Where Is The Hard Drive On A Laptop?

The hard drive is a storage component that facilitates the storage of your laptop and desktop files.

This device differs in size and location according to various models. Some models have hard drives located on the front whereas the majority offer hard drives installed on the side.

No matter the location of the hard drive, you should be aware of it so that if you need to upgrade your hard drive, you know exactly where to look for it!

There are 3 main positions where you can find the hard drive. These are:

  • Bottom mounted
  • Front-mounted
  • Side-mounted

Bottom Mounted:

There are some models which have a hard drive positioned at the bottom of the laptop. Just flip the laptop and see where the hard drive symbol is located. The symbol will enlighten you about the location. You may need to unscrew the top plastic covering with the Philips screw.

Front Mounted:

Another position is the front one. Just flip and see the front of the laptop. You will find the hard drive symbol indicating its position. Like the bottom-mounted ones, this front-mounted drive may need to be unscrewed first before you take it out. Make sure that you memorize the position and side you need to place the hard drive with since you would have to put the hard drive back in that space.

Side Mounted:

These types of Hard Drives are present in many models. They are usually located opposite CD drive and have a sliding feature. They might have 2 or 3 screws to hold them in their place.

When you know the location of the hard drive, opening it up and upgrading it is no tough job!

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