How to Oil Paper Shredder


Oiling a shredder is a very important feature of the shredder but most people do not know how to oil paper shredder. Oiling a paper shredder is very important during using a shredder. The frequency of  Oiling is depended on how we use our shredder on a daily basis.

Whenever we talk about Paper Shredder, this is one of the best ways to secure our important documents at home and office. To keep running a shredder smoothly oiling is the only phenomenon.

Selection of Oil:

The first thing is to select you are using a good supply of an oil shredder. You should keep in your mind that you are not using such type of shredder oil which is harmful to your shredder or not causing harmful for your shredder. Famous manufacturers of shredder oil areas Fellowes, Martin Yale, and Dahle. These products are affordable and not so costly.

Method Of Oiling:

There are two types of methods of oiling a paper shredder. One of them is very easy and called a direct method. In this method, oil is dropped directly into the machine. After that shredder is run in reverse mode for a short period of time (one minute). After that, some sheets are passed through it so that all the oil is absorbed.

And the other method is not so difficult. In this method, we take paper and spread oil on the sheet in a zigzag manner, and the paper is passed through the shredder. After that, some paper or sheets are passed through the shredder so that oil is absorbed.

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Quantity of Oil:

The quantity of oil depends on the usage of the shredder. If you are using a shredder on daily wages, then you have to oil your shredder frequently. Generally speaking, the oiling of the machine depends on how much you used them in daily life. You should consult the shredder’s instruction manual for specific guidelines on how frequently it needs to be oiled.

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Concept of Automatic Oiler:

If you are using your shredder frequently and you’re oiling it on daily wages, you want to consider getting an automatic oiler. An automatic oiler is simply a device that can be attached to your machine that will lubricate the gears on a regular basis. This should be very helpful for such type of shredder which is using frequently. if you oil your paper shredder than you don’t need to unjam the paper shredder


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