Why Is My Laptop Running So Hot?

Laptops have been designed to be compact so that these devices can be made portable.

However, the compact design comes with a disadvantage and that is internal components are much closer to each other with little room for cooling vents.

This results in most laptops becoming hot while using. To top it off! the battery also generates heat which results in further heating of the gadget

This is a major issue that laptops usually face.

Causes Of Heating:

There can be many causes of your Laptop Getting Heat up.

Apart from the little cooling space, another issue can be the hazardous dust and hair that have found their way into your tiny box. These dust particles integrate into the internal system and hinder progress. They might block the cooling vents which result in increased internal heating and dysfunctional performance.

Another reason can be when you have placed your gadget over carpet or cushions. While placing them over such surfaces, the cooling vents are blocked and they won’t be able to suck in the cool air from the atmosphere nor would they be able to expel the heat. This result in heat building up into the gadget

Effects Of OverHeating:

Overheating is like a slow poison for your gadget. With frequent exposure to a superheated environment, the internal components might fail and won’t function properly. The RAM, processor or even motherboard can get burned and fail. There can even be frequent system crashes and system lag.

Therefore, it’s advised that you keep a cooling pad underneath the laptop to keep it cool. Try to keep it away from debris and clean it once a month if necessary!

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