Which One Is The Cream Of The Crop?

Graco ultra 395 and Nova 395 are both superior quality products offered by highly innovative companies. If you are thinking of buying either one of these paint sprayers and you are busy asking yourself “WHICH ONE IS THE BEST”? Then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we have compared Graco ultra 395 vs nova 395, to help you in your decision. so, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Overview Of Graco Ultra 395

Ever heard of the name GRACO before? Well, it all started in 1920, with the invention of a portable, air-powered lubricator! This grease gun introduced by the gray brothers hit the market resulting in their increased production. Over a period of time, many products were developed with the first airless spray gun introduced to the outside world in the 1950s.

Overview Of Nova 395

Therefore, with the passage of time, these airless spray guns were modified and were installed with the latest technology, resulting in products that we see in our present time. Graco Company has expanded so much that it has hit billions of dollars in sales. This company has developed and introduced a lot of high-quality airless paint sprayers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or just a beginner, the products offered by this company can be used by all types of people.

What’s The Difference Between These Two Paint Sprayers?

Value: Nova 395 Is The Victor

Graco Nova 395 is the victor when evaluated on the basis of price only. This airless paint sprayer is cheaper and affordable as compared to the Graco 395 introduced by the Graco company. Graco 395 is much more expensive and is out of the reach of the purchasers who are tight on their budget.

They say, “The more sugar you put, the sweeter is the taste”! It means that the more you invest in something, the more value it would have! Obviously, if Graco 395 is expensive, then it certainly might be equipped with a lot of unique, stunning, and valuable features. If you have a blank check for a budget, then there is no harm going for it. But if your budget is restricted, then nova 395 is the best option for you as it also has many decent features installed in it.

Performance: Graco Ultra 395 Is The Victor

On the basis of performance, both the airless paint sprayers operate pretty well providing you with a fine quality finish. They both are versatile and are compatible with all sorts of paints. But the only factor in which they differ is the volume of paint sprayed by them. In other words, their yield. Graco ultra 395 wins in this scenario as it’s able to spray 50 gallons of paint per week whereas, nova 395 is backward in this regard.

Power And Output: Graco Ultra 395 Is The Victor

Graco ultra 395 is superior to nova 395 in terms of power and output. Graco ultra 395 has a 7/8 hp DC motor installed in it whereas nova 395 is equipped with only 5/8hp DC motor.
Now comes the output! Again Graco ultra 395 takes the prize! Graco ultra 395 has a 0.54 GPM rate, which is quite high as compared to the 0.47 GPM rate offered by nova 395.

Tip Size: Nova 395 Takes The Lead

Graco ultra 395 offers a maximum tip size of about 0.023 inches. This narrow tip is suitable for spraying thin viscosity paints. Whereas, nova 395 has a bigger tip of size 0.027 inches installed in it, which allows it to spray thick viscosity paints without thinning them. Hence, it’s a win for nova 395.

Weight: Nova 395 Is The Victor

Well, again nova 395 takes the prize, with a weight of about 38 pounds. Hence, it’s lightweight as compared to the 55 pounds Graco ultra 395. Being heavy, Graco ultra 395 might tire and exhaust the user.

Hose Length: Graco Ultra 395 Is The Victor

The greater the hose length offered by the paint sprayer, the more ideal it is to spray hard reach areas. With a hose length of about 200 inches, Graco ultra 395 enables the user to easily spray difficult to reach areas. Whereas, the hose length offered by nova 395 is a little bit less than 200 inches.

A Quick Go Through of Graco Ultra 395 Vs Nova 395 Differences

  • In terms of price, nova 395 is the victor
  • One the basis of performance and yield, Graco ultra 395 takes the prize.
  • In terms of power and output, Graco ultra 395 is the winner
  • On the basis of tip size, nova 395 takes the point
  • In terms of weight, nova 395 is the winner
  • In terms of max. hose length, Graco ultra 395 takes the lead

What Similarities Do These Products Offer?

Both Graco ultra 395 and nova 395 are premium quality products. They both are wear and tear-resistant. They have an effective pro connect pump replacement system installed in them. Its pump filters can also be easily removed. Just need to unscrew and the filter comes off. It’s also able to adjust the pressure. They both are user friendly and not to mention clean up friendly.

A Quick Go Through of Graco Ultra 395 Vs Nova 395 Similarities

  • Top-quality
  • Reliable
  • durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Pro connect pump replacement system
  • Easy to remove pump filters
  • Have the tendency to regulate pressure

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What The Buyer’s Say!

Their response to both of these products was quite positive. They were quite happy by the features offered by both of these products. The durability of both the airless paint sprayers impressed them a lot and not to mention their reliability and versatility.

They praised the pro connect pump replacement system offered by the paint sprayers. The most difficult task for a painter is trying to spray hard reach areas. The long hoses offered by the two products have won the hearts of many users. With the help of these airless paint sprayers, they now have easy access to the hard reach areas.
The elegant and plain design offered by Graco paint sprayers has captured the hearts of many users.

Final Verdict!

Now, the time has come to choose the winner. Well among the two contestants, Graco ultra 395 is the champion of this competition. It’s the sole victor of this match. It has overshadowed nova 395 in performance, power, and output. So, if you are considering, which one of two you should buy then certainly Graco ultra 395 is the best choice.

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