Which One Beats The Other?

Have you ever heard the name GRACO? Well, obviously those familiar with the paint sprayers might have heard its name! Graco is a leading company that is a pro in developing highly exceptional and extraordinary paint sprayers all around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro, a starter, a hobbyist or a DIYer lover, Graco brand has got you covered. Now the question rises “which Graco paint sprayer is the best”?

Graco Inc. 243011 SG2 Spray Gun
182 Reviews
Graco Inc. 243011 SG2 Spray Gun
  • Thumb engaged safety lock allows you to lock...
  • Maximum operating pressure of 3,600 PSI
  • Replaceable in-handle paint filter reduces...
Graco 243012 Airless Spray Gun, SG3
284 Reviews
Graco 243012 Airless Spray Gun, SG3
  • Full 4-finger trigger with light, smooth pull...
  • Thumb engaged safety lock allows you to lock...
  • Maximum operating pressure of 3,600 PSI

It’s quite easy to select products offered by different brands but it’s a difficult task to select products offered by the same brand. The same is the case with Graco sg2 and Graco sg 3. These both are superb quality paint sprayers offered by the Graco brand but when the question rises “which one is the best”? It’s difficult to choose from both of these products as they don’t have a clear and distinct line. They both are exactly the same offering the exact same features and functions but they do differ in some aspects. So without further delay, let’s dive in to see how they differ from each other.

How Graco Sg 3 And Graco Sg 2 Differ From One Other?

As mentioned above, Graco sg 3 and Graco sg 2 are extremely similar to each other. The only factors in which they differ are price and accessibility. In terms of price, Graco sg 2 takes the lead whereas, in terms of accessibility, Graco sg 3 is the winner.

Budget-Friendly: Graco Sg 2 Takes The Lead!!

In terms of price, Graco sg 2 is the winner because it’s much cheaper as compared to the Graco sg 3. It’s the oldest version of Graco sg 3 and hence comes at a cheap price. The price difference between the two paint sprayers is not too much, but still, in this issue, Graco sg 2 takes the point. It depends on you guys which one you guys would prefer as the difference in price is not that high.

Advanced Design: Graco Sg 3 Takes The Lead!

Now, you might be wondering how they both are different in terms of design when they both look exactly the same. Well, the design difference is only minor but is of great importance to all the paint professionals. First, as Graco sg 3 is the latest version of Graco sg 2, it has been modified to possess an agronomical design. Therefore, with the help of this feature, it allows all of you painters to paint your stuff with great comfort for several hours without making you feel tired.

Another important feature that is installed in its design is a swivel hose. You guys might have encountered some situations during painting where your hose gets entangled up giving you great discomfort while working. Well, Graco sg 3 is specially designed with this problem in mind. It possesses a swivel hose that prevents the hose from getting entangled and aids you in painting your stuff comfortably.

Another thing is its hose length that is about 75 feet whereas Graco sg 2 hose length is about 50 feet. Therefore, if you are planning on painting hard to reach areas, then certainly Graco sg 3 is the best option because of its long hose length.

Apart from these features, both paint sprayers’ possess a similar and elegant design pattern.


  • Graco sg 3 is the latest version of Graco sg 2
  • Graco sg 2 is cheaper as compared to Graco sg 3
  • Graco sg 3 possess a agronomical design
  • Graco sg 3 has a 75 feet long hose
  • Graco sg 3 possess a swivel hose

What Similarities Graco Sg3 And Graco Sg2 Possess?

They both are quite identical to each other. They both operate at the same pressure that is 3600 PSI. They both possess reversible tips to prevent clogging and not to mention, they both are able to spray all types of paints ranging from thin viscosity paints to thick viscosity paints.


  • Operate at a maximum pressure of 3600PSI
  • Possess reversible tips for continuous spraying
  • Compatible with all types of paints
  • The tendency to control the flow of paint
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Possess 4 finger trigger system
  • A secured guard locking function
  • Plain, elegant and crisp design

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What do The Buyers say About These Products?

Well! We have heard a lot of buyers praising these paint sprayers. Their comments and reactions to both of them are exactly the same. According to the users, Graco sg 3 and Graco sg2, both are beginner-friendly. They both are easy to use paint sprayers. They can also be cleaned easily with the help of the garden hose.

What the purchasers have liked most about them is their compatibility with all types of paints whether they are thin paints like varnishes, sealers, or thick paints like chalk paints, latex paints, etc. They operate well with all of them. They all liked how versatile both paint sprayers were!

A few of the users have complained about its reversible tips that are unable to prevent clogging but we can’t say that all of them have experienced the same. They were only a handful of them. But still, overall, both Graco sg2 and Graco sg 3 are liked by the users. Their reaction to these two products is exactly the same.

The Ending:

Well, by reading the entire article, you might have gotten the idea that both of the products i.e. Graco sg 2 and Graco sg 3 are exactly identical to each other with not many major differences. So, if we are going to say, who beats the other, then certainly it’s a tie. Both are exactly similar offering the exact same features. Both are equally liked by the users and their reaction to both of them is exactly the same.

Only in terms of price Graco sg 2 takes the lead. Graco sg 2 is the older version of Graco sg 3, so it’s much cheaper. If you are tight on your budget, then certainly Graco sg 2 is the best option for you. But if you are not, then you might select the latest version i.e. Graco sg 3. Well, in the end, the decision is for you to make. Good luck with purchasing the Graco paint sprayers!

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