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Thinking of exploring your backyard? Planning on going for a treasure hunt? Well, if your kids have started showing interest for detecting treasures then finding the accurate metal detector suitable for their age can be a very difficult task as they are at that sort of stage, where a successful hunt can lead to long-lasting hobby whereas, a failed gadget resulting in unsuccessful hunt makes them leave it halfway.

Well, if you want to keep your children away from playing video games, or watching television or using mobile phones, it’s a perfect activity to keep them busy. But for engaging them in this healthy activity for many hours, what you would need is an excellent child size metal detector 2020. Well, here our team has listed the top four Best Metal Detectors For Kids that are suitable for children to use.

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Well, Bounty hunter junior metal detector is an ultimate option for the top pick. It has a target indicator and a visual battery life indicator that makes treasure hunt fun and easy. It is affordable as well.

Best Metal Detectors For Kids (2020)

1.) National Geographic Metal Detector:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector -...
  • FIND BURIED TREASURE and feel the thrill of...
  • EASY TO USE for all ages, sizes and skill...

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, a national geographic metal detector is an ultimate option for you all. It comes with a colorful instruction manual that captures the attention of many users.


The national geographic metal detector has a top-quality collapsible design which enhances its portability. This lightweight metal detector of 2.3 pounds can be stretched up to 51 inches and can be folded up to 22 inches.

National geographic metal detector helps you to cover a wide ground area with the help of its 10-inch long coil that is made waterproof to make it durable. Not only the coil is equipped with a durability feature but the whole detector is designed in such a way that whether it’s cold winter snow, or moist summer ground, its ability to withstand all sorts of weather not to mention it’s also tough against accidental fall.

This Best Metal Detectors For Kids helps you to separate trash from treasure with its 3 detection modes and 4 sensitivity levels. Its pinpoint feature is highly accurate. It can detect metal that is about 12 inches deep in the ground. It’s a cool gadget that is user friendly and is equipped with stunningly advanced features.

2.) DR.ÖTEK Kids Junior Metal Detector:

DR.ÖTEK Easy to Operate Kids Junior Metal Detector,...
  • SUPERIOR METAL DETECTOR is the finest for...
  • WATERPROOF AND LCD DISPALY lets you find...

If your kid has started to show interest in treasure hunting then DR.ÖTEK kids’ junior metal detector is totally worth buying. Whether you are thinking of doing treasure hunt in your backyard, in woods, or in another place, with the help of DR.ÖTEK kids junior metal detector, you can spend quality time with your kids, having fun and going on adventures resulting in more strong bonding between the two.


DR.ÖTEK kids’ junior metal detector has a search coil of about 190mm with the help of which you can detect objects that are buried in the ground as deep as 4.7 inches. This premium metal detector is an excellent source of making your kids busy and keeping them away from television, mobile phones, and video games that are a source of great harm to our new generation.

It has an LCD display that tells you about the object being found with the help of a detection alert alarm. It has an adjustable pole that enables you to adjust it according to your height hence enhancing your comfort level. It’s a piece of durable equipment designed to endure a tough environment. Being affordable, DR.ÖTEK kids’ junior metal detector is an excellent gift for all kid juniors!

3.) Canway Metal Detector:

Canway Metal Detector High Accuracy Adjustable...
  • Adjustable Humanity Design: the metal...
  • High Accuracy Detecting: you can tell what...
  • Intuitive LCD Control Box: Ours metal...

Can way metal detector is certainly a top class that has captured the hearts of many kids. This is a stunningly lightweight device that has attracted the attention of many users with its multiple audio tones.


Whether you are a kid or you are a grown-up, with the help of its retractable and adjustable pole, you can adjust it according to your height. This superior and top quality gadget offers a search coil that can detect objects that are as deep as 7.1 inches. This battery-powered gadget has an LCD display that shows the types of metal, the depth at which it’s present, mode, and sensitivity.

It offers 3 continuous audio tones i.e. low, medium, and high. If the object is of iron then it beeps at low tone indicating the type of object found.

In the same way, if it’s gold or aluminum, it beeps a medium tone and if the object found is of silver, the beep is of high tone. Its pinpoint feature gives you the exact location at which the object is present. With the help of its disc model, you can separate the junk from treasure by eliminating the type of object you don’t want.

4.) Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector:

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector
  • 3 target ID categories
  • Graphic target depth indicator
  • Discrimination control to eliminate unwanted...

Bounty hunter junior metal detector is a top-rated gadget loved by all kids having a passion for treasure hunting. If you are considering going for a treasure hunt, then it’s an absolute must for you to go with Bounty hunter junior metal detector if you don’t want to return home with junk in your hand. This stunning gadget has won the hearts of many with its remarkable and cool features.


Obviously, we all try to find a gadget, that’s budget-friendly, user friendly, and lightweight. Well, Bounty hunter junior metal detector has hit all these criteria’s. This Best Metal Detectors For Kids is able to locate the small objects that are about 5 inches deep and can locate objects of larger sizes that are up to 3 inches deep.

This astonishing gadget comes with a visual battery life indicator feature. It has 2 knobs. A power knob that allows you to increase the detection depth and an elimination knob that enables you to eliminate the stuff that you don’t want to detect. A highly adjustable device indeed. It even has a target indicator. The more close you are to the target, the more signal strength and volume increase.

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