What Are The Best Headphones For TV?

With the TV craze getting crazier by the day, having your audio headset can improve your audio-visual experience. A variety of reputable brands have brought forward their masterpieces but finding your compatible headphone can be a challenging task.

By going over the reviews, ratings, and prices of some reputable headsets, we have found that the Sennheiser RS175 is so far the best one.

Sennheiser RS175

This headset supports a good charging base and admirable sound clarity. With a price under 200 bucks, this gadget won’t suck you dry!

Key Features:

  • Multi-device Connection
  • Simple set-up
  • Commendable sound
  • EQ presets
  • Honorable controls
  • Specify charging


Wireless Technology RF
Range 328ft
Battery 18hrs
Set-up Plug and play

Multi-Device Connection:

The Sennheiser RS175 is an affordable price headset that comes with a transmitter. This transmitter is engineered to pair dual headphones with it simultaneously. Henplaysenjoy the movie time with your friends too.

Setting up this gadget is a piece of cake as well. It promotes a plug-and-play setup.

Sound Quality:

The Sennheiser RS175 audio is known for its neutral tone. The detailed audios will provide you a tremendous feel over the background music while watching a movie.

EQ Presets:

The Sennheiser RS175 features commendable Eq presets which include:

  • bass boost
  • Two Surround Sound

If you want to have enough kick out of your action movies, then the bass boasts preset is perfect for you since it modifies the bass for great impact.

Two Surround Sound modifies and alters the spatial effects for good audios.

The transmitter provides you with a light indicator that tells you about your current model.

Honorable Controls:

The Sennheiser RS175 is known for its good control buttons that are installed on its right ear cup. These buttons provide you with a single function and are located in an easy-to-reach place. You won’t need to take off your Best Headphones. Apart from that, the signs and the large surface area of the controls are satisfactory too.

Speedy Charging:

Boasting with 18hrs of functioning, the Sennheiser RS175 comes with a transmitter that can be used as a docking station and even as your headphones charger.

What Are Other Headphones You Can Opt For?

Apart from the Sennheiser RS175, you can also opt for the below headphones:

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