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Searching for metal detectors that are highly functional and are equipped with the most latest and advanced technology? Well, the market offers a lot of expensive and remarkable metal detectors.

But the question arises “does it have the bang for the buck”? Well, our article will certainly answer your question. After doing a lot of searches, we have chosen a total of four most expensive metal detectors that are equipped with the technology that’s definitely going to leave you speechless! So let’s see what these expensive metal detectors offer!

 My Top Pick… 

We have chosen Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector as our top pick. This expensive metal detector in the world is currently the most expensive and the most advanced gadget offered by the bounty hunter company. Although it’s expensive, it’s still high in demand and is ranked first among all the metal detectors. So if you have a healthy budget, do consider buying this gadget!

Most Expensive Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal DetectorBounty Hunter
3 Pounds
6 x 9 x 20.5 Inches
Check Price
Bounty Hunter TID Junior Metal DetectorBounty Hunter
1.1 Pounds
31 x 6.5 x 9 Inches
Check Price
1.5 Pounds
16.2 x 12.5 x 4.6 Inches
Check Price
Gold Hunter Metal DetectorGER5.59 Pounds
14.4 x 12.2 x 8.4 Inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector:

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, One size,...
4,816 Reviews
Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, One size,...
  • The Gold Digger can be used anywhere to...
  • Motion all-metal mode and trash elimination...
  • Identifies coin-size objects up to 6 inches...

Looking for a magic gadget that can make you closer to your kids and have a fun and adventurous time, well look nowhere as Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is here to save you. This particular product is designed, keeping in mind all the factors that are needed in a fun and educational excretion making it perfect for both kids and adults.


With its adjustable length and a comfortable handgrip, one can swing the precious Gold Digger Metal Detector for long hours without getting bored from it as it is a really lightweight around 3 pounds approximately. You can even look for coins, relics, metal junk, jewelry, silver, or an old artifact! You name it and it can find it while operating on a two 9 –volt alkaline batteries.

It has a weather resistance search coil up to 7 inches in size with the ability to detect coin and other related small metals up to 6 inches deep whereas target larger than a coin can be detected up to 2 feet deep. While running on a 6.6 kHz frequency it has a trash eliminator mode making it easier for you to hunt. It has an easy to use meter knobs along with a headphone jack, with the headphones included for a more private hunting experience.

2.) Bounty Hunter TID Junior Metal Detector:

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector for Kids,...
  • FIND LOST TREASURE: A superb metal detector...
  • DETECTS ALL METALS: Find all kinds of metal,...

Looking for the Most Expensive Metal Detectors that your kid can play with and don’t know which detector is the best. Well! Worry not because Bounty Hunters Corporation has made BHJS Junior Metal Detector exclusively for kids so that they too can enjoy the wonders of bounty hunting whether it’s in your backyard or a park this detector is loaded with fun.


With a 6.5-inch weather resistance, rustproof search coil along with its adjustable stem one can find coin-size metals up to 5 inches deep and larger items up to 3 feet deep underground making it easier for kids under 6 to 12 years of age to dig out treasures easily. Weighing around 1.3 pounds this Most Expensive Metal Detectors which is designed keeping in mind the comfort level of the user comes with only two modes of operation which is rather simple and basic hence easy to use.

Running on a 9-volt alkaline battery on a 6.6 kHz frequency can easily indicate battery consumption by a low battery indicator. It has a target indicator meter where the increase in signal is proportional to an increase in volume, along with a discrimination control that enables the user to hunt only the object he/she wants to eliminate unwanted objects.

3.) GOLD AKS LR-TR Metal Detector:

Looking for a device that covers the larger ground area and can detect things buried deep underground to find gold, silver, diamond, or even historical artifacts and archeological art, GOLD AKS Real LR-TR Metal Detector is the one to choose. As it is the future of all valuable metal detectors.


GOLD AKS Real LR-TR is a highly advanced machine, weighing only around 1.3 pounds. Running on a 1 Lithium-ion battery, this high tech gadget can hunt for about 10 hours. It is equipped with a deep seeking detector that can locate gold, silver, copper, and even diamond buried 70 meters deep in the earth. Not only that, but it can also cover up to 5 Kilometer of distance above the ground.

It comes with an authentic product warranty along with a 15-day return policy. It is designed in such a way that it can detect all the treasures from gold to ancient relics and historical artifacts eliminating all the non-valuable metal that comes in its way with a geolocator technology.

Although you have to spend a handsome amount of money to buy this device as it’s extremely expensive, once bought, this gadget will certainly leave no stone unturned. No type of metal will be able to escape from its clenches.

4.) Gold Hunter Metal Detector:

GER Detect Gold Hunter 2022 with 6 Search System + Free...
  • TREASURE DETECTOR: With exceptional...
  • EQUIPPED WITH 6 SEARCH SYSTEMS: This treasure...
  • LONG RANGE & MORE DEPTH: Using superior...

Going on a treasure quest? Well, you certainly can’t leave without a gold hunter metal detector! Hunting treasure, and finding valuables buried deep in the ground can be a very amusing activity.

The beep-beep sound of the detector when it locates something, your pumping up adrenaline and your wish of finding a diamond, are all pieces of wonderful hunting experience. Well, a gold hunter metal detector certainly won’t let you down.


If you are thinking that a gold hunter metal detector is an entry-level expensive metal detector that’s novice-friendly then you are absolutely wrong. It is a pro-level metal detector that’s highly functional and offers stunningly remarkable performance. Most Expensive Metal Detectors is actually a box-shaped detector that excels in gold hunting, silver hunting, relic hunting, and many more. It has unmatched features to offer.

It is equipped with 6 detection modes. With this search system, you can easily distinguish between various metal types. Whether it’s gold or gold natural, diamonds, or gemstones, you’ll be able to differentiate them.

It functions of four different languages i.e. English, German, French, and Arabic, allowing people of different languages to operate it successfully. The company Ger detect offers a warranty on all parts of the gold hunter metal detector along with the first fifteen days return policy.

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