How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To Chromebook?

Chromebooks are in heat nowadays because of their agility and vigilance. These notebooks have stepped up the digital world. Their transportability and versatility have made it possible for you to complete your arduous tasks on time.

Many people don’t like the Chromebook keyboard layout and hence opt for an upgrade i.e. Connecting a USB or Bluetooth keyboard to the Chromebook. Connecting a Wireless Keyboard is super easy.

Chromebook Keyboard Layout:

Their keyboards promote a nonstandard layout which many people don’t admire. The major feature that the keyboard lacks is the Caps lock key which is a necessity. Many

other keys which differ in it include:

  • Keys are portrayed in lower cases
  • Big Alt key and Ctrl key
  • It has a search button as well
  • Lacks Function keys
  • Lacks Windows keys

If the Chromebook keyboard is unlikeable to you then you can make use of the USB or Bluetooth keyboards!

How USB Keyboards Can Be Connected With The Chromebook?

Connecting a USB keyboard is similar to connecting a USB mouse. All you have to do is plug in the USB in one of the notebooks inputs. Now, just follow the instructions that pop up, and your keyboard would be connected to the Chromebook. You don’t need any software or driver. It’s a simple plug-and-play setup.

How Bluetooth Keyboards Can Be Connected With The Chromebook?

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the Chromebook is similar to a wireless Bluetooth mouse pairing. You just need to activate your laptop’s Bluetooth. Then go into the pairing and select the keyboard over there. Some instructions will pop up. Just follow those instructions and your keyboard would be easily paired up with the Chromebook.

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