Driving a large sized nail into wood with hammer is not an easy job. So there come framing nailers which are specifically designed for driving nails quickly with power like an expert. Usually these gun are used for commercial projects. Let’s make a jump and take a gander at one of the first class nailers in it’s class, the Bostitch F21PL Round Head nail gun.


Being a pneumatic framing nailer this Bostitch F21PL need an air compressor to work. Since, It is an air-powered, it is considerably more effective than a gas-powered and battery framing nailer. It has more driving power and can easily drive nails into hard material with ease.


The F21PL is quite powerful and offer 1050 in/lb driving power. This enable you to do common nailing tasks such as window framing, sheeting and sub-flooring efficiently. It can also be used for directly nailing thin metal sheets. For ideal performance it works on 90 to 120 psi air pressure. At this setting, it can without much of a stretch drive 3.5″ plastic collated nails or 2.5″ wire collated nails effortlessly in any material.

Magazine Capacity

This model have a decent magazine capacity. It can hold 60 nails at a time, although not the best magazine capacity but it still enough for most customers for regular nailing. With this capacity there is no need to refill magazine constantly.

Can be Carried in Every State

It can work with both plastic collated nails and wire collated nails. The nails are round-head, which is perfect with the construction standards in many states. A few states keep the use the clipped-head nails, and you can carry the F21PL for work in any state without agonizing over state development laws.


Being angled at 21 Degree this nailer prevent jam and ensure maximu delivery . If jam occurs the anti-jam mechanism take care of it and remove jam in seconds. You can easily adjust the depth without a push button.

The rubber grip gives you firm and comfortable grasp and it can be used for hours without much of stretch. Even with wet hands it offers good grip. Its lightweight and anti-slip makes it perfect for use anywhere.

Product Specs

  • Power-type : Air
  • Product weight : 8.1 lbs
  • Product Dimensions : 23 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Collation : Both (Metal and Plastic)
  • Magazine Capacity : 60 nails



  • Rubber handle offers comfortable grip
  • User-friendly in operation
  • Decent magazine capacity
  • Can work with plastic and wire collated nails
  • 2-in-1 nose enable you nail wood and thin metal


  • Jams while nailing in upside down position


This BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head is an amazing product. It user friendly operation and beneficial features makes it reliable. If you really want to add value to your money than makes this product your choice.

We highly recommend this product!


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