Framing nailers manufactured to help people in nailing for all kind of small and commercial tasks. During work some small disaster and power outages can occur, at that point, the framing nailers can be helpful for tackling these emergencies. That is where the Paslode 905600 steps in.

Paslode 905600 Features

Are you searching for a cordless nailer that offers the same working power as a pneumatic nailer? Then this Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is the right choice. Read the full specifications of this amazing cordless nailer and see if it’s an incredible asset to your workstation.

1-Lithium-Ion Battery:

It has a new Lithium-ion battery which keeps it one step ahead in the competition. The most attractive feature of this product is its quick recharging system.

This nailer can hold up to 200 nails and offer enough operating time to complete any sort of work. If you just have few nails left in your work, Just put this nailer on charging for a couple of minutes and this nailer will be ready again for work.


This cordless nailer is perfect for those workstations where electricity is not accessible. It can deliver up to 6,000 nails in one go, at full charge. Also, it just takes 1 ½ to get it to this nail capacity. Investigate the Paslode 905600 Framing Nail in the event that you require an emergency nailer or need one for regular operations.

3-Canister Capacity:

One canister of the nailer’s QUICKLODE Fuel goes on for around 1200 nails. This gives you enough ability to finish your DIY project without reloading constantly. We recommend purchasing an extra canister if you are gonna use it for a large industrial-sized project.

4-Easy to Repair:

If you ever need to repair this nailer. So, there isn’t a need to worry about anything because this Paslode comes with a hex-wrench. This hex-wrench enables you to fix the broken part yourself without paying for a new part.

5-Trigger Type:

This framing has two basic triggers: Single and bumps fire. For a single fire, you have to place the nail tip on the wooden piece and release the trigger for each nail that is pressed.

On the other hand, the bump fire trigger is faster, the bump fire trigger needs a user to hold the trigger and place nails into the wood.

What We Like
  • 4 lithium-ion battery
  • Power increased up to 15%
  • Can drive 6,000 nails at full charge
  • Can drive 200 nails for a two-minute charge
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t work well in high-temperature conditions
  • Bump fire mode is not too accurate


This Paslode 905600 framing nailer is an amazing product there’s no better product than this. It’s quick, effective, and can work amid crises when no electrical power is available. For those needing an amazing cordless nailer for the majority of their activities that make this product your choice.

We highly recommend this product!

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