What To Look For In A Good Laptop?

Laptops have made the impossible possible with their features and great functionality. With these compact boxes, plenty of tasks can be achieved with ease.

These compact beasts have urged plenty to switch from desktops. But, the diversity is enough to blow up your mind.

Finding out what would be a good laptop for you can be quite challenging. However, we have complied with some features that will make your laptop a worthy purchase.

These include:

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Ports
  • Keyboard

Screen Size:

Addressing various consumers’ requirements, many reputable brands have launched their robotic gadgets with display sizes ranging from 11 to 17 inches.

While considering the size, you have to take note of the purpose for which you would be using the laptop and if you want your laptop to be portable or not.

For Portable Laptops, it’s better that you are going for 13 to 14-inch screens as they won’t obstruct the device’s transportability.

However, if portability is not your priority, you can go for 15 or even final screens.


The resolution would cancel out the blurriness and would provide you with clarity and transparency. The details that you view on the screen are the work of resolution. It should be either HD or above if you want to work on the clear display screen.


Ports assist in connectivity and expanding your visual experience. With ports like HDMI, DP, DVI port, your visual experience would be modified.


The keyboard layout should be standard and should have good tactile keys with decent feedback functionality. All the important keys should be present on your keyboard like the function keys, number keys, caps lock keys, window keys, and even arrow keys.

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