cleaning paper shredderPaper shredder is of great importance now-a-days. Many organization that have secret data uses paper shredder. Paper shredder are being the part of homes too. Paper shredder helps to discard your data safely so it also ask for its cleanliness. To keep you shredder clean is as important as to use it. There is no specific guidelines on how to clean.

Cleaning your paper Shredder

there are Three main ways to clean your paper shredder. these are listed below.

  • Oil the shredder
  • Use more paper as compare to other material
  • Maintain the shredder

Oil the shredder:

Use lubricant or oil for shredder’s teeth. It keep the shredder teeth smooth. Two common ways are proposed for oiling the shredder. (i) Put oil directly on the machine: All user need to do is to put the oil bottle straight on the shredder that is more easy than other method. Pore the few oil drops starting from left side to right one. (ii) Put oil by putting it on a paper: A piece of paper can be used by poring oil on it and pass it through shredder plays the same role as putting oil on shredder.

Use more paper as compare to other material:

Paper shredder is basically for paper discarding. Shredding other material like CDs can be harmful for paper shredder and results in the form of damage. So use limited amount of paper for discarding at a time.

Maintain the shredder:

As discussed earlier keep your paper shredder clean and maintained after the user. Don’t use to much oil for smoothing as it could be damaging for the machine. Use shredder once a week extensive use of paper shredder is not so good for the machine.


Remove of excessive oil:

Just few drops of oil is quite enough for shredder. After oiling remove extra oil after use and if you are using oil or wax paper it should be not more than three or four.

Shut down machine:

When the desired task is complete the machine need to be shut down properly. All the power supplies that are connected should be removed. Sleep mood is enabled in some machine make sure that machine is not in sleeping mood while it is not use. This may affect the performance of machine.

Free dustbin:

When the task of shredding the paper is completed all the discarded paper collected in attached dustbin. One must clean the dustbin immediately after user. Shredder bags are used for cleaning the bin. This collects the paper form bin and make it clean. Bin should not be overloaded as next discarded paper could not be placed in it and may throw out directly in machine.

Clean the blade:

Under the machine mouth there is a blade which is the main part of shredder. Try to keep it clean after every use. Don’t let any piece of paper stuck in it. Never wash the blade as watering the blade caused it to be jammed and never be able to work again.

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