In your business there comes many situations when your basic paper shredders failed and cannot shred more paper. For that when you have more volume of papers to be shred quickly you need the best heavy duty paper shredder. Besides protecting your identity at home you need to do it for your business by protecting your business integrity and customer’s data. Like every business, you also need the best paper shredder.

Best Heavy Duty Paper shredder

Good paper shredders are best tools but they are purchased without information/ reviews like many of other tools. In this blog, we will help you to choose the best paper shredder for your business that gives value. We have selected top rated best heavy duty paper shredders for you. The information provided here is completely unbiased and collected through a real resource.

Top 5 Options For Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Our list for top 5 best heavy duty paper shredders from best brands in the market will help you to choose the best paper shredder. the list is here below:

1) Fellowes 79Ci 100% Jam Proof: Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

One of the best heavy duty paper shredders that can do your jobFellowes 79Ci 100% Jam Proof in seconds is Fellowes 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Heavy Duty Paper. This real paper eater paper shredder equipped with the latest technology and superpower motor to support sharp blades that give crosscut to your documents. This heavy duty paper shredding machine can shred 16 sheets, staples, paper clips, and small pins easily in a single pass. It has the amazing feature that stops it to get the jam. A big bin having 6 gallons capacity is also associated with it. Sharp cutting blades are strong enough to cut, papers, CDs, DVD’s, Credit/Debit cards, paper slips, stables and other things related to provides a strong level of security to your confidential documents including bank statement and others.

Some of the key features of this highly recommend machine for your business are listed here

  • Small 5/32″ x 1 1/2″ cross-cut particles for your document
  • Silent feature that makes it use most liked machine
  • Safe sense that stops machine when human hands touches that paper feeding slot
  • Eliminated paper jam by itself which makes it 100 percent jam proof
  • 20 minutes of maximum run time
  • Energy saving system
  • Cheaper price for commercial usage
  • Excellent quality with high performance
  • Best heavy duty paper shredder 2019
  • Need 30 minutes off after 20 minute running


2) Fellowes Powershred 325Ci: Best Budget Paper Shredder

Runner-up best heavy duty paper shredder is also introduced byFellowes Powershred 325Ci Fellowes. The Powershred 325Ci is a self-working machine that did not slag during operation even when some put more papers than recommended level. It is the real hero in heavy duty paper shredders. It provides level 4 of security to your documents and claims that paper shredded through this machine can never be re-join. This best heavy duty paper shredder is made for business and recommended users are 6 to 10. This can shred all things that need to be shred.  Some key points that you should once go through it are here

  • 100 percent jam roof technology
  • Silent shredding without disturbing you
  • Eco-friendly that did not produce paper dust
  • Safe sense technology to prevent any harm to human
  • Energy efficient system that turns the machine off when, not in use
  • 22 sheets shredding capacity per pass
  • A large waste bin with 22 gallons capacity which is more than enough
  • Larger bin
  • Heavy duty motor for long one sit shredding
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • High price for small usage

3) Simply Shred PSC418D: Affordable Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

One best heavy duty paper shredder is SimplyShred PSC418D. ThisSimply Shred PSC418D will help to cut short of your unwanted papers and make sure their safe disposal. It’s a high-quality product made with the fine metallic body having casters to its bottom for easy mobility. It can shred papers, Cd’s, DVD’s, paper clips, staples cards removing magnetic information on also has 7 gallons of waste bin to store shredded papers. The machine has a capacity to shredder 18 sheets of paper in a single also has auto stop and reverse feature that used to come out of paper jam automatically. The machine also has great value and a perfect interface for interaction. It has LED indicators as indicated in the case for the heavy load to the machine, overheated and when the bin is full. This best heavy duty paper shredder machine is the complete package for your business need. You just need to spend the affordable price for it. The price you will get back in form of services for the longer period of time.


  • Level 3 of security
  • Fast shredding
  • Jam proof
  • Not much improved from previous version


4) HSM Heavy Duty Office Shredder: Best Overall

HSM is adding value by manufacturing office products. HSM HeavyHSM Heavy Duty Office Shredder Duty Office Shredder is one of the best heavy duty paper shredders introduced by it. it is specifically designed for the higher performance and to reduce workload. this machine has great value as it provides 30 sheets of paper to shred in the single pass. Shredding material may include paper clips, credit cards, CD/DVD floppy disk, and light also has a large 20 gallons bin to store shredded paper chunks. It has the ability to shred 720 sheets in one minute. The machine also has an automatic feeding feature for shredding this make ease for us. You just need to put papers in the feeding slot and leave ret to the machine. HSM Heavy Duty Office Shredder is energy efficient, silent performer, and high-performance commercial paper shredder. To give value toy business and make sure the disposal of your confidential documents with this amazing heavy duty paper shredder.


  • Automatic paper input
  • Heavy duty
  • Great value
  • Gives cheaper look


5) Swingline SX19-09: Super Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder

One more leading heavy-duty paper shredder brand is Swingline Swingline SX19-09with its best of the best Swingline SX19-09 Super Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder. This best heavy duty paper shredder machine is made to meet shredding need of 10 personal recommendations for a small business. It has the capability to shred 8.2-meter paper in one minute. It provides level 4 of security by cutting paper into extremely small parts. The machine provides jam proof technology and automatic reverse function. The machine is made of fine material delivering an elegant design that makes this good-looking placed in office. It has casters for easy mobility. It has the capacity to shred 19 shredding in a single pass having stale or paper clips. Machine get turn off in case no activity detected for more them 2 minutes. Swingline SX19-09 Super Cross-Cut Jam Free Shredder also has indicating lights at the top side for the information when paper feeding slots are clear, the jam occurs of the machine is overheated.

  • Can shred everything
  • Solid speed shredding
  • Efficient in performance and price
  • Best heavy duty paper shredder
  • Can be improved more

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At last, we can say that best heavy duty paper shredder is used for higher shredding of papers. If you want to shred many papers combine, then this will be best for you to choose one of the best heavy duty paper shredder.

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