There are different nature of work to be done while it comes in contact with the best powerful electric chainsaw of 2019. Sometimes you need to do heavy duty tasks, sometimes it is the just too clear garden and some time you are making firewoods. But for all these, you should choose a best heavy duty chainsaw 2019 in cheap and affordable price like no one other offers. Yes, I am taking you attentions to WORX WG304.1 18 best inch chainsaw with the super powerful motor.

While looking for a chainsaw most people look for a machine that comes with a combination of lightweight and heavy-duty performance, because heavy-duty chainsaw makes difficult looking tasks easier. Mostly, lightweight chainsaws are not good enough for heavy duty tasks. So, the combination of factors which are needed is maneuverability, portability, and lightweight—that makes it easy to use for different kind of tasks. In this article, I am reviewing the WORX WG304.1 18-Inch 4 HP 15.0 Amp Chain Saw. It is another quality product from a well-reputed brand.

WORX WG304.1 18-Inch 4 HP 15.0 Amp Chain Saw

This WORX 18-Inch chainsaw is reliable, it starts instantly with just a turn of the knob and delivers powerful and long-lasting performance for different kind of residential and commercial tasks. The patented automatic tool-less chain tensioning system keeps the chain at optimum tension for hundreds of uses.

Key Features

  • 15.0 Amp motor deliver consistency and durability in cutting performance to the extended, 18-Inch long bar
  • Patented auto-tensioning chain system prevents over tightening; ensures long lasting performance by keeping the chain at right tension
  • Built-in chain brake prevents accidental injuries
  • Auto-oil lubrication and oil container with level indicator

More Detailed Features of this cheap price chainsaw

The WORX electric chainsaw coupled the convenience and power cutting abilities that make it reliable for heavy duty projects.

18-Inch Long Bar

As compared to similar models this length is little enhanced—because the extra length makes it easy to handle while cutting by reducing the vibration and potential for slippage.


The biggest perk of this chainsaw is the reduced emission—which means you don’t have to mix gasoline and essential oil to power the saw, that eliminates the toxic gas fumes during operation. Also the reduced emission makes it environmentally friendly. This product is beneficial with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

Less Vibration

Despite the fact that the saw has a ground-breaking engine, the expanded length of the cutting bar, and the streamlined electric motor mean less vibration. Less vibration implies that you get cleaner, more precise cuts, and it doesn’t wear you as much as a gas-powered saw with a considerable measure of vibration.

All-Metal Spikes

The long bar, cutting edge, a serrated element of the blade are all made of metal—which means it is comparatively more stable and reliable.

Automatic Lubrication

This Worx WG304.1 18-Inch Electric Chain Saw comes with automatic oiling features that keeps the blade lubricated while working and ensures it smooth and enhanced performance with less effort.

Automatic Chain Tensioning System

Another great feature of this electric chainsaw is the auto-tensioning system of the chain. This patented system prevents over and under tightening by keeping the chain at right tension—which leads to perfect and precise cuts.

Low Kick Bar and Chain Brake

The WORX WG204.1 4 HP chainsaw features low kick bar for added safety. It actually reduces the vibration associated powerful motor—making them easier to handle. The chain brake is for enhanced protection against potential accidents.


When you choose Worx electric chainsaw you don’t have to worry about assembling the complicated parts. It comes pre-assembled which means there are no tools required to get it up running.

3-Years Warranty

This top quality electric chainsaw comes with 3-years of manufacturer’s warranty. The WORX ensures 3 years of protection if something goes wrong such as malfunctions or breaks.



  • Powerful motor and an extended bar for more stability
  • Auto-tensioning and auto-oiling feature
  • Less vibration
  • Easy to start
  • Fully assembled
  • Low kickback and chain brake for added safety



  • Uses a lot of chain oil
  • Construction can be improved

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The WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 HP 15.0 Amp comprises plenty of power for different home and commercial tasks. It features instant start and less vibration.  In this price, this product is a really good pick. The powerful machine is unbeatable and no wood of any kind will stand against this super chainsaw 2019. This is the recommended chainsaw which best fits perfectly in your needs. You just need to make a small investment as the unit of bet chainsaw is affordable and cheap in price then ever as compared to chainsaw of other brands.


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