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 Our Top Picks For You… 

Toro 51621 UltraPlus (Top Ranked)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 (Effective Metal Fan)

Sun Joe iONBV 40 (6 Power Levels!)

WORX WG518 12 (Cheap)

You all might have experienced the dreadful job of cleaning up the leaves from your backyard. Cleaning leaves are the most troublesome job that anyone could imagine. No matter how many times you round them up, they always get blown by the wind and you are again back to square one.

Well, to make leaf collecting easy for you, many leaf vacuums have been developed. These vacuums as the name suggests, help you get rid of leaves. So if you plan on buying a Most Powerful Leaf Vacuum for yourself then read our article to get more information about which would be best for you!

 My Top Pick… 

If you are in search of the most powerful leaf vacuum then go nowhere as we have gotten you our top pick. Toro 51621 UltraPlus is our final option as our quick pick. This 3 in 1 vacuum is packed with many convenient aspects that make its purchase worthwhile. This vacuum is able to provide an amazing suction, blowing and mulching power like no other. A perfect choice for all the homeowners!

Most Powerful Leaf Vacuum

Toro 51621 UltraPlusThe Toro Company
8.9 Pounds
45 x 9 x 14 Inches
Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1Black & Decker Outdoor
8.1 Pounds
15.63 x 20.75 x 9.88 Inches
Check Price
Sun Joe iONBV 40Snow Joe
8.7 Pounds
44.5 x 30.7 x 8.86 Inches
Check Price
WORX WG518 12Positec/Worx - Lawn & Garden
10.8 Pounds
40 x 11.7 x 10 Inches
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Toro 51621 UltraPlus: (Top Ranked)

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed...
5,041 Reviews
Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed...
  • Superior blowing and mulching proven by...
  • Powerful up to 250 mph degree. 350 CFM blow...
  • Vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, cord storage...

If you are out collecting leaves then just simply rounding them up at one corner and waiting for nature to dissolve them isn’t going to help at all. Why wait when you have a Toro 51621 UltraPlus vacuum.

This mulcher vacuum has an amazing mulching ability which is quite helpful in getting rid of the huge pile of leaves. This elegant and simple design leaf vacuum has been ranked top in the tech market because of its impressive and noteworthy aspects!


Toro 51621 UltraPlus is a smartly designed leaf shredder that can provide spectacular mulching and blowing capabilities. This versatile gadget is actually 3 in 1 vac which means that it provides, sucking, mulching, and blowing features to all its users. It is an ergonomic gadget that features an oversized handle and adjustable speed control.

It is indeed a user-friendly gadget that is considered to be the most powerful vacuum among all the products mentioned in this article. It has a 12 amp motor that has the ability to blow air at 250mph. It offers a bottom zip bag that is only for leaves not for dust or debris. It is an overall pretty excellent leaf cleaning gadget.

2.) BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1: (Effective Metal Fan)

BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum, 3-in-1, 12-Amp,...
4,304 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum, 3-in-1, 12-Amp,...
  • 3 TOOLS IN 1: Blower, vacuum, and mulcher...
  • NO HASSLE LEAF DISPOSAL: Disposable leaf bag...

Think that you have poured all your blood sweat and tears in cleaning the leaves from your backyard under the scorching rays of the sun. But suddenly the hot wind blows all of them away and my friend is back to square one.

Well, for getting rid of leaves, it would be better for you to go for a vacuum that can suck, blow, or mulch them effectively. A vacuum that provides you with many opportunities to deal with leaves. This is where BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 kicks in. This handheld vacuum cleaner is a leave shredding monster that is beautifully wrapped up in an elegant and stylish design. Now, let’s take a look at this devil amazing features


As mentioned above, this vacuum is also 3 in 1 meaning that it has the ability to vacuum, blow, or mulch the leaves, depending on your needs. It is mostly liked by many users because of its cheap price.

This valuable Most Powerful Leaf Vacuum produces 50% less noise during its operation providing you with a comfortable and blissful experience. Another prominent aspect is its clog prevention feature. It has a highly effective metal fan installed that prevents it from getting blocked during the shredding process of leaves.

3.) Sun Joe iONBV 40: (6 Power Levels)

If you are investing your money then no doubt you would want to acquire something that can be your partner in the long run. Something that is a perfect amalgam of versatility and durability.

Well, my friends, Sun Joe iONBV 40 is the perfect option for you. This gadget is like a blessing for you and an angel of doom for those troublesome leaves. This Sun Joe brand cleaning gadget has many features to offer!


Sun Joe iONBV 40 is a cordless vacuum that is able to provide vacuum, mulching, and blowing opportunities to many of its users. It provides 14 amps mulching power and 250 mphs of blowing power. It is a perfect voracious leaf vacuum that is an ideal option for all the homeowners to get rid of the troublesome leaves and dirt in the flowerbeds, backyards, and whatsoever.

Its high impact impeller of aluminum adds to its durability. Combined with 14 amps mulching power, this vacuum cleaner is able to effectively suck and grind the leaves quite easily. As compared to many expensive 3 in 1 vacuum, this devil is able to provide 6 different power levels at its price range. Those 6 power levels even have in-between half levels as well.

4.) WORX WG518 12: (Cheap)

It’s a part of human nature to acquire the best of the best. No matter how restricted or tight your budget is, you all desire to have a product that has the best bang for the buck.

A product that is able to fulfill all your demands and needs with its cool and amazing features. The same is the case with WORX WG518 12. This impressive leaf vacuum is packed up with many aspects that are worth praising.


This vacuum is extremely cheap as compared to many of its brothers mentioned above. It offers many comparable features at a low cost. It is an electric vac, not a gas one! With the perfect combo of its 250 mph blower feature and 12 amp motor vacuuming feature, this devil is able to suck and destroy the leaves in no time.

This Most Powerful Leaf Vacuum is able to mulch 12 bags of leaves with any sort of difficulty. It offers dual-speed adjustment features as well. The only downside that this product offers is it is vulnerable to clogging. It can be jammed quite easily. Apart from this flaw, this vacuum is the least expensive 3 in 1 gadget that offers an impressive bag system along with other features!

Buying Guide

On the lookout for the most powerful leaf vacuum? In the past, people used old-fashioned rakes to collect gardening debris and leaves. These were collected into piles and then thrown into bags where they would then go through the mulching process. This mulch provided richness to soil resulting in infertile land.

This whole process takes ages. Hence to deal with leaves mess effectively, leaf vacuums have been invented that will vacuum the debris like twigs, leaves, pine needles, etc. They even have the ability to blow and mulch the leaves in an instant. It is a time-efficient device that will instantly provide you with a debris-free lawn. The market is offering a variety of these devices. Let’s have a look at various types of leaf vacuums invented so far.

Types Of Leaf Vacuum:

Light Duty Vacuums:

These vacuums don’t come with large fans or motors so they have a quiet operation. They are excellent for blowing leaves from driveways and decks. Cordless electric blowers and corded electric brooms are one of them.

Heavy-Duty Vacuums:

These vacuum cleaners are excellent for lawn clean-up as they have a robust motor. They are ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Handheld Gas Vacuums:

These vacuums are suitable for half an acre area. They have bulky built-up and are noisier. There is also the hassle of mixing oil and gas for its operation. It’s not very effective for collecting leaves.

Self-Propelled Vacuums:

These vacuums come with engines that not only power the vacuum but also have the ability to propel the wheels. They come with a detachable hose that has the ability to clean under the bushes and tight corners.

Two Behind Lawn Vacuums:

These vacuums are attached behind the tractor or lawnmower. They have enlarged capacity.

Walk-Behind Vacuum:

Walk-behind vacuums have the ability to pick up twigs, branches, leaves, and debris from the lawn. They store all this in a bag which has increased storage capacity. They even come with mulching and blowing features.

What Are The Key Factors You Need To Look For?

Weight Of The Vacuum:

The first step towards purchasing the most powerful leaf vacuum is to consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner. The weight depends on the type of vacuum cleaner that you have purchased. If you have bought a handheld vacuum cleaner then make sure that this vacuum is light in weight so that you can use it for longer intervals. However, if you have a backpack version of a vacuum cleaner then make sure that the design is comfortable to the back. Just make sure that the weight is easy for you to work with and won’t tire you.

The Size Of The Vacuum Cleaner:

The next feature is the size of the vacuum cleaner. Well, this depends on your clean-up area. If you want to clean your deck, driveway, or a small yard then handheld ones are the best ones. However, if you plan on vacuuming large yards then certainly the mid-sized or large ones would come in handy.

The Disposal Bag Capacity:

The next thing is the capacity of the disposal bag. Although some leaf vacuums have the blowing feature with the help of which you can pile up the leaves, they do come with disposable bags. The storage capacity of the bag matters a lot. Look for vacuums that come with large capacity so that you can dispose of tons of leaves in a short amount of time. Your most powerful leaf vacuum should have a large capacity.

Motor Power:

The next feature is the motor power of the vacuum that is expressed in HP (horsepower). If your HP rating is high, it means your motor is robust and will have a great overall performance. Therefore, opt for a robust motor leaf vacuum.

Portability And Durability:

The next feature is the portability and durability of the vacuum cleaner. It is a total waste of money if your vacuum is not able to endure the hardships bestowed on it by nature. It should have a tendency to bravely withstand such challenges. It should have a premium quality built-up. Now, the portability. It’s a total waste of your precious money if you can’t move your vacuum from one place to another. Therefore, make sure whatever vacuum you buy, it should be a perfect blend of durability and portability.

Noise Level Of The Vacuum:

The next is the operation noise of the vacuum cleaner. Over time noise pollution is increasing resulting in a lot of health issues. Therefore, look for a vacuum cleaner that promises whisper-quiet operation. One that won’t be disruptive and annoying to you and to your surroundings.

Wrap Up:

The task of finding the most powerful leaf vacuum is certainly difficult and you need to have the basic knowledge to be able to acquire the best one. With just keeping in mind the above-mentioned features, you will enable you to purchase the best one!


Which leaf vacuum is best?

Toro 51619 ultra-Electric blower vacuum, Greenworks 40V, and Worx Turbine 12Amp are considered to be the best when it comes to cleaning leaves. As they are able to suck a large bulk of leaves, twigs, small branches, and other debris in your garden or backyard with maximum efficiency.

Can you vacuum up leaves?

Yes, there are some vacuums that are designed exclusively for you to clean yards and pick up leaves. Such vacuums are called leaf blowers or a leaf vacuum as it has the tendency to suck up leaves residing in bushes, shrubs, and many other places that are hard to rake.

What is the most powerful leaf blower in the market?

The most powerful leaf blower in the market today is the Toro power jet F 700 that works as an air bazooka. It is a light, easy to use, single-handed leaf blower that is capable of blowing twigs, damp leaves, under dense and matted leaves with maximum efficiency.

What is a good speed for a leaf blower?

350 to 600 cfm of a hand-held leaf blower with air pressure and speed over 190 to 200 mph are considered to be the best speed for air blowers. So, when buying a leaf blower make sure you go through the speed and features of the product thoroughly.

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