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Well, many of you might have done a lot of browsing to get information about the best and cheap metal detectors for underwater purposes! Well, our article offers exactly what you desire.

A lot of cool, advanced, and highly functional waterproof metal detectors are present in the market but the question rises “ARE THEY CHEAP?” Well, to help you answer your question, our team has selected the top four metal detectors that work best underwater, are highly functional, and not to mention are budget-friendly. So, let’s get started!

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In this time-starved world, where you don’t even have time to read the entire article, we have selected a top pick for you to save your time! Well, Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the best option for a quick pick. This metal detector is completely waterproof. So even if you slip and your gadget accidentally falls in the water, you don’t have to worry about losing your money!

Cheap Underwater Metal Detectors (2020)

1.) Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector:

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
305 Reviews
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
  • WATERPROOF TO 10 FEET OR 3 METERS Ideal for...
  • Includes NEW Garrett MS-2 Headphones
  • Includes Batteries Installed.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is a top-ranking product that is a bit expensive as compared to other Garrett gadgets but it certainly has the aspects worthy of its price. If you are planning on hunting treasure in water, then obviously you need a detector that’s watertight. Well, Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector 2020 has what you need. Let’s look at what it’s got to offer!


The first and foremost feature that Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector got to offer is its waterproof design although the headphones that come with this gadget are not waterproof. But, the company does offer separate waterproof headphones. It offers pro audio technology.

This feature hones multiple tones when it’s over the top of the target. These simultaneous tones tell the hunter about the depth, conductivity, and shape of the object. If this feature is turned off, then you’ll hear monotones only.

With its iron audio feature, you can easily identify the target as ferrous or non-ferrous. It has a single frequency of 15 kHz enabling you the hunter to find all types of metal objects. It has both manual and automated ground balancing feature. Its 8.5″ x 11″DD coil is excellent for detecting the treasure.

2.) Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut Metal Detector:

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut Metal Detector a top-quality underwater metal detector that comes at variable prices depending on the size of the search coil. It’s a versatile and highly adaptable gadget that performs remarkably on both land and water. Its features are as follows


Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut comes with Piezo Electric headphones that are made waterproof. This gadget works well in both freshwater and saltwater. Its other aspects include two search modes i.e. VLF IB which operates at a single frequency of 2.4 kHz and a slow-motion mode. This gadget being motion detector needs to be in motion for the objects to be detected.

It comes with 3 knobs with the help of which you definitely won’t be exhausting yourself by digging trash. These knobs are power/ volume, discrimination, and sensitivity knob. It has an 8 inch and another 10.5-inch concentric spider coil.

This Cheap Underwater Metal Detectors gadget has a depth of about 250 ft. After operating this metal detector in saltwater, you need to wash it with fresh water so that its performance remains unaffected. You also need to wash the headphones. If you are planning on detecting in saltwater, then certainly fisher 1280 X is an excellent choice for this task.

3.) Garrett ATX Metal Detector:

Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal...
  • ATX with 12" DD coil
  • Land headphones (waterproof headphones sold...
  • Soft storage/travel case

Garrett ATX Metal Detector is an all-terrain metal detector that works even in underwater. Well, this metal detector is designed in such a way that it’s able to function at all types of grounds whether its land or water, no item can remain undetected. Let’s go through its features!


Garrett ATX Metal Detector is an extraordinary metal detector that comes with a standard coil of 10×12 inch DD search coil. It also offers additional coils like a 15×20 inch search coil and an 8-inch search coil.

It is a complete water-resistant gadget with its control panel and coil being waterproof but the disappointing feature is that its headphones are not watertight! This Cheap Underwater Metal Detectors gadget is actually a pulse detection metal detector that operates on a frequency of about 18-19 kHz.

It has another superb feature and that is its frequency scan button. Voila! Now you don’t have to worry around power lines and another cheap underwater metal detecting to interfere with your hunt! It comes with a motion and a no motion mode. It is charged by AA alkaline battery and comes with an automatic ground balancing along with 3 audio tone features making your hunt a piece of old tackie!

4.) Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector:

Tesoro Sand Shark with an 8" Search Coil Metal Detector
  • Underwater Pulse Metal Detector
  • Great for salt water use - microprocessor...
  • Weighs Less Than 4-1/2 lbs. - 8" Searchcoil,...

Tesoro Sand Shark is manufactured by Tesoro. Well, some of you might have not heard its name as it’s not as popular as Garnett or Fisher but still, we can’t keep our eyes shut on the products that are offered by it. This is actually a Pulse induction detector. If you are planning on doing some water hunting, then PI detectors are the best option for you. Now, let’s have a quick go through of its features.


Tesoro Sand Shark uk has a depth capacity of about 200 feet. This USA made gadget has a weight of about 4.5 pounds that can be easily operated by both novices and veterans. Well, this Cheap Underwater Metal Detectors waterproof gadget comes with a water-resistant Stereo Piezo Headphones.

Well, most of the metal detectors come with non-waterproof headphones and you need to buy them separately so, this feature offered by the company is very praiseworthy. With the aid of 8 AA alkaline batteries, this metal detector can keep on operating for up to 20 hrs.

It comes with 2 modes i.e. voltage control oscillator (VCO) and a normal mode. In VCO mode, a loud high pitched tone is generated which is helpful in pinpointing whereas, in normal mode, a monotone is produced (mostly used for beachcombing).

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