Best Portable Ice Maker
Best Portable Ice Maker

You are reading this blog it means you are definitely in a desire need of best portable ice maker 2019 that can be used in the kitchen, pool party, garden party or any outdoor party/trip. Sometimes there is the situation when we need more ice then a freezer produces. There are many best brands in the market that manufactures latest best ice makers.

Top 10 Best Portable Ice Maker

For you, we have selected top 10 best-rated ice makers leading in the market. We have provides all the real information regarding best portable Ice maker which includes their size, weight, design and construction, features, specifications, pros, con and all other information that one should consider before making the selection. All information provided here is totally unbiased and based on real facts.

List for the top 10 best rated ice makers is here:

Product Type Rating Price
Igloo ICE115-SS-SM Extra Large 37x 5/5   Check Price
Opal Nugget Ice Maker 18-55 mm 5/5   Check Price
Igloo ICE105 Counter Top Compact 57x 4.5/5   Check Price
homeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine 28-100 mm 4.5/5   Check Price
Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable 18-55 mm  4/5   Check Price
Avanti Countertop Icemaker 18-55 mm  4/5   Check Price
NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound 18-55 mm  4/5   Check Price

1) Igloo ICE115-SS-SM Extra Large Ice Maker

Igloo ICE115-SS-SM Extra LargeCompact steel made best ice maker works to make your outdoor party excellent is only Igloo ICE115-SS-SM Extra Large Ice Maker. It is a heavy duty electric ice maker best sold with other home appliances like fridge, air conditions and other kitchen gadgets. Best for money UCE115 comes with truly appreciable performance, cheapest price, and batter service features. In consumers report feedback it is most satisfactory best ice makers of the year. Good things about this best in budget ice freezer are

  • 48 lbs/pounds per day ice making capacity with a large 5-liter reservoir
  • Provides 3 small, medium and large size ice cubes
  • Produce solid ice in just 7 minutes working amazingly fast
  • Ultra- quiet gives silent noiseless functioning
  • State of the art stainless steel design using the latest technology
  • Micro size model easy to take during travel
  • Countdown/ timer feature for convenience
  • Takes 130 Watts of compressor cooling system
  • 6 lbs storage capacity

This best value electric ice generator is best to answer to the common question “what is the best portable ice maker to buy”. It has many other hidden features that can be only observed after its purchase. Make your selection and enjoy long-term of chilling benefits.

  • Bluetooth controller, using android app schedule your ice making process
  • Affordability, speed, quality and easy mobility
  • Indicators using LED to get alert
  • Best portable ice maker for the money
  • Removable ice tray for easy usage outside home
  • 55 to 95 F is the bearable temperature range
  • Self closing door function is missing

2) Opal Nugget Ice Maker: Best Portable Ice Maker

Opal Nugget Ice MakerIn the race for manufacturing basic to professional ice makes among top rank popular brands Opal Nugget Ice Maker is at the edge of success. Only because of ideal ice makers used for personal or in commercial sector such as bars, weddings, meeting, camping schools etc.

Opal Nugget compact ice maker/freezer is easy to clean and require settle time for liquids after transportation shifting. Cleaning and washing machine with soap or detergent is strongly not prohibited. If you chew a clear ice cube it could damage your teeth of giving you an odd experience but nuggets are designed to give you a regular quick easy bite experience turning texture between slushy and snow cone.

Compressed scale ice is called nugget ice made without traditional commonly used the tray and icing frames. Installation or setting up new purchased mini best space fit ice maker is a work of minimum time you just need to place it dry and level surface to prevent any miss-operation.

This best ice fabricator used the unique method for making chewable rich pure ice for restaurants, bars, sonic and other areas where needed replacing tradition hard and smooth cubes.

Best quality ice makes under 500 is for those who want to chill their beach trips, camping and roof top parties splendid rather than running out of ice for drinks rushing to ice store/depot. Overall it’s a countertop ice making machine that can turn your mobile phone into its controller using smart integrated electronic chip fixed inside.

  • Fast and best for larger ice production
  • Best portable ice maker
  • Nugget ice without hook up water
  • Home kitchen appliance as well as medium duty commercial ice manufacturer
  • Regular maintenance required for fresh ice delivery

3) Igloo ICE105 Counter Top Compact Ice Maker

Igloo ICE105 Counter Top CompactIgloo comes again to introduce best residential ice maker. With perfect dice size chunky ice. This smallest table top pellet ice maker is best selling product in its category. Due to high demand, it has fine improved ice making facility. This ice cube maker is real-time cheap price and best in the budget to reach your regular ice need. In hand, ice factory are the famous name for this counter ice maker.

Some of the key information about this best ice maker under 100 is:
  • Elegant design made with stainless steel in silver, blue and black colour
  • 5 x 15 x 15 inches dimensional measurements for the mini ice maker machine
  • LED indicators allowing you to choose two size for ice pieces
  • Air outlet fan will keep it cooler supporting longer run without any hassle
  • Comes with transparent window through you can see ice scoops also known as shovels and ice basket
  • Capacity to make 26 pounds of ice in more than one different size
  • Silent function make is widely used for bulk making or small office ice maker
  • 5 lbs at a time production volume of ice
  • 3 kg lighter weight
  • LED display for improved interaction with used

Everyone go for low cost best portable ice maker, click the button for promotional low price on

  • Minimum price with bigger featuring unit for this best ice maker
  • 1 year of warranty with limited money back option
  • Best portable ice maker for outdoor parties
  • No after sale service

4) HomeLabs Best Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

homeLabs Portable Ice Maker MachineSummer is here make your summer cheering parties’ icy cold with Homelabs best portable icemaker machine suitable for countertops. Fine small office ice making machine has the ability to produce 26 pounds of ice in the cycle of every 24 hours. Yield extra fast delivery of ice with its 6 minute overhead time. Make perfect size solid ice cubes for your drinks or chewable ice cubes.

Key strengths for homeLabs best Portable Ice Maker Machine are

  • Portable ice power
  • Fast ice cubes
  • Compressor cooling
  • Auto shut down
  • Ready to use ice maker

This convenient handy electric ice scoop maker has 1.5 pounds storage capacity. Silver in color made of stainless steel body gives a durable, reliable and most economical ice for home use or money making (for sale) use.

Top rated specification to give market competitive advantage are:
  • 5 x 12.9 x 14 inches of easy manageable size certified by ETL
  • Removable ice basket and plastic ice scoop
  • Intelligent system, that automatically turn off when ice basket is full
  • Top transparent window for clear view inside
  • 2 years warranty with 30 days return due to any reason
  • Life time support for the product which is superb
  • Superior quality in best low cost
  • Best ice cube makers under 200
  • Secure and safe electric kitchen appliance
  • Can be improved more as compared to other best ice makers

5) Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Best Portable Ice Maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S PortableAmong many popular brands with their trusted reviews, Avalon bay is considered finest ice maker only due to its superior performance, fine quality compact elegant design and cheap price in comparison with other mini ice makers in the market.

You will get more ice with Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S micro fast Portable Ice Maker. With its extremely low weight and easy holding, the design is to for easy move around your garden, pool, beach or place with households. This large capacity portable nugget ice maker is all time best available on with free shipping in all over USA/Europe.

Highlighting things about this best budget camping ice maker are:
  • Automatic overflow protection allow machine power off when ice basket get full
  • Available in 3 colors red, black, and silver to make your home décor.
  • Take only 6 minutes to produce fresh ice cube for refreshing your drinks
  • LED indicators to give you signals for adding Water and remove ice using removable ice tray
  • 26 lbs ice production capacity of the daily basis
  • Push button provides ease of usage
  • Best portable ice maker in cheap price
  • No installation need for this hassle-free snowmaking machine
  • Ideal ice machine simple to use for newbies to make bullet shaped ice
  • Removable basket included for indoor ice maker
  • Bottom drains allowing no spilling water – just plug and enjoy ice breeze
  • Some people did not like red colour

6) Avanti Countertop Icemaker: Best portable ice maker

Avanti Countertop IcemakerAs compare to other best technology innovation companies e.g. Tramontina stainless steel ice maker, Collezioni ice maker, Emerson ice maker reviews, Edgestar ice machine, Camper best ice machine reviews, Ambiano and more Avanti counter top is two step forward in the manufacturing of supporting equipment delivering a full-fledged ice chip makers.

Avanti Countertop Ice-maker is 2 in 1 machine that give perfect sized premium ice making with water dispenser facility to provide fresh, hygienic drinking water. Crushed ice maker includes fill cup, drip tray, ON/OFF Button, LED Display, electronic controller and suitable small design for table tops, counter, bars, home and office.

  • 17 x 14.5 x 12.25 DHW dimensions
  • Platinum grey colour with stainless steel body
  • 25 lbs/pounds production per day
  • 27 lbs in weight easily transportable
  • Best portable ice maker and Water dispenser
  • Best premium ice maker under 300
  • Desktop ice maker
  • Water dispenser and chewable ice maker
  • Usually not sold in stores

7) NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable IcemakerOur list of top-ranked 7 ice makers refined by best 10 leading market icemakers includes NewAir portable icemaker. This steel made solid ice makers give us to enjoy fresh home-made ice 24/7 available. You are going to love this machine with the perfect setting and able to produce enough ice for any occasion either you are enjoying in the party or relaxing at home this will twice your fun.

This best buy ice maker has the indicator that shows when water reservoir is empty and when it is over filled. Removable ice tray adds more ease and side mounted drain help in draining unused water while cleaning. Virtually fit at every place countertops or other.

No more needed to buy ice bag anymore just make one time worthy investment and pleasure the new experience for longer run. You just need to fill the water, plug the electric power and leave rest of work to it. It takes only 115 Volts to produce 9 pieces of solid ice in just 6 minutes

Goods about best portable ice maker are listed here:

  • Output in 3 different sizes of ice cubes
  • Maximum 28 pounds ice in one day which is also incrdible
  • Side mount drainage with electric controller
  • Each cycle gives 9 cubes of ice in just 6 -15 minutes
  • Can be used for home and any other events
  • Light indicators, removable bin, push button and compact powerful compressor
  • Require no installation which makes it hassle free
  • Simple and stylish, graceful design best ice maker

Newair is considered best business companies who make the best portable ice maker

  • Great value ice maker
  • Superior performance in low cost
  • Lighter weight of 24 lbs only
  • Plastic body but hard enough

Buying Guide

The main questions here is what is the best top rated portable ice maker of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016? How long a good portable ice maker takes to produce cubes ice? What power sources it uses? How much capacity it has to produce ice in one day? What is suitable temperature for the proper working of this great ice maker? You will find answers to all above mention questions and a lot of more new information related to this niche in this best of the best ice maker reviews and product guide for 2019. Start with the most important and common question.

Which ice maker is best/How to choose Best rated portable ice maker?

Here below are some key points that should be kept in mind while making the selection of ideal portable ice maker with the latest technology and best features.

  • Perfect portable ice maker should be of small size, lighter weight and easily moveable.
  • Take minimum 6, 10 minutes or lesser time to produce cubes of ice
  • Light indicators or button push, in short, interactive design with respect to layman
  • Powerful compressor that works in silence
  • Enough production amount(up to 20+ lbs ) to meet regular need like chilling the vine, Pena colada, soft drinks and others
  • Beautiful design that gives a pretty look placed beside you
  • Electric cord/ battery for power supply

Best Portable Ice Maker are categorized into two main parts Countertop ice makers models and under counter models. Countertop models are smart, small in size big in performance. It can easily place beside your wine cooler and cut-off need to refill your cube tray and place it in your refrigerator. They did not any need any kind of professional installation. They just need power and leave the rest to them. Under counter are bigger in size and need to be installed by the company. They are commercial latest ice makers. Keep the space in mind where you are going to use this amazing best quality small ice maker. Many of them such as igloo ice maker allows you to make choice of different size and shapes of cubes. The best portable ice maker is available at cheaper most affordable price that did not fit perfectly into your budget. Purchasing of the best-selling quality product is the one-time investment that gives value to your money returning with benefits.

New articles will be published soon. Stay Tuned!

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