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Graco-Sharpe 288880 (Highly Advanced)

Gedu High-Pressure Spray Gun (Eloquent Style)

Campbell Hausfeld spray Gun (Masterly Superlative)

Neiko 31215A HVLP (Best Choice)

Polyurethanes are the great fluid type for giving the perfect finish to woodworking projects as well as for the final touch up work over most of the paint coatings. The reason for their extensive use lies in the fact that they are used to protect the material coatings from weather effects, water or spillage and while doing so it maintains the fine finish of the paint coatings and generally enhancing them.

But to be able to give you a good result you must put in your efforts and this Hvlp Spray Gun For Polyurethane could be done with a quality paint sprayer that works well with lacquer. To help you with that we have written this review article of the paint sprayer for polyurethanes to go through it to have in-depth information on each product.

 My Top Pick… 

If you don’t have enough time to go through the entire article have a look at our top pick and decide on the good lacquer paint sprayer. Neiko 31215A HVLP gravity feed air spray gun is the ultimate choice for the good pick. It is a heavy-duty stainless steel air gun that is well for various automotive and household projects and gives the shot in its category with a maximum pressure of 40psi.

Hvlp Spray Gun For Polyurethane

ProductManufacturer WeightDimensions Price
Graco-Sharpe 288880Sharpe1.80 Pounds
7.5 x 5 x 5 Inches Check Price
Gedu High-Pressure Spray GunGedu2.7 Pounds
9.09 x 7.09 x 5.39 Inches Check Price
Campbell Hausfeld spray GunCampbell Hausfeld
8 Ounces
9 x 7 x 9 Inches
Check Price
Neiko 31215A HVLPRidgerock Tools Inc.
3.03 Pounds
6 x 5 x 9 Inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun:

Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.4 mm
409 Reviews
Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.4 mm
  • 1.4 mm HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Item Package Dimension: 7.5" L x 5.0" W x...

Graco sharp HVLP spray gun being sold with the Graco trademark speaks of its excellence and prestige as Graco products are nothing less than the good quality products and possibly this thing have earned them the status of a crowned king in the paint spray industry and Graco has maintained this prestigious position by always coming up to the marks and sometimes above the customer satisfaction and expectations of the performance of the Graco products and their heritage is maintained in this Graco sharp HVLP spray gun which is a great tool for spraying lacquer over a variety of materials and giving them the smooth finesse and perfection.


Hvlp Spray Gun For Polyurethane is an extremely lightweight air spray painter 2021 which is the necessary trait for touch-up work and giving fine finish coatings as the heavy wait will cause you a sore arm and will considerably cut short the working hours. To avoid that Graco has made their spray gun only 1.8 pounds and this is a good thing to start with.

Its tip size is the standard one that is 1.4mm and this makes it ideal for lacquer as thin paints work well with thin tips. It is a great quality tool for driving maximum efficiency of the air spray painting not matter whether with the lacquer or latex it will give you the desired result of optimum performance and being cost-effective is something like the cherry on top of the cake that no one wants to miss.

2.) Gedu High-Pressure Spray Gun:

Gedu High-pressure low volume air spray gun is a siphon feed air gun by the Gedu brand which is just starting to gain popularity in the paint industry and its long-hidden talent for producing the quality product is an emerging day by day with some serious professional products launched recently.

This Hvlp Spray Gun For Polyurethane siphon feed spray gun is one of those amazing products which are designed as all-purpose paint spray systems to tackle the varying needs of the potential buyers and this multi-tasking is showcased in its ability to work great with lacquer and other paint types over various materials and is well suited for woodworking and automotive usage.

It is an all stainless steel-made body that is built as resistive to rust and corrosion and therefore is durable enough to rely upon for a long period of time.


It is an adjustable spray gun that allows the user full maneuverability over its settings and this is a must-have trait of any professional product that is being controlled by the user.

It offers an adjustable fam pattern that allows the user to decide on the spray pattern other than this it features an adjustable fluid flow rate and regulated air control.
It has a standard 2.0 mm spray nozzle with an aluminum container cup of the capacity of 1000cc which is the largest in its class.

3.) Campbell Hausfeld HVLP Paint Spray Gun:

Campbell Hausfeld HVLP spray gun is our runner up product for the best HVLP spray gun for water-based polyurethane and it is not very far standing of being the well as its gravity feed technology promises to reduce the mess created by the fluid inside the container and therefore ease the post-work cleaning which is the much-needed relaxation as the major drawback of any spray gun relies on its clean up.

No one wants to spend hours cleaning the spray gun that they have utilized for a while and therefore ease cleaning is something mandatory in a paint spray gun but unfortunately offered by few reliable brands in selective models, therefore, one needs to be very vigilant in deciding the paint spray as it should come up with easy cleanup.


It offers a 20oz capacity container which is the aluminum body and therefore offers corrosion and rust resistance which is not worth missing.

Its spray tip is of the size of 1.4mm which is the ideal one for thin paint like lacquer and its maximum operating pressure is 40psi with 4.5scfm. An adjustable fan pattern of 1.5-9 inches is something worth trying. And all these amazing features are backed by a 1year warranty.

4.) Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun:

NEIKO 31215A Air Spray Paint Gun, HVLP with Gravity...
4,238 Reviews
NEIKO 31215A Air Spray Paint Gun, HVLP with Gravity...
  • HEAVY-DUTY PAINT SPRAYER: Each spray gun is a...
  • 1.7 MM NOZZLE: The color coded yellow 1.7 mm...

Neiko 31215A is a high-volume low-pressure gravity feed air gun which is a good choice for painting polyurethanes over the base coat and other medium viscosity paintings to give them the perfection of fine finishing.

It is the dream product of every professional painter who uses it as a must spray gun for giving the final touch to their projects and is precisely ideal for woodworking projects such as painting the old decks or refinishing the fences and sidings.

Hvlp Spray Gun For Polyurethane is a multipurpose spray gun and therefore can be used over a variety of materials with various fluid types such as automotive and household usage and the fluid type may range from primer to metallic base-coats with lacquer as the obvious fluid type.


This heavy-duty gun has an average working pressure of 10psi and its maximum operating pressure is 40psi with the 4.5 CFM average consumption.

Its standard nozzle size is 1.7mm and this size is optimum for polyurethanes for which we are looking for the product and thus prove to be the worthy investment.

Speaking of its container size it doesn’t fall short of being good as it has enough capacity cup to hold 600 cubic centimeter fluid inside it which prevents is from recurring refills. And coming with an aluminum body it promises rust and corrosion resistance.

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