How Can I Tell What Kind Of Laptop I Have?

With the laptops getting fancier with the passing breath, the need to replace your old box with a new one is increasing.

Many individuals end up getting laptops as a gift or used ones from their elder family members and are unable to know the model they are using.

Before replacing, you should be aware of your laptop model so that you can compare and go for a better one.

Our article will tell you about ways to find out your laptop model!

How To Find Out Your Laptop Model Number?

The simplest way is to flip your laptop and scan for any sort of glowing sticker with numbers on it. Many times, the sticker is located at the bottom. But it’s not a must rule. Some companies have the model number sticker displayed on the bezels or even next to the trackpad.

If the laptop is too old and doesn’t have the sticker, then you can just simply go to the control panel to find out.

For finding your laptops model through the control panel, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the control panel
  • Go to the system and security
  • Go to the system

Then you will find a window popping up to display every detail regarding your Best laptop. Most laptops have their laptop model number enlisted over here.

Hence, finding the laptop type you are using is not very difficult. Once you have found the model number, you can search for models that are superior to it. After that, you can easily choose the model that best suits you in terms of economical price, design, features, and functions. Your old laptop is a deciding factor for your new one!

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