, it has a numeric target ID tech installed in it. It identifies the buried object with the aid of the values i.e. 1 to 99 that are in accordance with their conductivity level. It has 3 audio tones to distinguish the target object and also has an LCD screen with a backlight feature installed in it.

This feature is helpful for treasure hunting in dark places. No-discrimination, jewelry, coin, relics, and custom are its 5 detection modes. It’s no discrimination feature is similar to all metal mode of ACE 250 meaning that it detects all types of metals even iron. It offers a standard watertight 7-inch x 10-inch concentric type search coil. It has 8 levels of sensitivity like ACE 250 and also it’s CE certified as well as offers 2 years of warranty.

Its other features include:

  • The working frequency of 8 kHz
  • Adjustable volume
  • Control box environmental cover
  • Pinpointing feature
  • Cam locks
  • Pulse width modulated audio
  • Small target depth 10 inch and large target depth 24 inch
  • Clear sound headphones
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Battery power indicator
  • Factory set ground balance
  • Retractable Stem Of 40 To 53 Inch

Similarities Between The Two!

Let’s see how the two gadgets are similar to one another

Vlf Detectors:

Both detectors operate on a very low frequency therefore they both can detect larger objects at a greater depth.

Search Modes:

They both have a total of 5 search modes that have exactly the same function. Just a little different is that ACE 250 has an all-metal mode whereas ACE 300 has zero discrimination mode. Both modes have exactly the same function. They just have different names.

Sensitivity Levels:

They both have 8 levels of sensitivity installed in them

Search Depth:

They both have the 10-inch depth for smaller target objects and 24-inch depth for large metal objects.

Ground Balance Feature:

They both are equipped with a factory set ground balance feature to cancel out the interferences produced by minerals.

3 Audio Tones:

Both are equipped with a 3 audio tone mode that tells you about the metal type that you have detected by giving out different audios.

Target Depth Indicator And Battery Life Indicator:

They both have a target depth indicator and a battery power indicator displayed on their LCD screen.

Differences Between The Two!

Digital Target Id: Ace 300 Wins!

ACE 250 has a graphic id tech with 12 segments while ACE 300 has a numeric target id system installed in it. It’s easier to identify the metal type with a numeric target ID. Hence it’s a win for ACE 300.

Lcd With Backlight: Ace 300 Wins!

Well, ACE 250 only has an LCD display screen whereas ACE 300 has a backlight feature installed to make hunt possible in dark areas. ACE 300 is the winner in this scenario.

Adjustable Volume Control: Ace 300 Wins!

ACE 250 built-in volume is not adjustable which can be a little uncomfortable but the built-in volume of ACE 300 is adjustable. Hence, ACE 300 strikes again!

Coil Size: Ace 300 Wins!

The coil size of ACE 300 is larger than ACE 250. Larger coil means more area to cover therefore, ACE 300 takes the lead!

Operating Frequency: Ace 300 Wins!

The operating frequency of ACE 300 is 8k Hz whereas ACE 250 has 6.5 kHz.

Cost: Ace 250 Wins!

Well, this one goes to ace 250 as it’s cheap as compared to ACE 300. The difference is not much but still, ACE 250 wins this round.

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Well, ACE 300 wins this contest with its high tech aspects. Healthy budget hunters should definitely purchase it otherwise Garrett ACE 250 is good as well!

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