How Much Does My Laptop Weigh?

Laptops are the portable beasts that have made the world a piece of cake for us. Their invention is certainly a milestone in the digital world.

They have been designed to help traveling consumers complete their tasks within time and more effectively. Targeting the traveling and venturesome buyers, these gadgets have been released. However, while purchasing everyone is concerned regarding the weight of their laptop.

If you are frequently on the move, then obviously you want to be partners with something that is light and won’t be a pain for you. A lightweight laptop hence would be the ideal companion for you.

Average Weight Of Laptops:

With the tremendous Laptop Weight Variety Available, the average laptops weigh from about 2 pounds to more or less 8 pounds.

There are 5 types of Laptops so far introduced in the digital world:

  • Chromebooks or Ultrabooks ( these gadgets weigh about 2 to 3 pounds)
  • Ultra-portable ( they provide you with 2 to 5 pounds of weight)
  • Luggables ( 8 pounds is their average weight)
  • Replacement of Desktops ( they have 4 pounds average weight)

Depending on your need, portability, and price, you can select from these 5 categories. If portability is what you require then going for Chromebooks and ultrabooks would be a wise decision.

What Causes Heavy Weight?

Many factors promote a beefy laptop. These can be the size and dimensions of the laptop. The internal components like the RAM, hard drive, or even the processor can be quite heavy. Similarly, the laptop could have plenty of fans in it which makes it weigh more. Regardless of the category you go for always opts for one that is agile, portable, and vigilant!

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