Who’s The Winner?

Graco brand, a name known to all paint lovers. This brand is renowned for developing highly ingenious paint sprayers that are equipped with airless technology. For those who don’t know what airless paint sprayers are, don’t worry, we shall enlighten you. Airless paint sprayers have the tendency to pump paint at high pressure mostly the pressure is up to 3000PSI.

Overview Of Graco 390

Now, the highly inventive Graco brand offers a lot of different categories of airless paint sprayers available to the buyers and purchasers at variable prices. When you have decided which brand paint sprayers you are going to buy, it’s a complex task to choose from the variety of paint sprayers offered by the same brand. You will face the same fate while choosing between Graco 390 and Graco 395.

Overview Of Graco 395

Both these airless paint sprayers are unique and special in their own way but, when the time comes for deciding between these two excellent sprayers offered by Graco, no doubt your mind will become chaotic. You will not be able to decide. Therefore, to help you get rid of your bewilderedness, and to assist you in selecting among these two stunning inventions, a comparison has been given. So, let’s plunge into their differences and similarities.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Before, discussing their differences, it’s important to know that these two airless paint sprayers are all pro users only. If you are a DIYer lover, having no experience with airless paint sprayers, then it’s recommended that you don’t use them. Because both Graco 390 and Graco 395 need highly accurate adjustments and a lot of attention to provide a quality finish. Now then, let’s begin the match and see which contestant is the winner!

Budget: Graco 390 Takes The Lead!

Let’s just look at their price first! Graco 395 is the latest version of Graco 390 that has been introduced by the Graco brand. So, if Graco 390 is old then obviously it’s much cheaper and budget-friendly as compared to the latest version.

If you’re a buyer who’s tight on budget, Graco 390 is the best option for you but if you have an unlimited budget, then buying Graco 395 is the ultimate option as it’s a newer version accompanied by many newly installed features.

Performance: It’s A Draw!

By computing there performance on the basis of average gallons per week, both the paint sprayers rated the same. It was a tie between them. They both scored 50 gallons per week at the maximum finish. By 50 gallons per week, it certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t spray above 50 gallons. They can, but it may cause some setbacks to the paint sprayer’s life.

Power And Output: Graco 395 Takes The Lead!

When comparing the power and output of these two airless paint sprayers, certainly the latest version Graco 395 takes the lead. Graco 395 is operated by a powerful DC motor having a horsepower of about 7/8 hp. It’s high as compared to the Graco 390 that work on a DC motor having a horsepower of about 5/8hp.

In terms of output, Graco 395 again wins a point! Graco 395 has an output capacity of about 0.54 GPM as compared to Graco 390 who has an output capacity of only0.47 GPM. Hence, in terms of power and the amount of paint that can be sprayed, Graco 395 beats Graco 390.

Weight: Graco 390 Takes The Lead!

Well, in terms of weight, Graco 390 is much lighter as compared to Graco 395. Graco 390 weighs about 30 pounds whereas Graco 395 hits the scale at 55 pounds. Being lightweight, it’s certainly easy for the users to work with Graco 390 whereas Graco 395 is bound to constraint them.

A Quick Rundown On Differences!

  • Graco 390 takes the lead in terms of weight
  • In power and output, Graco 395 excel Graco 390
  • In performance, it’s a tie
  • In terms of budget, Graco 390 takes the point

What Are The Similarities Between The Two?

Well, in terms of being identical, both Graco 390 and Graco 395 are equipped with a pro to connect the pump replacement system and endurance system.

Quick Rundown On Similarities!

  • Both have elegant designs
  • Graco 390 and Graco 395, both paint sprayers have the ability to control pressure.
  • both are compatible with a variety of paints
  • equipped with a pump replacement system
  • both have endurance system installed in them
  • possess dual filters
  • both are easy to clean
  • both are pro friendly

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What The Purchasers Have To Say!

Well, it’s time to bring the users’ point of view. When asked, the users showed quite positive feedback about their airless paint sprayers. A pair of filters i.e. one present at the pump and the other in the gun attracted a lot of users. They praised about how easily the two filters can be detached and cleaned.

The users were stunned by the fact that how the two paint sprayers were designed to prevent clogging. The pump can be changed easily in one minute to prevent clogging and to provide continuous spraying. Another factor that amazed them was the easy availability of the primary filter. Just unscrew for cleaning.

In terms of cleaning, the users complained that they have to clean the paint sprayers routinely and have to clean them thoroughly because otherwise, they would not be able to function well. Well, this aspect of airless paint sprayers can’t be avoided as they do require a thorough cleaning to operate well.

Well, cutting long story short, the users’ reaction and reviews were quite positive for both the paint sprayers. There were little nits but come on! You all know the saying “nothing is perfect”. There is no way a completely perfect device is present on earth, there are always some features that need to be worked on.

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The Final Verdict:

Now, to choose the winner! Graco 390 takes the lead with a home run. Although both Graco 390 and Graco 395 are top-rated and are among the best of the best sprayers offered by the brand, Graco 390 wins this match primarily on the basis of being budget-friendly and being lightweight. Being lightweight, Graco 390 will be able to assist the professional in working for several hours without exhausting him/her. And obviously, being cheap will enable a lot of users to buy it. Hence, it’s like a gold mine!

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