How To Unjam Paper Shredder?

Shredding documents is an extremely successful way of preventingun-jamming paper shredder confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. A paper shredder machine should be a solid piece of machinery that should hold up with outgoing use.

While this may describe most high-quality shredders, even the best of them can become subject to a jam Overloading a paper shredder or failing to maintain it properly can lead to frequent jams.

The majority of jams can be cleared with common sense and a little elbow-grease; serious ones may require more extreme measures. Remember that you don’t want to make an effort that your shredder does anything. Trying to force paper, or continue running the motor, may result in a broken gear or a striped belt.

Fixing a Basic Jam

Unplug The Shredder:

  • As you notice pages are tightly pack beginning to form, stop the shredder to keep things from getting any worse. This gives you a chance to slow down, evaluate the situation, and prepare to fix the jam.
  • Remove the shredder head and try removing the paper from beneath the shredder. The underside of a shredder head provides the easiest access to the blades. Many shredder jams are the result of paper winding around shredder blades, causing the shredder to stop.
  • A screwdriver can often be used to fish out paper particles. It is also an effective way.
  • Jamming signs to be watchful for include a slowing down of the paper moving through the shredder, an utter stop, and a whirring, “straining” noise that should be readily obvious.

Empty The Wastebasket:

  • One more point that paper shredders sometimes also jam is due to the reason that there isn’t anywhere for the paper to go once it is shredded because the wastebasket is full. If your wastebasket is full, try emptying it and re-trying that make the space and which may be enough to resolve your jam.

Switch The Shredder To Reverse And Plug It Back 

  • Check to see if your shredder has a reverse switch. While this isn’t a common feature, many shredders have a reverse switch and some have not, this will often back out the jammed paper, making it easy to remove, thus remedying the situation.
  • Guaranty that your fingers or any other tools are not near the shredder opening when you plug it in. This can cause damage.

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Applying Oil To The Machine

  • If you are unable to manually remove a paper from the jammed shredder, it is recommended to pour shredder oil along the width of the shredder throat and waiting 15-30 minutes for the oil to soften the paper. This will often allow the jammed paper to pass through and will work properly. Do clearly learn from here how to oil a paper shredder


  • If your shredder jam occurs in the result of shredding a CD or a credit card, it is recommended using needle-nose pliers to try and remove the jammed plastic particles from below the shredder. Pliers are generally able to remove plastic particles far easier than by hand.

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