Which Is Better Chromebook Or Laptop?

With the passing day, there has been a heated conversation between the Chromebook fanatics and laptop lovers. With the tweets fight going on between the 2 groups with #Chromebooks legends and #laptops aesthetics, there is just no end to it.

For a newbie, it’s quite a difficult choice to make since both have their pros and cons and provide superior features.

Our article will highlight some differences between the two to help you make a better decision!

Difference Between Laptop And Chromebook:

Chromebooks are also laptops but they provide you with their google operating system and various google applications. They provide you with more online services and are good for your binge-watching.

On the other hand, window laptops have greater functionality when they are off the net. They tend to facilitate you in doing greater tasks.

Although the Chromebooks provide you with a google play store, spreadsheet, and good document services, they are not designed for beefy tasks.

What Is There Storage?

Well, they both differ in storage as well. If you have a bunch of files, movies, and videos to store, then you should go to a laptop since the Chromebooks don’t provide you with more than 128GB of storage. The reason is that they heavily rely on cloud services and barely require any internal storage. Anyhow, they do provide you with external hard drives and SSD card slots for enhancement of storage.

The Windows and Mac laptops on the other hand take the lead with their infinite storage options. No matter what storage capacity you require, you can instantly purchase it from the market.

Which One Is More Portable?

The Chromebooks have been crafted to be more sleek and thin. They have great transportability as compared to the laptops which due to certain specifications are quite thick. Although they are also portable their portability is not much compared to the Chromebooks.

Whose Performance Is Better?

Chromebook Or Laptop is good and not only provides you with online applications but you get to work on these devices offline too but it’s quite a restricted feature.

On the other hand, the laptops provide you with epic offline functionality and are fast as well. Performance-wise, laptops are good as compared to the Chromebook.

Laptops and Chromebooks both are good but the laptop takes the lead in various features! The next is up to you to decide!

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