Who’s The Victor?

Graco and Titan! Both of these are popular companies that are involved in the production of ingenious and innovative paint sprayers which are a source of constant glory and praise. Well, for those who don’t know, Graco invented its first airless paint sprayer about seventy years ago i.e. in 1950 and with the passage of time, this company started expanding and began to earn billions of dollars. Similarly, titan is also a famous brand that comes under WAGNER.

Overview Of Graco Ultra 395

This brand launched its first electric paint sprayer in 1953 and as time passed, many high tech products were produced by it and its sales reached billions of dollars. Now, in the present time, these two well-known brands have hit the market with their most advanced products.

Overview Of Titan 440

Now, if you are planning on buying a paint sprayer then certainly, the wide variety is going to blow your mind. If you come across one of their products like Graco ultra 395 and titan 440 and you’re stuck on which one to buy then read our comparison guide to get a better understanding of the features offered by these two paint sprayers. Now, without further delay, let’s get into it!

How They Differ From Each Other?

Price: Titan 440 Is The Winner

Well, in terms of price, Titan 440 hits the top. It is a cheap and affordable airless paint sprayer and is one of the best-selling and top-rated products offered by the Titan brand. As compared to it, Graco ultra 395 is much expansive. Well, it all depends on your pocket. If you have a healthy budget, then there’s no harm in purchasing Graco ultra 395 but if your budget is limited, then Titan 440 would be a better option for you.

Weight: Titan 440 Is The Victor!

Titan 440 weights about 49 pounds whereas Graco ultra 395 has a weight of about 55 pounds. The weight of the paint sprayer is a key factor as a piece of painting equipment that is heavy will hinder the user and will not only cause discomfort but will also be a constant source of fatigue and exhaustion. Therefore, it’s necessary for a piece of fluid control equipment to be lightweight. Well, in terms of weight, titan 440 is the front runner.

Power And Gpm: It’s A Draw!

Both airless paint sprayers i.e. Graco ultra 390 and titan 440 are operated by a DC motor having a power of about 7/8 hp (horsepower). Both of them have an application rate of about 0.54 GPM. Hence, it’s a draw.


Titan 440 has a hose length of about 300 inches whereas, Graco ultra 395 has a max.hose length of about 200 inches. Therefore, if you are planning on spraying areas that are not easy to reach, then certainly titan 440 will be your best aid in this situation. Titan 440 wins in case of hose length.

Design: Graco Ultra 390 Takes The Win!

Both Graco ultra 395 and titan 440 are elegantly designed airless paint sprayers but in terms of comfort, Graco ultra 395 takes the lead. Both of them are equipped with advanced and high tech features.

Graco ultra 395 has a swivel handle that allows easy rotation. Its pumps can easily be replaced and its filters can be easily accessed for cleaning purposes especially the primary filter at the pump. It has taken the lead because of its pro connect pump replacement system and as well as because of its easily accessible dual filters.

Warranty: Titan 440 Is The Victor!

The warranties of both the airless paint sprayers are pretty close. Titan 440 has a warranty of about 4 years whereas Graco ultra 395 has a warranty of 3 years. With the difference of 1 year, titan 44o takes the win.

A Quick Run-Down Of The Differences!

Following are the differences between titan 440 and Graco ultra 395:

  • On the basis of budget, titan 440 takes the lead
  • Hose length of titan 440 is greater than Graco ultra 395
  • In terms of design, Graco ultra 395 excels titan 440
  • Graco ultra 395 is much heavier as compared to titan 440

What Similarities Do They Offer?

Titan 440 and Graco ultra 395, both operate at a pressure of about 3300 PSI. They both have a powerful motor of 7/8 hp. Their GPM is 0.54. They both have the same tip size i.e. 0.023 inches. Both the paint sprayers are ideal for small paint projects. Both are equipped with the same voltage capacity i.e. 120 volts. In the end, both the airless paint sprayers have anti-clogging technology installed in them.

A Quick Run-Down Of Similarities!

Following are the features that are shared by both the airless paint sprayers:

  • Equipped with a powerful DC motor of 7/8 Hp.
  • Both have an application rate of about 0.54 GPM
  • Both require a max. The pressure of about 3300 PSI.
  • Both have the same tip size of about 0.023 inches
  • Both share the same voltage capacity i.e. 120 volts
  • Both are ideal for small projects
  • Both are equipped with technology to prevent clogging

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What The Buyer’s Say!

Well, it’s time to bring the users to the stage! The users of both the airless paint sprayers were completely satisfied with these two products. They liked how versatile these two paint sprayers were. Their compatibility with all types of paint coats stunned the users. Their ability to spray hard to reach areas was well acknowledged.

Users of Graco ultra 395, were very much impressed by its design. The pump replacement system that allows us to change the pump under a minute was greatly praised. The easy accessibility of the dual filters was also appreciated. The primary filter can also be easily removed and washed which the users liked very much.

The anti-clogging technology installed in both the products stole the hearts of many users.
Now, it’s time for some complaints. Well, there are not many hater comments on these two products. The only complaint we got was the clean-up issue.

These two airless paint sprayers require frequent and thorough cleaning otherwise they would not be able to function well. Well, anyhow, the overall reception of these two products was positive.

The Final Verdict!

By reading the entire article, you guys might have guessed who would win this contest. Well, certainly its titan 440 as its budget-friendly, has a long hose length and is able to reach hard places and not to mentions its weigh and warranty. All these factors played a role in its win!

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